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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

You’re eating a heavenly slice of pumpkin pie and thinking to yourself, “Hmm… I wonder if I can vape this.” We’ve all been there. Whether you’ve nicknamed your vape or crocheted a tiny vape carrier—it’s the little things that remind us of our love for vaping. Here are some others.

You Know You Vape When…

By Smokazon


Ol’ Martha here vapes. But you don’t need a La-Z-Boy and a pug dog on either side of you to be a member of Team Vape. There are other ways of knowing you’re under the spell of your favorite smoking device. Here are some of them.

  • Your Bank Account Kind of Sucks

    By Smokazon

    You’re spending a ton of money on weed (because you have this incredible new vaporizer, okay?)

  • Your Backpack is 50% School Stuff, 50% Snacks

    By Smokazon

    You’re always super stocked up on mini-bags of chips and cheese puffs, plus the occasional 12-pack of cookies.

  • You Start Sucking on Pens as if They Were Vapes

    By Smokazon

    Some people chew on their pens—you pretend to get high off them. Don’t worry, nobody’s actually watching. Or are they?

  • You’re Bold With Your Cannabis Habits

    By Smokazon

    That pen vape makes you the most discreet stoner on the planet, right? So you toke up anywhere and everywhere you can—no Mcdonald’s ball pit is safe.

  • You Named Your Vaporizer

    By Smokazon

    Perhaps it’s Vapraham Lincoln. Or Darth Vaper. Whatever it is, you’ve attached some kind of human value to your vaporizer. Because it’s your friend and you love it.

  • You Vape

    By Smokazon

    Best way to know if you vape? If you vape, you know. You know?

Written by The Smokazon Team
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