(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)


Hard fact: Whether you’re smoking weed or tobacco, smoke inhalation delivers carcinogens directly into the lungs. The short-term effect is an irritated windpipe, but long-term exposure to smoke of any kind is exceptionally hard on the lungs. Meaning that the smoke from that joint, pipe or bong has been doing you unwarranted harm all these years.

But that can all change with a vaporizer.

Vaporizers heat the cannabinoids to their boiling temperature instead of their combustion temperature. Basically, a vaporizer eliminates all of the harmful chemicals that are released when buds are burned. The result is a cleaner, more effective, more discreet delivery method for the cannabis.

1. Vaping is more discreet than smoking.

No need to take a ghost hit. Vapors dissipate relatively quickly and since they do not permeate and linger on your clothing, no one will know that you’re nicely toasted. This means you can vape in many more places than you can with a typical cigarette, pipe or joint.

[Photo credit: Chang Liu via Flickr]

2. Vaporizers are a more effective THC delivery system.

Vaporizers preserve the majority of the THC content of cannabis, so you’re getting more of what you want and less of what you don’t. Also, 95% of the THC in the cannabis is absorbed within the first few seconds of inhalation.

A word to the smokers: No need to hold in that giant toke of noxious smoke until you start coughing.

Why Vaporizers are Better than Smoking

[Photo credit: drp via Flickr]

3. Vapor is healthier than smoke.

As discussed, when you use flame to burn marijuana, combustion occurs. This releases non-cannabinoid materials into your lungs. Not only do these substances NOT get you high, they can cause major damage.

4. You and your clothes won’t smell like smoke.

Whether it’s weed or tobacco, smoking produces a distinct odour that soaks into your clothing, hair, and even furniture.And there’s also the dreaded smoker’s breath—nobody likes that. Basically, you’re turning yourself into a talking ashtray. A vaporizer helps you avoid this by leaving an odorless cloud in your wake.

[Photo credit: morgan via Flickr]

5. Smoke stains your teeth and fingers—vapor doesn’t.

Will Storr of The Guardian recalls the instant he decided to give up the act of smoking for good: “…the decisive moment came when I overheard a fashion assistant discussing me with an actress I’d just interviewed. ‘Did you see the yellow stains on his fingers? Disgusting.’ Shame worked on me where the fear of distant, hacking death had failed.”

6. Vaping is becoming more socially acceptable than smoking.

Let’s face it—the act of smoking anything, from cigarettes to joints, carries with it a certain stigma. It’s dirty, it smells bad, it’s deviant, etc. By comparison, vaping indicates that you are forward thinking as well as health conscious about your marijuana-based activities.

Written by Deborah Walker