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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)


The United States may be enjoying more attention when it comes to marijuana legislation, but that doesn’t make the topic any less popular in Canada. Ask any Canadian and they’ll immediately have something to say about the matter. From 4/20 at the Art Gallery in Downtown Vancouver to Canada’s “Prince of Pot” Marc Emery, here are 5 reasons why the neighbors to the North love their weed.

Why Canadians Love Weed

By Smokazon


All eyes may be on the United States as far as the battle to decriminalize marijuana goes, but Canadians are also avid cannabis supporters. Here are 5 reasons why Canadians love their weed and are pushing to regulate its consumption.

  • It Puts British Columbia on the Map

    By Smokazon

    British Columbia is still relatively obscure when it comes to the global stage, but just about every weed enthusiast has heard of “BC Bud.” The quality and variety of marijuana in parts of Canada is definitely putting this polite US neighbor on the map!

  • It’s Great for the Tourism Industry

    By Smokazon

    Canadians recognize the overwhelming potential for marijuana tourism to contribute to the economy in a positive manner. This is especially true in large cities directly neighboring the US, like Vancouver.

  • It Treats Medical Conditions

    By Smokazon

    With an expansive body of research reinforcing the medicinal qualities of cannabis, more and more Canadians are recognizing the need for greater access to medical marijuana to treat a variety of ailments.

  • It’s a Better Alternative to Alcohol or Tobacco

    By Smokazon

    Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, has expressed his desire to regulate and tax marijuana, similar to the legislation on alcohol and tobacco—substances that many would argue are far worse than weed when it comes to effects on the user’s body.

  • Increasing Canadian Spending Within Canada

    By Smokazon

    With neighboring states like Washington and Colorado quickly becoming the North American hubs for marijuana use, Canadians are keen on legalizing marijuana to keep business and Canadian spending within Canada.

Written by Nancy Roberts