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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

It’s no secret that Americans love weed. With campaigns springing up across the United States for its immediate decriminalization, they might soon be able to love it legally everywhere. Aside from the widely acknowledged medical benefits of marijuana, Americans have plenty of reasons to continue supporting pro-cannabis legislation across the country.

Why Americans Love Weed

By Smokazon


With more and more US states campaigning to decriminalize marijuana, the support of citizens is becoming harder to ignore. Here are 5 reasons why so many Americans support and love weed.

  • It’s Making the US a Top Destination for Tourists

    By Smokazon

    Europe may be home to several of the top marijuana tourist destinations, but in light of Washington and Denver’s new laws, the United States is slowly becoming a major hub in North America. Weed-related tours and excursions are popping up throughout these states—this certainly bodes well for the American tourism industry!

  • It’s Proven to be Effective at Treating Ailments

    By Smokazon

    From cancer to epilepsy, and even glaucoma, marijuana has proven to be an effective remedy for various ailments. In fact, many Americans are willing to travel out of their local states to legally buy medicinal strains of marijuana to help them cope with various illnesses.

  • It Has Potential to Generate Major Tax Revenue

    By Smokazon

    While skeptics have pointed to the disappointing tax revenues generated from Denver’s marijuana industry during legalization debates, the potential is definitely still there. Many activists insist that harsh regulations have put a damper on the industry’s ability to generate major tax revenue.

  • It’s Heavily Endorsed By Celebrities in the Media

    By Smokazon

    From Rihanna to Snoop Dogg, and even various characters in cartoons and movies—the media is full of influential figures that advocate the use of weed.

  • It’s Often Less Destructive than Alcohol Use

    By Smokazon

    Despite the destructive effects of alcohol, it is still easily accessible throughout the US. Whereas marijuana, which has minimal effects, is generally illegal. Activists believe that marijuana is a better alternative to alcohol, which is the basis of various political arguments.

Written by Nancy Roberts