(Last Updated On: February 11, 2021)

The legalization of cannabis across Canada and the United States has brought a sudden boom in the industry. It is not just the dispensaries and stores that are popping up in masses rather several companies have started cultivating cannabis to meet the changing needs of the consumers. If you are also a cultivator or have a CBD-related business, check out these popular packaging businesses of the highest quality. The manufacturers of CBD packaging can help you with everything you need to package your products effectively. These companies will ensure you get excellent quality packaging and can even help in branding your business. Let us have a look at the top cannabis packaging bags manufacturers below:


Thecustomboxes.com is one of the largest and renowned packaging businesses. On their website, you will find different kinds of packaging for everything including joints, blunt tubes, capsule bottles, vape cartridges, hemp boxes, and a lot more. As a business owner, you should understand the importance of cannabis companies and how they cover several things you can hardly imagine. In addition to it, the custom boxes is also famous for custom packaging. Branding is critical when it comes to your products’ success. A well-branded hemp packaging can give your business a considerable boost in the terms of marketability and credibility. Prices are affordable with free delivery on orders. This makes it easy for businesses to buy the packaging in bulk. 

Kush Supply Co.

It is a large cannabis packaging company to suit all of your packaging needs. The company is having full-service locations in different states, like California, Washington, Colorado, Nevada, and even Massachusetts. Various businesses all over the state can get benefit from their efficient service. Kush Supply Co. usually provides medical and food-grade packaging for hemp or marijuana products. A high-quality, environment-friendly packaging solution designed according to legal standards is their core practice. Here you will get a massive range of canna-packaging, including the packaging for hemp flower, concentrates, gummies, edibles, pre-rolls, vaping products, and practically anything you like. You can also browse for different packaging types from hemp packaging boxes to pop-top bottles and child-resistant bags, and a lot more. 

Cannabis Promotions:

When it comes to B2B hemp packaging, Cannabis Promotions is a one-stop-shop famous for its custom branded packaging products. Ordering the products is super easy with a fast shipping time. They have a nationwide distribution channel so that you can meet your branding deadlines conveniently. With its state-of-the-art printing or something else, you can get a free and fast virtual proof on their website. You may also order a free sample of a hemp box or any other packaging product you want to know about. 

Cannabiz Supply :

Cannabiz Supply is the professional packaging company that provides labeling and supplies for your cannabusiness. They offer everything you need to run a cannabis business and their products can comply with local cannabis laws and can be customized for an affordable price. As they working with all aspects of the cannabis industry, they supply products that are custom made for marijuana storage to protect  flower or pre-rolled cannabis products properly. Cannabizsupply offer high-quality flower, concentrate and pre-roll packaging that will meet all customers needs. Their private label packaging will be completely custom for you and your company and they sell the dispensary supplies you need and deliver them to your business without the hassle and international shipping charges. All their products are sourced to help protect your cannabis products, they’re childproof and keep the product properly protected so the quality doesn’t degrade.


FunkSac is another popular marijuana packaging manufacturer. Their online store offers a wide range of legally-compliant hemp packaging products to cater to your requirement. Some of their popular offerings include storage bags for cannabis cultivation, hemp packaging, lockable hemp pouches, and custom printed bags. Companies can get an eye-catchy packaging to suit their business. The packaging is designed to keep products fresh, with branding on the top.  The website is easy to navigate. This makes businesses to buy what they need in bulk. FunkSac also offers a sampler pack for those who are interested in accessing the quality of their packaging products. In short, it is a cannabis packaging company that you can easily trust.

420 Packaging:

420 Packaging offers an immense range of packaging and labeling for your cannabis products. It is a long-running company with years of experience in the industry. Their products are of premium quality and are designed according to marijuana packaging standards. You can see a diversified range of products on its homepage including plastic or glass containers, zip-lock bags, concentrate containers, hemp packaging boxes, and extra necessities like rolling papers or hemp wraps, etc. They also offer RX labels, making the process of packaging easy and hassle-free. All of its products are childproof; following the state regulations. You can customize them in a variety of colors and styles of your choice. Design them according to your branding requirements.  Products are offered at decreased prices, especially when ordered in bulk. 


Dymapak is a company that focuses on distinctive and innovative cannabis packaging. Although unlike others, it provides a narrower range of specific products, all of their packaging solutions are created exactly according to legal standards. They are lab certified to ensure premium quality. The main goal of Dymapak is to provide durable and effective storage solutions for hemp and other medical products. Their packaging is smell-proof and designed to fit your specific branding requirements. One of their interesting offerings is the Secure Sack. It is a child-resistant bag to keep the cannabis fresh and avoid any damage. They also offer innovative Twistspenser packaging to store liquid products safely. The packaging is created in a wide range of sizes. Get it custom-designed to suit your company’s needs.

Shatter Labels:

Shatter Labels is an industry expert for cannabis branded packaging. They have a huge range of packaging alternatives to suit the diversified form of cannabis products. They do not offer only jars and tubes, but other solutions like vape tanks, pre-rolled boxes, syringe, and hemp packaging, etc. The company also helps your business with merchandising and branding by offering custom snapbacks, labels, and stickers. You get a free logo design for all orders above $245. Such type of perfect packaging solution can build your brand recognition and attract more quality customers. Especially if you are a cannabis startup, getting your packaging material designed professionally can be an enormous boost for your business. 


When it comes to selling cannabis, the packaging is really important. Providing your products in high-quality packaging can create a good difference in sales. Professional CBD boxes packaging companies like we mentioned above provide packaging that does not only protect your products but also fits state requirements to avoid any legal issue. Moreover, they also help in building your brand by designing a perfectly customized solution according to your specifications.

Written by Kathy Cooley