Keep your vaporizer clean
(Last Updated On: July 9, 2015)

One of the common problems with prolonged use of your favorite vaporizer is the lack of consistency in vapor quality despite your good choice of herbs or vaping device. That and other issues come along as your vaporizer ages, and you’ll notice that the flavor you get will not be as good as it was back when your vape was shiny and new.
One reason behind this might just be the lack of cleaning and maintenance. But the good news is that learning a thing or two about cleaning your device does create a dramatic difference in your vaping experience. Not only that, as there are plenty of other reasons too as to why your favorite vape needs to stay clean. Here they are:

6 Reasons to Keep Your Vaporizers Clean

#1: No Tolerance for Dirty Vapes With Medical Cannabis
When we use cannabis for the treatment of medical conditions such as cancer, migraine, physical pain or insomnia, using a poorly maintained vaporizer might not only render the vapors less effective, but also pose higher risk because of the dirt and residues that could come along with the vapor.
In other words, you need to have the finest vapor in order to get the best benefits from the herbs. To maximize the performance of the vaporizer for this particular function, it is a necessity that the pathway of the vapor is clean. From the herb chamber to the screen to the balloon or whip, these things should not contain any contaminants.
It is possible that you are compromising your health if you are not cleaning the vaporizer. This is especially true for the small pen vaporizers in the market. Though these items are discreet, the close proximity of the heating element could burn the herbs.

#2: Maximize Your Vaporizer’s Lifespan
With a clean vaporizer, you can be sure you’re going to enjoy it for a very long time. With zero corrosion from dirt or residues, it is possible that each part lasts longer than expected. This means that you don’t have to buy replacement parts, or to change the entire unit. Since desktop vaporizers could cost around $250 or more, you may need to keep the vape regularly well maintained.
Even smaller vape pens need regular cleaning too, as the hotter heating coil easily produces particulates that stick along the vapor pathway. This is especially true for concentrates, in which vaporized oils or wax can be a tad stubborn to remove by simple wipes. The moment these clogged materials accumulate, you’ll begin to notice slightly bitter or ‘burnt popcorn’ taste.

#3: Clear Your Lungs From Smoke (And Dirty Vapor)
We choose vaporizers over joints for a reason: cleaner, healthier vapor because of the absence of carcinogens otherwise found in smoke. When residues accumulate in the chamber over time, these layers repeatedly gets heated as you continuously vape, transforming them into harmful compounds. Once you notice that burnt taste, you know it’s time to clean up to keep your lungs clear of these dangerous chemicals.
A clean vaporizer allows you to get the best vapor. Could you imagine if there are burnt herbs or other elements present on your vaporizer? If you look at the design of some vaporizers, especially the pen vaporizers, most likely, you’ll notice that some heating elements were designed near the place where the herbs are kept. Why is this a problem?
There are some devices that actually burn the herbs because of this poor design. To minimize the problem, end user should always make it an effort to clean the vaporizer, thus you only get fresh herbs. The bottom line is that you get the most from your herbs and materials. Imagine paying for high quality herbs only to be hampered by the fact that you have an unclean device?

#4: Let Your Vape Function as Designed
The design of the vaporizer will be greatly affected by the corrosion found in the vapor’s pathway. If it has been clogged, it is possible that the parts are going to heat up improperly. This can contribute to the wear and tear of some crucial components in your device.
Many vaporizers are designed to heat up at a particular temperature of your choice. But this heat level is usually that of the heater core, not the vaping material itself. When residues are present, the materials might vaporize at lower temperatures, thus affecting vapor quality. Turn the heating element hotter and you vaporize harmful particles from residues too. So, clean it up!

#5: Maximize the Warranty
No manual for a vaporizer kit would skip the cleaning or maintenance part. It’s because companies acknowledge that no matter how brilliant their vaporizers are, you, the user, should keep it well maintained. And when you keep everything in check, your vaporizer stays covered and the warranty maximized.
Things to Remember Before Cleaning a Vaporizer

#6 Vape in Style
As connoisseurs, we always want the best from our most-prized herbs and concentrates. You’ve spent a few hundred dollars for a vaporizer, spent a little more for your vaping material. So why not make sure you always hit those highs each and every time?
We at always want you, our vaping enthusiasts, to live that ‘ultra-lifestyle,’ wherever you are. Be in a relationship with your vape. Taste it. Feel it. Be happy with it. Fall in love with it.
And there’s no better way to show that affection to your vape than by keeping it well-groomed, always ready to give you that pleasure.

Your Cleaning and Maintenance Checklist
Different vaporizers call for different steps when it comes to using, maintaining and cleaning them. No matter what the design is, your best guide will always be the kit’s manual. By reading the instructions, you get to know your device inside and out. You want to make sure that you are familiar how the device is built. This way, this minimizes the mistakes that could destroy the vaporizer unintentionally.
And since you are taking apart the vaporizer, you have to make sure that you read about the parts that have warranty. Why is this a crucial thing to do when you clean the vaporizer? This way, you’ll now which part is still under warranty and could be replaced. This is a good thing especially if you are going to deal with parts that could break while you are cleaning it.
Next, you want to carefully assess the number of tips and reviews online. Since there are different designs of vaporizers, it is crucial that you also do your research. Other than this article, you could also rely on the help of video tutorials or even reviews in the World Wide Web. These users will give you information regarding ways on how they actually clean the same type of vaporizer that you have in your home.
Also, ask about the suggested number of uses before you clean the vaporizer. It is crucial that you know this detail in order to have the best vaping experience. In fact, there are hacks that you could learn from experts online. Some may be practical, while some may be absurd. You be the judge whatever works for you.

A Final Thought
At, we offer only the best vaporizers and accessories. But how much better would it be if the vape you just bought is perpetually clean well-maintained? Talk about the most satisfying and the best vaping experience!

Written by Rick Sanchez