Wispr 2
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Just when radio-style vaporizers meet their dead end in terms of form and style, along comes the Wispr 2 portable vape. The same manufacturer of the original Iolite vape, Ogelsby & Butler, brings you this funky and cool portable device that’s technically an improved version of the Iolite. We shall say that the Wispr 2 vaporizer breaks the ice of vaporizer design that’s becoming more and more homogenous. The improved aesthetics is, for us, something to behold. And the Irish manufacturer did a great job overall because of the notable improvements as well.

Just like the original Iolite vaporizer, the Wispr 2 is butane-powered, along with the built-in igniter inside the device. So, you won’t be experiencing a lot of tangled wires, cramming for available outlets, waiting for hours to recharge or getting frustrated with a dead battery while in the middle of the road — as long as you’ve got your butane tank handy with you.

A Few But Noteworthy Upgrades for Wispr 2

Besides the obvious revamping of the aesthetics on the Wispr 2, this device is made user-friendlier by sporting a viewer window, which tells you how much butane you have left to use. This means you won’t have to do some guess works or wait for the vapors to vanish in the middle of your vaping session.

Another noticeable change is the rubber mouthpiece, which for us is quite an improvement from the less flexible plastic stem. With the rubberized material, you can easily bend it or fold it down for storage.

What disappoints us at this stage is that we could still smell the butane the first time the device is lit. But going all the way through the vaping process, vapors come out as pure without the taste of butane. Who would want that in the first place? But overall, we are very pleased with the beauty of the Wispr 2 as the most significant improvement from the original, rather blandly designed Iolite portable vaporizer.

How to Use

There really is not much difference between the Iolite and the Wispr 2 in terms of using them. Both have easy-to-use features that we all agree are a good selling point for these vaporizers.

When using the Wispr 2 for the first time, fill the device with butane by attaching the nozzle of the butane can to the valve located at the bottom of the device. Push the can firmly against the nozzle for about two seconds and do the thing again until butane overflows or the transparent gauge shows that the device is completely filled. By the way, you’ll notice that the Wispr 2 now sports a button instead of an ignition switch, which makes it easier to operate.

Now, press the button to ignite the butane. You will know that everything heats up perfectly when the orange LED at the front lights up. For the Wispr 2, the heating chamber directly attaches to the mouthpiece, so detach the chamber part when filling and replacing your vaping materials.

Because the source of heat comes from the butane flame, the Wispr 2 maintains the heating temperature of 210 degrees Celsius by constantly turning on and off, as indicated on the LED light. You will also know that the heater is working with the low hissing sound you hear.

When you have all your botanicals inside the device and the vaporizer turned on, you’re now ready to take your hits.

One butane recharge will usually last 15 minutes of continuous vaping. That’s about five to seven draws before the butane runs out. But not to worry; as long as you have your butane can handy with you, you can vape all you want without having to wait just to recharge, as in the case of battery-powered models.

Wispr 2 Vapor Quality

Because Wispr 2 only sets its temperature at a constant 210 degrees Celsius, the vapor quality you first get will most likely be what you’ll be having for good. But at this heat level, this device does exude dense vapor and great flavors. Well, the butane smell will always come up at the moment you switch the vape on but that’s it. We don’t get that same smell with the vapor coming out of the chamber.


Besides the smell of butane, one downside of the Wispr 2 is that the long draws required to get that right amount of flavors can sometimes result in hotter vapor after a longer period.


We love the small size of this portable vaporizer. It easily fits in your pocket or small bag. But do not underestimate its size because it does give off a powerful punch. But the best thing about this vape is the zero amount of time you wait to have it recharged. Just a quick butane recharge and you’re back to vaping again. Who wouldn’t the Wispr 2 vaporizer?!

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Written by Kris Carter