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(Last Updated On: September 26, 2020)
If you have the money to invest and looking for the best taste when it comes to your vape sessions, the Volcano is the best bang for your buck.

There are two kinds of vape enthusiasts.

First, you have the recreational users.

These are the individuals who usually use the vaporizers to relax during their free time.

Then there’s the second type of users that make use of vaporizers medically.

In the past years, there are a growing number of people who are using their vaporizer as a medical device. With changes in legislation, you now have a growing market of medical cannabis users in need of vaporizers that can deliver THC, CBD, and other cannabinoids.

But let’s admit it. Times have changed.

And no matter what type of vape enthusiast category you fit in, there’s a rise in the number of people looking for high-quality vaporizers.

And what do vape connoisseurs go for?

Vape connoisseurs look for excellent vapor experience regardless if it’s for a medical or recreational purpose.

But unfortunately, not all vaporizers can give you this.  Then, there’s the Volcano.

The venerable Volcano Vaporizer by Storz and Bickel is a titan among lesser vaporizers. Back in 2005, the Volcano blazed its way into North American consciousness by knocking people unconscious and it’s still a top seller today.

It has set the bar of what vaporizers should look like and how it should perform. As written in the Daily Beast, the Volcano is “affectionately known as the ‘Mercedes Benz’ of toking up.” So what exactly is so great about the Volcano? Read on to find out

What’s the Volcano Vaporizer

The Volcano is a vaporizer made by one of the best vaporizer companies today, Storz and Bickel. It is the same German company that made the Mighty, Plenty, and Crafty. And over the years, Storz and Bickel kept the Volcano as the top product for both desk and portable vaporizers.

Despite the age of this model, The Volcano is still considered as the gold standard of vaporizers in the industry. The Volcano, over the years, has been known for its user-friendly design, durability, and great overall performance.

As for its appearance, it has a pyramid shaped construction for stability when placed on the table. Though you may hesitate to purchase the Volcano vaporizer,  mainly due to its hefty price tag, it is definitely something worth investing if you are a serious vape enthusiast. It’s one of those items that you simply can’t live without once you tried it.

What exactly makes it so special?

For starters, it is made of the best materials. It makes use of stainless steel and durable medical grade materials that ensure the cleanliness of its output. It is also the type of vaporizer that provides you with options whether you like using a balloon or a tube when vaping.

The vaporizer has been designed to reach an optimum temperature for vaporization. And an evidence of such is the clean taste that you get from the vapor. Though the device will be cycling on and off, you can guarantee that you are not getting off the optimum temperature zone with the Volcano. According to experts, you can expect that the device won’t be off by 5 degrees from the optimum temperature zone.

Also, the vaporizer offers options for different vaping preferences. It caters to both herbs and concentrates. And the good news is that regardless of what you actually prefer, both equally taste good on the Volcano Vaporizer.

As mentioned earlier, the device can be attached to either balloon or pipe. And what exactly does it mean? Vaping enthusiasts can enjoy vaping alone, or they can even have a bag that can be passed around with friends.

Digital vs. Classic Volcano

By 2007, the Storz and Bickel decided to improve the Volcano by releasing a digital version of the superb vaporizer. Are you still trying to compare which one is better? Maybe, you haven’t decided yet whether or not you are switching from the classic analog Volcano to the digital version?

Here are some key differences that you need to know:

The first thing that you might notice about the Digital and the Classic Volcano is the price. The newer version is pricier than the already expensive Classic Volcano. If the Classic Volcano costs somewhere around the $500 range, you can expect the Digital version to be somewhere around the $600.

What makes the Digital Volcano much expensive than its predecessor?

One of the things that make the Digital Volcano better is precision.

With its digital controls, you can input the exact temperature and get exactly the heat that you want for your herbs.

Next, the Digital version also has a new and improved auto-shutoff feature just in case you forget that you are still using the device. This feature helps preserve the heating element and to save energy in the process.

Does it make the Classic an obsolescent version of the Volcano?

The Classic Volcano works just fine. You can still expect high-quality sessions with the Classic version, it’s just that Storz and Bickel found a way to even improve the already impressive design of the Volcano.

In addition to this, you will hear some connoisseurs to actually prefer the older version saying that the Classic Volcano is actually a much more dependable vaporizer because of its durability.

In case you’ve purchased the Digital version though, you have nothing to worry about since the warranty is going to cover for all of this.

For the additional $130 to shift from Classic to Digital Volcano, is it worth it?

In reality, for the slightest difference between the two Volcano Vaporizers, it isn’t really worth it.

If you have the resources to burn, not to mention a taste for something hip, then, by all means, you should go for the Digital Volcano.

How does the Volcano Vaporizer work?

What makes the vaporizer such a great device that produces the highest quality vapor?

If you are still wondering by now, Storz and Bickel simply did everything correctly.

For instance, they’ve offered a large heating area that allows the herbs and oils to get heated evenly. By the time you decide to use the device, what you get is a consistent vapor that feels perfect. And with excellent temperature control, you can guarantee that the material doesn’t get burned. And because of this, it isn’t surprising why The Volcano is used in some parts of the world as a medical device.

It is also a highly versatile vaporizer. Unlike other vaporizers that only allows you to stick to one type of vaping method, this vaporizer offers the best of both worlds.

Are you the type who shares his or her sessions with friends? Or are you the vaping enthusiast who loves warm vapor on your sessions?

This vaporizer offers both a balloon and a whip method.

Balloon method has become highly popular not only for people who share his or her sessions but also for people who love to cool their vapor first. Once the balloon has been filled, you can take it out of the Volcano and latch the mouthpiece for your enjoyment. When using the balloon method, just make sure that you are not going to fill it up too full since it could burst.

To make the Volcano from filling the balloon, simply hit the green temperature button right in front of the vaporizer.

Also, make sure that you are taking out the ingredient chamber when you are not filling the balloon. If not, you can easily burn your entire supply. Though you don’t have to turn the system off, you still have to get the herbs and oils out in between sessions.

Whip method is another way to enjoy the Volcano’s exquisite vapor. Though it isn’t as good as the balloon method in terms of taste, it does offer some perks such as being able to control the vapor better. Also, if you are tired of passing the balloon to your friends, the Volcano allows up to 4 whip attachments all at once. In fact, you don’t need to also remove anything to enjoy your session.

How to use the Volcano Solid Valve bag

  1. Squeeze the air out of the bag and slid the ring into the bag and create an opening in your bag.
  2. Next, you want to place the valve into the opening
  3. Slip the rubber ring into the crevice of your solid valve
  4. Make sure that it is sealed tight.
  5. Take the extra plastic by the end and pull it back.
  6. Slide your plastic O-Ring up.
  7. Get your herb chamber and fill it halfway.
  8. Turn on the Volcano and attach the herb chamber towards your device
  9. Take your valve and clip it on your chamber.
  10. Press the button to fill the balloon with vapor.
  11. Stop the fan when The Volcano already fills the bag
  12. Press and get the valve off the unit.
  13. Take the mouthpiece and attach to the valve.
  14. Press down on the mouthpiece to get the vapor out.

How to use the Volcano Easy Valve system

One of the main options on how to use the Volcano is by having the Easy Valve Bag. This allows the unit to blow vapor using its powerful fan.

  1. Unscrew and open the filling chamber found at the bottom of the bag.
  2. Fill the chamber with your material with the desired amount from 1 to 10 millimeters in depth.
  3. Place the filling chamber on top of the Volcano and make sure that it is locked in place.
  4. Make the device rest for five seconds
  5. Press the AIR button
  6. Take the mouthpiece off from the balloon and stretch the balloon to make sure that it becomes vertical in shape.
  7. Place the balloon at the bottom of the balloon and connect to the filling chamber.
  8. Once you locked everything in place, fill the bag until it reaches the desired volume inside.
  9. Remove the bag along with the filling chamber and turn off the AIR button.
  10. Next, remove the valve from the filling chamber to automatically seal the bag and prevent vapor from escaping.
  11. Add the mouthpiece to the balloon and lock it in place.
  12. Place your mouth by the mouthpiece and enjoy your vape.

How to use the Volcano Liquid Pad

The liquid pad comes in handy if you love using the Volcano when used for aromatherapy. What it offers is an optimal surface area for the vaporization of your liquid and oils. According to Storz and Bickel, it has the ability to absorb up to 10 drops at a time.

  1. To use the Liquid Pad, you will first need to remove the screen from the filling chamber
  2. Next, you will then place the pad to the filing chamber
  3. You will then make the chamber upside down to make the pad face up.
  4. Next, using a medical dropper, you will drop the oil or other liquids that you wish to use. Be sure to only use up to ten drops at a time.
  5. You will then place the filling chamber to the herbal unit and press AIR button to allow the vapor to fill the air.

How to clean the Volcano?

Knowing how to clean the Volcano is just as important knowing how to operate the device. It guarantees that you get the same experience as for how you used it when it was brand new. Though it doesn’t need too much maintenance, it is still imperative to clean the parts of the vaporizer to get the best results.

  1. Dismantle the removable parts of the vaporizer.
  2. First, you want to pull apart the mouthpiece into three pieces.
  3. Next, you also want to disassemble the filling chamber screen by pushing it out.
  4. Get rid of the O-rings and unscrew the herb chamber.
  5. You also want to take apart the herb tamper. You may need pliers to get take it out effectively.
  6. Take the valve and push the two halves of the clamp and remove it.
  7. Fold the bag and remove the O-rings.
  8. Push the valve up and unscrew the top part.
  9. Put all of the sticky parts that you have dismantled and place it in a jar.
  10. Add Epsom salt to the jar to serve as an abrasive agent to get rid of the dirt.
  11. Then, you can add rubbing alcohol to cover all the parts.
  12. Cover the jar and shake it.
  13. Rinse with water and dry it using a paper towel.
  14. Put everything back together once dry.

Volcano temp settings and how to use it?

The Volcano can be considered an extremely user-friendly vaporizer. Though it does look a bit intimidating at first, using the device even for the first time is quite a breeze.

To use the device, you need to press the heat button. Next, you will have to wait for around three to five minutes before the device reaches the temperature that you want for your sessions. If you are using the Classic Volcano, you can make use of the operating dial that ranges from 1 to 9. Each number represents a specific temperature. As for most users, they usually start getting the right taste once the setting hits 6.

On the other hand, if you are using the Digital version, the Digital Volcano has an LCD display that reads the preset temperature you are currently using for your session. To adjust the temperature, you will need to press the “+” and “-” buttons to get to the right temperature.

Of course, there are some things at play when it comes to the vapor quality that you are going to get from your device. From how fine you grind the herbs, to the type of herbs and oils that you use.

It is also worth mentioning that the Digital and the Classic version have different temperature spectrums. Though both can only go as high as 446°F, The Classic Volcano can only be set as low as 266°F while the Volcano Digital can dip as low as 104°F.

Does it make a huge difference? For most people, it really doesn’t matter since most users don’t go lower than 300°F to enjoy their sessions.

How exactly do you get the best results?

For starters, it is highly suggested that you pick the best quality herbs and oils. Next, you can start on lower temperature settings. Once you notice that you are not getting but hot air, you can then move the setting up by turning the temperature up slowly. This method prevents you from burning your material, not to mention you can also compare the vapor from different settings.

What is the best temperature for the Volcano?

The most ideal temperature for cannabis is at 347°F to 392°F according to Dr. Ian Mitchell of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver. But given the different compositions of terpenes and cannabinoids, he mentioned that the best balance is 410°F.

However, given the different compositions of terpenes and cannabinoids, he mentioned that the best balance is 410°F.

It was mentioned that Volcano only extracted 24% of cannabinoids at 338°F while the yield spiked to 77% when the unit was set to 446°F.

However, it was explained that users should be cautious when vaping more than 455°F.

This is when the vapor becomes harsh and could potentially start to burn.

Volcano Vaporizer Pros And Con

Before wrapping this review here, I wanted to give you to full list of all Pros and Cons to help you make a better, smarter and informed decision.

  • Great build quality, guaranteed durability.
  • Easy of use. Plug and use device. 
  • The Volcano is great for group vaping.
  • The Volcano produces superb quality vapor. 
  • The volcano vaporizer has been approved for medical use by many countries
  • The Volcano’s balloon system is very easy to clean
  • TUV Certification (German Safety-Tested Product)
  • The Volcano is quite pricey.
  • For the Classic Volcano, you never know the exact temperature the device is at.
  • Has to be plugged while using.
  • The Volcano has a long heat up time
  • If not well maintained, spare parts can cost $$$)
  • While in use, the air pump can get pretty noisy


You probably won’t find a better vaporizer than the Volcano today. In fact, regardless if you prefer the digital or the classic version, it doesn’t really matter. The same goes which system you’d like to have whether you prefer the easy or the solid valve system.

Why use the vaporizer? Volcano provides the ultimate vaping experience that meets both the requirements of recreational and medical users. It is also compatible with both balloon and whip methods giving you different options to enjoy.

And though it is quite an investment, you pay for what you get. It is made of high-quality parts designed for serious vaping connoisseurs.

Written by The Smokazon Team
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