A New Year’s Resolution for Better Health
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

Every year around this time, we all make our own list of resolutions we promise to do year-round. And when it comes to setting our priorities, what better ways to start off the New Year than to have healthy mind and body? So this is what we have to say: Ditch away those cigarettes to welcome better alternatives for a healthier you.

Doing Away With the Old Habit

If medical experts agree on anything, it’s the serious effects of smoking to one’s health. Lighting up a cigar releases toxic elements along with nicotine and carbon monoxide, which in turn increase our risk of developing lung cancer and other respiratory disorders.

So here at Smokazon, we round up the best ways for you to get the same pleasure with what smoking offers without the harmful side effects.

Getting High and Healthy with Vaporizers

We understand how quitting your smoking habit could be quite challenging and frustrating especially when previous solutions didn’t work out for you. However, that’s where vaporizers come as your handy alternative.

Vaporizers, commonly known as “vapes,” can use the same herbs or tobacco leaves without burning them. Instead, a vaporizer slowly and steadily heats up the herb to release its potent compounds in vapors that easily dissipate when exhaled.

So when there’s no harmful smoke, the risk of secondhand inhalation, common throat irritation, and stained teeth are all avoided or greatly reduced. Also, the absence of burning byproducts such as formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and other toxic chemicals maintains overall health. And yet there’s even more. Some herbs contain active therapeutic ingredients used in the treatment of cough and asthma.

Wanting to try one of these vaporizers? Smokazon offers a wide range of these vapes according to your preference. As you share your New Year’s resolution to people you care, you can also send them vaporizers as holiday presents. Here are just a few options we have on the list:

Portable Vaporizers

They come in all shapes and sizes, but for greater portability and discreet use, you can choose small ones that can come in fancy shapes like that of a pen, walkie-talkie or even a lipstick. These are the kinds you leave on the table without worrying about hiding them elsewhere.

Atmos Raw

One popular vaporizer, the Atmos Raw, comes in a lightweight pen-shaped design that’s five inches long but only half an inch in diameter. This portable vaporizer comes with a high-quality ceramic heater that lights up in five seconds for that instant aroma and pleasure. The Atmos Raw vape comes with a rechargeable Lithium battery powerful enough to last 72 hours in between battery recharging.

Snoop Dogg G-Pen Herbal Vaporizer

Dr. Dre is to Beats as Snoop Dogg is to G-Pen Herbal Vaporizer. Yes, business tie-ups can result in booming, heart pounding bass or, in our case, clouds of wispy vapor from a portable vaporizer named after the ever popular gangsta rapper.

The Snoop Dogg G Pen Herbal Vape comes in a bigger body that’s built for storing more herbs inside its Herb Tank. From the name itself, you can tank up herbs in the Snoop Dogg G pen herbal tank. The tank comes with a plastic cap. This gives you the convenience of loading your herbs whenever and wherever you need them.

The internal design of this vaporizer is surprisingly simple despite its fancy outside look. And to please fans even further, the body comes in Snoop Dogg engraving.

Arizer Solo

Another vaporizer from Smokazon’s line of portable handhelds is the Arizer Solo, which also comes with a powerful Lithium battery for three hours of nonstop use. Weighing less than two pounds, the Solo vape packs more herbs inside for more vapor volume and potency. It is also designed with borosilicate glass, a specialized heat resistant material that allows heating the packet of herbs at higher temperatures while maintaining the vaporizer’s durability.

Part of what makes the Arizer Solo interesting is that it comes with LED temperature controls to allow the user to adjust vaporizing temperatures.

Other Options

While vaporizers that come in discreet designs and sizes are becoming more popular, tabletop types are also available. Smokazon now offers the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, Da Buddha Vaporizer, Digital Volcano Vaporizer and lots more. On top of those, Smokazon also offers a whole range of vaporizer accessories to make your vaping experience even more worthwhile. These tabletop options, though less discreet, create more vapor volume and lasting effects, making them ideal as well for aromatherapy.

The Conclusion

Now that we’ve rounded up better options for you, completely overhauling your old habit of smoking cigarettes would make more sense given the health benefits of vaporizers. They strike the balance between giving you the pleasure of enjoying your favorite herbs and maintaining your overall well-being.

So as the New Year hangovers fade, let your healthy resolution begin!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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