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(Last Updated On: April 17, 2015)

There are different versions of vaporizers in the market. As for the basic delineation, you have either theportable or the desktop versionDesktop vaporizers are bulky and are expensive. In fact, some of these devices deliver cannabis vapor using a built-in fan from its system. It blows the heated vapor and draws it into a tube.

The common criticism with the portable vaporizers is that it is common to combust the elements placed in the system, which renders the vaporizer useless. It is due to the close proximity of the heating element to the chamber. New and improved portable vaporizers make use of extensive electronics to control the temperature to avoid this scenario from happening. 

What holds people attracted to the portable vaporizers is the fact that it can be discreet, not to mention it could also provide high quality vapor. As for the price, you don’t have to invest $400 just to enjoy vaping anywhere you want. One thing that you will notice in the vaporizer business is that it became bigger after the cannabis movement took effect. The primary purpose of the vaporizers in the market was to cater to people who are looking to quit smoking. Dubbed as electronic cigarettes, it was used to deliver a nicotine fix without the other harmful chemicals. 

Cigarette Alternative

Vaporizers have the ability to give the same kick as consuming cigarettes, as this ultimately satisfies the smoker psychologically. In New York, if you’ll buy a pack of cigarettes in a day, you may be paying $13 every day. In a year, that amounts to as much as $4,745. That’s a lot of money not to mention the health threats that you have to encounter. Inhaling vapor instead of smoke looks a very attractive alternative.

However, its name as e-cigarette is somewhat misleading the public. The only thing that makes it similar to cigarette is the sensation of putting something on your mouth, as well as the nicotine.

But what makes vaporizers in demand today is far from the urge to quit smoking. In recent years, the numbers of smokers have steadily dropped mainly because of the strict regulations that countries impose. These days, you just can’t light up a cigarette just anywhere. With taxes on tobacco implemented on cigarettes as well, people really don’t need vaporizers in order to quit smoking.

What Made Vaporizers Popular?

Start-up businesses reap the popularity of vaporizers today. There are even former NASA employees who decided all of a sudden that it is a bright idea to invest in the vaporizer business. Many companies are now heading to China to outsource manufacturing of their ideas in order to meet customer demands in vaporizers. All of these opportunities, thanks to the general public’s acceptance of cannabis.

Medical cannabis has gained traction in the mainstream since Charlotte Figi, the little girl who was cured of her Dravet Syndrome was put in the spotlight. For the first time, authorities are listening to clamor, creating a number of medical cannabis laws per state. Also, after this case, more new networks, even CNN, created a balanced reporting regarding cannabis.

The tables have turned today. In 1969, only 12% of Americans only agree to legalize the use of cannabis. With a combination of widespread smear campaign against cannabis and rampant drug use, cannabis was classified as a schedule 1 drug. This is the same category as heroine. These days though, it is already a different story since 58% of Americans believe that it is a good idea to re-schedule and legalize cannabis. More than half of the American population now supports the end of cannabis prohibition.

How do vaporizers enter the picture from the changing perspectives regarding cannabis legalization? Vaporizers make perfect tools for those who are looking to benefit from medical cannabis. How exactly does a vaporizer work? The designs of vaporizers are basically the same. What the equipment does is to heat the elements inside the system of the vaporizer. In different cases, it could be cannabis leaves, cannabis wax or even oil. The vaporizer heats the element below combustion, and therefore you don’t get smoke, but only vapor. Here, it is possible to inhale cannabinoid rich vapor for medical, or for recreational purpose.

According to statistics, there are 33% more people who would rather use a vaporizer than consume their cannabis via smoking. In fact, a lot of people are willing to pay for experience. There are vaporizers that range from $200 to $450. Despite the price, people still go for these options. These days, it is only the start for the world of vaporizers. State of the art design for the vaporizers in the market has just begun.

Vaporizers Mean Healthier Lungs

In New York, the proposed cannabis law is somewhat unique. Why? The law states that doctors can prescribe cannabis for conditions such as cannabis and cancer, but they can only limited how cannabis is going to be consumed. In New York, it is allowed to take cannabis pills, consume oils and extracts, and through vaping.

Experts believe that vaporizer is healthier and could provide more potent form of cannabis to the patient. According to experts, burning marijuana can still produce compounds that could illicit the formation of cancer cells in the body.

In 2004, Journal of Cannabis Therapeutics published a study thatvaporized intake of cannabis contains a significantly minimal amounts of other contents other than cannabinoids. In 2007, another study supported these findings as it was found out that there are less toxic components and carbon monoxide when you use a vaporizer. 

As for the regulations, vaping still falls in a gray area. This means that unlike smoking that you can only do it on selected areas, vaping is somewhat different. Since there is really no smoke coming out of the device, it is good to use the vaporizer in most areas.

Future Of Cannabis and Vaporizers

As more states approve the use of cannabis, we can all expect a steady growth from the vaporizer market-taking place. Vaporizer provides a more consistent marketing for chic medical cannabis clinics, as well as maximizing the potential of their products. Though cannabis may still not rescheduled for the next year, it is safe to assume that the vaporizer market will adapt to the changing acceptance of the general public to cannabis. We can even expect diversification of some medical cannabis investors towards developing their own vaporizers. 

Given the different strains of cannabis that are being developed for different conditions, and state laws, we can also assume that given the popularity of vaporizers, it is very possible that this tool becomes regulated sooner or later. Could this looming regulation affect the $1.5 billion vaporizer industry? It could, but given public’s demand for cannabis, we are only expecting the vaporizer market to become bigger than ever.   

Written by Donald Evans