The Best Vaporizers to Take to Movies
(Last Updated On: May 23, 2015)

Your Chillaxin’ on Saturday, the new blockbuster movie just released and you’re feeling like heading down to the Cineplex to sit in dark with some munchies and let Hollywood take you away from your day-to-day down. You swipe your smartphone from your pocket and punch in a few keystrokes and Bam, you got tickets waiting for at the box office, a tweet invite to some close peeps and Facebook status has been updated with the deets of this planned escape. Life is good. This is how its done when you’re living the “Ultra” Life Style. But, wait! Something of a dilemma has arisen. Everyone is meeting at the theater, instead of the spot where you generally meet, and all pitch in a bit of your favorite blend to pass the volcano around for a nice pre-festivities relaxation session. The movies and most other activities are a bit more, well… just, More, after a few puffs on “Ol’ Twisted-Cano,” the appli-named volcano vaporizer you and your crew use.

What to do? You can’t very-well bring “ol Twisty” to the movies with you. So what now? Just then the light bulb appears over your head like you are a cartoon character in the pre-movie shorts that play before the feature attraction. You have heard about some new vaporizers that are super portable and you have some time before the meet up, to make a quick stop and the local shop! Perfect! Vapes don’t , smell, need to be lit or anything else that might be a frowned upon in a room full of movie fans, and now there is a nice line of portable vaporizers that enable you to take them anywhere. But which one is the best Vape for this mission? To get the answer you reach for your trusty Smartphone again, and start looking for reviews and user feedback, after all you don’t want your friends to think your movie outing was an epic fail, so getting the right product is essential. First you find check out and watch this helpful video from the folks at – this guys really know their shit, when it comes to Vape, so they’re always the first stop when researching new Vape information.

Mission Requirement 1: Portability.

Justin’s Insight: These look cool as hell. I think I’m partial to the whisper, especially for mission critical concealment. Small, looks like some futuristic ballpoint pen, plus its really quite and delivers a fat blast of vape. However, different strokes for different folks – if they would just make the vaportini compact like this, I would be as happy as a two pecker puppy. But research must continiue so next stop on the porta vape trail is:

What Is The Best Portable Vaporizer? (No Skinny Jeans Allowed) ( “If you’ve asked yourself this question, you might be interested in learning that I’ve actually been hard at work reviewing a lot of different vaporizers and I’ve come up with one in particular that I think is probably the best portable vaporizer. I’m sure you’re wondering which one it is (or maybe you don’t care, in which case stop reading) and…”

Mission Requirement 2: Size Matters

Justin’s Insight: This is a nice piece, and the people I know who own one really like them, but for me they seem just a bit too big for stealthy missions, just better for say, hiking or camping, where you have a backpack to carry it in. Maybe it would work for movie missions if you are a girl had a purse, or have your girl stash it away in her purse. But, as for us fella’s it’s a bit tough to hide on your person. So the search continues, although not before loading some music into the ol’ playlist. First up in my track selection are those hemp loving homies from SoCal – Cypress Hill. Just as “hits from the bong” starts to play I instantly think.. Humm… W.W.B.R.D (What Would BReal Do?) which prompted a quick search to bring me exactly what I was looking for –

MIssion Requirement 3: Must BReal and easy to conceal

Justin’s Insight: Thank you, B Real! This is exactly what I was looking for – it’s small, easy to conceal, easy to charge and has a great warranty. This thing kicks-ass! The movie meet up went off without any disruptions from movie staff or other security personnel. No one got skipped, since this puppy has quite a few hits on it per load – the movie was great. All-in-all, I say this was a great day. However, there is a downside, this is for oils and wax only, not good for dry blends, therefore my suggestion is if you are an oil Vape kinda person, this is the right tool for ninja vaping, if you are a dry blend relaxer, the whisper is the tactical tool of choice – but of course these are just my opinions and you know – different strokes for different folks. I also would like to mention. I have not tried every product out there, and i’m sure there other great vaporizers, heck maybe even better ones than the ones I reviewed. I will keep testing them and keep posting about it. If you have a story about your last “Great Vape Escape” tell us about it, maybe we’ll interview you for an upcoming post.


Written by Justin Reynolds
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