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(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
Smokazon vapir v2 vaporizer editor rating
THE GOOD / TheVapir NO2 V2 vaporizer is the best choice if battery life and faster heat up time come as your top priority. We can’t emphasize these two attractive features of the NO2 V2 even more. The digital temperature controls also make sure you get to choose your own sweet spot and make the vape remember your desired setting every time you turn it on with its built-in memory. All in all, the Vapir NO2 V2 is designed for convenience and excellent vapor quality.

THE BAD / The Vapir NO2 V2 is rather bulkier as compared to other portable vaporizers in the market. Measuring about 8 inches tall, this device can’t easily be kept comfortably in your pocket. Pair that with the glass stem and it becomes virtually impossible to conceal. So, the NO2 V2 is a perfect fit when using it inside an enclosed space or in your vehicle. Also, the device gets a little bit hotter when used for extended periods.

THE BOTTOM LINE / We just love the new Vapir NO2 V2 with all the noteworthy improvements. It seems the Vapir Company listens well to its critics, and this is good news terms of keeping the vaporizer competitive in the vaping world. As connoisseurs, we know what we want, how we want it and why we want it. And Vapir answers all these needs in terms of vaping satisfaction and user experience.

After testing the device at Smokazon, we recommend working a little more with reducing the size of the vape, and if Vapir achieves this without any tradeoffs, it’s going to be all hands down for whatever they release in the future.
You’ve probably heard about the Vapir NO2 and how its user-friendly design and performance got the vaping world abuzz with excitement. Now comes the new version with even more improved features and greater reliability. Let’s take a closer look at the new Vapir NO2 V2 portable vaporizer.

What’s New With the NO2 V2

With the most notable improvement of the NO2 V2, Vapir company could never be more bold with their commitment of keeping vaping enthusiasts happier. We’ve all wanted to have a lightweight vaporizer we could just carry anywhere without having to recharge the device more often. Of course, we’ve also become less patient when it comes to getting those hits on the fly. Well, Vapir claims to give us all that with the new version.

The Vapir NO2 V2 vaporizer now heats up twice as fast as its predecessor, getting your device ready in just one minute. But heating time gets even faster when you use the device while plugged for charging. And that’s good news to most of us, whose hectic schedules almost leave us with little time to take those hits anytime we want. Other portable vaporizers, on the other hand, can heat up as fast as this new version, while others take about2 to 3 minutes.

Another noteworthy improvement the V2 boasts is the extended battery life — up to 50 percent longer than the previous model.

So, it seems the Vapir company knows what we, the connoisseurs, really want from portable vaporizers — fast heating time and of course, the convenience of having to use the vape for longer periods without scrambling to find the nearest power outlet when we’re not at home. This gives this latest version an edge from the rest of its close competitors because it now addresses our “basic” needs in terms of outdoor vaping.

Design and Performance

The Vapir NO2 V2 is a portable vaporizer designed for loose dry herbs. This copact and lightweight device comes with a digital temperature controller that can set your desired heat level to an accuracy of 2 to five degrees. And what makes the Vapir NO2 V2 better is the improved heating element that, as we mentioned earlier, is powerful and efficient enough to heat up your herbs in just about one minute.

In terms of user-friendly design, it’s all hands down to the NO2 V2. The moment you unbox the kit, you’ll notice the lack of separate parts that other vaporizers come with. This means it’s all ready to go after the initial charge. That’s how simple the design of the NO2 V2 is: No bells and whistles that would otherwise make things complicated for you.

Even while charging the vape, you can vape with it as long as you want. On the other hand, other portable vaporizers aren’t designed to work like this. For heavy users, such feature would be a big plus because of the uninterrupted vaping pleasure you’ll get with the NO2 V2. But of course, if you wish faster charging cycles, use the device less frequently while it’s charging.

When it comes to user experience, the NO2 V2 stands out because of its lightweight design. Measuring 8.5 inches tall by 2.25 inches wide (1.75 inches wide at the handle), the device weighs relatively light, at just 0.6 lbs. with the battery on. However, the longer body makes it a tad more challenging to tuck inside your pocket. There are other portable vaporizers out there at just a fraction of the size of the Vapir NO2 V2, but of course, there are always tradeoffs such as shorter battery life or fewer features.

Vapir also made sure even the finest details do not go unnoticed. You may just take this for granted, but the NO2 V2 is perhaps one of the most silent vaping devices to operate. Also, turning the vaporizer off and on again does not reset your desired temperature setting. So, once you find that sweet spot you like, the vaporizer remembers it for your convenience the next time you vape.

The Vapir NO2 V2 also features an automatic shut-off mechanism that turns the device off when not in use for 20 minutes. This ensures you save the battery for later use and for your safety as well.

Portability and Discreetness

With extended battery life, lightweight body and quiet internal system, the Vapir NO2 V2 is perhaps one of the most portable vaporizers in the market. It competes well with the Arizer Solo, Iolite and the DaVinci Ascent. But the NO2 V2 has the edge when it comes to ergonomics and user-friendly design.

But because of its larger size, the NO2 V2 is one of the least discreet portable vapes, better used only when inside the car or in the privacy of an enclosed space. But from afar, with the vaporizer’s large glass tube and the bulky body, you could easily mistake it with a can of soda with the straw attached to it. Nevertheless, this is still a good vape to use when not connected to the power outlet because of its awesome battery power and excellent performance.

Vapor Quality

We can’t deny the excellent vapors we’ve experienced with Vapir NO2 V2. At its sweet spot (between 340°F and 375°F), the vapor is dense and flavorful, but anything higher than that and the warmer vapor gets a tad harsher with traces of burnt popcorn taste. Perhaps the shorter glass tube that connects to the mouthpiece contributes to the hotter draws, and we’d be happy to see future models sport extendable glass stem to give the vapor more time and surface area to cool down before it reaches your mouth.

Creating those pure vapors without the slightest trace of foul aftertaste or foreign smell comes easy with the Vapir NO2 V2. Thanks to the heating chamber made of medical-grade stainless steel and the pure brass heating element, which have higher melting points, ensuring that your botanicals vaporizers first way before any of the metals melt or vaporize.

The Vapir NO2 V2 also comes with two mouthpieces. You can choose the plastic mouthpiece if you want more discreet vaping because of its smaller size. However, for cooler vapor temperature, we recommend the glass mouthpiece. The longer length of the glass stem, as we’ve mentioned earlier, gives enough time for the vapor to cool down. Plus, nothing beats the performance of glass in terms of vapor quality. It maintains the purity of vapor you inhale because glass does notreact with the vaporized materials, whatever the temperature is.

The NO2 V2 reaches a maximum temperature of 205°C or 401°F. This range should be enough to cover the lowest temperature for beginners and the highest ones for the seasoned vapers. Anything beyond that highest setting and your dry herbs begin to combust, defeating the purpose of why you use the vaporizer in the first place.

Vapir NO2 V2 Tips & Tricks 


How to Use the Vapir NO2 V2 Portable Vaporizer

1. Upon unboxing the vaporizer, make sure the battery is installed inside the device.
2. To place the battery, open the bottom lid and insert the battery inside and close the lid back securely.
3. Attach the power cord to the device and plug it for initial charging.
4. Once fully charged, open the top lid to gain access to the herb chamber. Place your ground materials inside the chamber without over-packing. We recommend filling the chamber about ¾ of the herb chamber’s full capacity to allow proper circulation.
5. Turn the device on by pressing the on-off button. Then press the temperature control buttons to set the device to your desired temperature. You’ll notice the temperature reading climb faster because of the device’s quick heat up time.
6. Connect the mouthpiece to the top part of the device.
7. Once the desired temperature is set, take a steady, long draw to take one hit.
8. Happy vaping!

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Written by James Rubio