Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Vaporizers became popular today because of the growing number of people who turned to herbs, oils and other materials for their vaping experience. When you purchase a vaporizer, it may not take a while to develop a habit and a craving for the high quality hit. Keep in mind that for the connoisseurs with very particular preference to their vaping sessions, they demand only the best in the market.  This is the exact reason why the vaporizer companies try so hard to outperform each other in several areas. They perform research and product developments in order to attract customers and improve their very own market share. 

The biggest problem that people have to face is the fact that they can’t bring the vaporizer anywhere. When you have a vaporizer that requires to be plugged, this becomes a limitation. This is where portable vaporizers come into the picture. Makers of portable vaporizers consider not only the quality of the vaping sessions but also the discreet appearance of the product. 

If you believed in the adage that big things come in small packages, let the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer surprise you. This product has been known among the vaping circles as one of the best portable vaporizers. It has been compared with brands such as Iolite and Arizer Solo. That is a big deal especially given the number of portable vaporizers today, and how close they stand against each other’s capabilities. 

Buying portable vaporizers can be appealing especially when you do not have to shell out a large chunk of cash just for you to get high quality vapor anywhere you want. Bulky vaporizers tend to stay at home, however, the likes of the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer offers more than just a quick fix. It offers comfort, convenience and the best bang for your buck.  

What To Expect From MFLB?

The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer was made by Magic Flight Inc, a well known brand in the United States made popular by the said product. Through the years, the numbers of portable vaporizers increased in the market. The complexities and the options that you can get from these portable vaporizers tried to mimic the things what bulky vaporizers can give. This is the thing that sets the Magic Flight Launch Box vape unique.  

The Magic Flight Launch Box is something special compared to the other products out there mainly because of its simple, yet effective construction. They built the Magic Flight Launch Box under the premise that a person could get the quality vape anytime and anywhere without being confused with all the dials that he or she needs to manipulate. Based on the discreet look and minute design of the vaporizer, this product grew as one of the best portable vaporizers in the market.  

The product became popular mainly because of the small and compact design that the company utilized. This design made it possible for you to keep everything handy and discreet. The actual size of the Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer fits the palm perfectly. Examining every angle of the product, any one would have to agree that it was craftsmanship at its finest thanks to Magic Flight Inc. 

The Look & Design

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a very simple looking vaporizer. Powered by NiMh rechargeable batteries, it looks as if it was made by a high schooler on his shop class. Despite the non-commercial look that it possesses, the Magic Flight Box is a functional product that is somewhat underrated because of the exterior. In the exterior of the Magic Flight Launch Box vaporizer, there are four holes. These holes are meant to function as a draw hole, vent, battery receiver and your material deposit area where you place the herbs. 

The Magic Flight Launch Box is ultimately a small wood box adapted to have a simple heating mechanism. For those who are looking for an aesthetically appealing product, this is a good choice. In fact, the glass that covers the herbs also allows you to see everything as they burn. This is a great feature of the product in terms of looks. When purchasing this product, it now comes in different types of wood. You can select if whether you want the Walnut or Cherry Wood. Also, when you buy this product, this will come with a metal tin box that will store the product for storage. 

How to Use the Magic Flight Launch Box? 

The Magic Flight Launch Box operation is self explanatory. It allows you to load up the tray, close the plastic and you are ready to get your material heated up. Within 5 seconds after you turn on the device, this product already allows you to inhale on the device’s front end. If you will look at the other vaporizers in the market, this product can heat up the herb fast. Even the Volcano and other high end types of vaporizer can’t heat up the material in such a short period. When vaping, you may or may not use a vaporizer mouthpiece depending on your preference. Some people also prefer to have it with a stem. 

If you are planning to purchase the Magic Flight Launch Box, the most accurate description that you can give this product is user friendly.  This product will allow you to use the product without too many complications. It doesn’t have too many dials. This can work out to be a good thing or a bad thing depending on how you look into it. This product can either get your herb too cold or too hot, considering there are no dials to adjust the temperature. The use of this product is really for a quick hit of your small herbs. If you only need a small hit, this is a perfect product to have on your pocket. 

As for the material that you can use in the device, it is imperative that you only use well grounded herbs. Because of the size and the fact that it is only battery powered (which is the case to almost all portable vaporizers), you can’t stick large amounts of herbs on the vaporizer. You may want to purchase a good herb grinder if you are planning to use this vaporizer handy. If you choose to stick large herbs on your vaporizer, this will only give you small amount of vapor. 

Magic Flight Launch Box Price and Is it Worth It?

High end vaporizers can spike up to $300. Given the number of people who love high quality vapor, the price of the Magic Flight Launch Box is really worth looking at. You can purchase the product for $119. In terms of quality, you can easily compare the vapor up with the high end vaporizers in the market. You can easily compare the quality of the vapor with the Volcano Vaporizer. 

If you weigh the ability of the product to generate high quality vaping sessions, its durability and handy construction; this product is simply worth the price. It covers a lot of areas that haven’t been looked into by several vaporizer manufacturing companies. 

Not Too Flexible Heat Setting

If you are the type who is very particular about the temperature, this may not be the best product out there. The fact that the MFLB only  has one temperature setting can be quite frustrating. If you are the type who was used to having a Volcano or an Extreme Q for the vaporizer, then you may have to simply stick with one heat setting. It is a good idea that you don’t stuff as large volumes of herbs on your vaporizer. 

Flaws and Rooms For Improvement

There are some things that could improve your overall experience in using the Launch Box vaporizer. It is suggested that you use a mouthpiece when you are sharing this product, as it could be slimy when you stick your mouth directly into the hole. Also, you may not have any idea if the unit is already too hot, except with the presence of smoke on the screen. Take note that the Magic Flight Launch Box screen is the most vulnerable part of the portable vaporizer. Once you break it though, you will have to buy the whole unit. Based on the simple design of the vaporizer, there is always the threat of overheating. This means that it could destroy not only the battery, but the whole unit itself. 


Given the small package, this product is definitely considered as one of the best vaporizers out there in the market. It has the ability to provide you with the best vapor anywhere you may be. If you are expecting though that you get a good number of vaping session with the product, this may be something far fetched. Considering the small amount of herbs that you can place, it may only satisfy your craving fully. But of course, this is not how the product was intended. The Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer was developed in order to create quick small but decent sessions anywhere you may be. The fact though that it was associated with some of the best portable vaporizers is a testament that this product is really something that deserve all the attention. 

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