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Behind the spotlight that perpetually shines on the most popular tabletop vaporizers such as the Volcano, Arizer Extreme Q or the Herbalizer, there are those that sit comfortably behind the bestsellers and offer great vaping experience without the bells and whistles. One noteworthy vaping device in this category is the Hot Box Vaporizer. The device, though a far cry from the higher end models, wins in terms of affordability without sacrificing great vapor quality and easy-to-use design.

Why Choose Cheaper Portable Vapes Like the Hot Box Vaporizer

Given the growing popularity of the vaporizers in the market today — thanks to the legalization of cannabis — not to mention the attempt of so many individuals to keep their smoking habits from coming back, there is just so much opportunities for growth for so many vaporizer companies in the market.  If you are not really after the most technically sound vaporizer, it is advisable that you try the budget vaporizers. Unlike the likes of Volcano that costs an arm and leg, this isn’t the scenario with budget vaporizers.

Whenever desktop vaporizers get mentioned, often times, it is thought to be an expensive way of enjoying herbs. The thing with desktop vaporizers is that they carry a number of technical features. These technical features are meant to please the most particular tastes of vaping enthusiasts. However, this could also overwhelm individuals to not use vaporizers. Also, given the price tag, even long-time vaping enthusiasts are somewhat confused whether or not to invest in this kind of product. 

What most people fail to realize is that there are also affordable alternatives you could go for if you intend to vape. In fact, a $200 budget for a desktop vaporizer can go a long way. Could you imagine saving a lot of money and getting quality vapor at the same time?

For those who are unfamiliar with the available options, there are basically two ways on how you could vape using desktop vaporizers. You could either use a balloon or a whip. Basically, with a balloon, you could store the vapor and take draws from there. The advantage of this type of vaporizer is that you could take the balloon anywhere around the house once it has been filled. On the other hand, you have the whip vaporizers. For some, they prefer to have the whip since it provides them with stronger, thicker and even warmer draws. For those that place a high regard to their drawing experience. What makes the desk vaporizers different is that the construction of this kind of vaporizer makes it possible to create the finest of vapor. For instance, there are versions that have a fan. Also, there are those vaporizers that have multiple options allowing you to vape using the whip and the balloon.

High-Quality Vaporizer with an Affordable Price


A potential candidate for a high quality and affordable vaporizer is the Hot Box Vaporizer.

The Hot Box Vaporizer is a simplified version of a whip vaporizer. As the name suggests, it simply looks like a box. Though it only looks like any other box from the outside, it has a patented material used in its construction. The good thing about this piece of equipment is that you just have to turn it on in order to use it. There are no other complexities involved in its operation. In fact, even first-time vape enthusiasts can already figure everything out.

Also, the $150 price tag isn’t also a bad thing. If you’ll check the high-end portable vaporizers that produce sub-standard vapor, $150 won’t even be worth it. With its current price, this could easily beat a lot of expensive vaporizers in the market. Perhaps, this could be the ultimate choice for those vaping enthusiasts with a limited budget in the first place.

So where was it made? Given the very low price of the Hot Box Vaporizer, you may be quick to judge that this particular product was made in China. However, unlike a lot of vaporizers sold in the market these days, wasn’t produced in China at all. Hot Box Vaporizer was made in Orange County, California, USA.

Using the Hot Box Vaporizer, we weren’t disappointed. Makers made this particular product robust, giving attention to every detail there is. 

Aside from being a vaporizer, this particular device can be used as an aromatherapy diffuser. If you want your room to smell good, then this could easily be a smart pick. Is there any other vaporizer made in the US that has this kind of price? Apparently, there are only a few ones out there.

Two types of Hot Box Vaporizer 

There are the different kinds of Hot Box Vaporizers. The first version is the basic, smaller vaporizer. On the other hand, the Hot Box can be slightly bigger and comes with customized graphics. You could even have your name in it if you want. On the outside, they look absolutely different; however, it is just a difference in the aesthetics. Everything else is the same with both versions of the Hot Box Vaporizer. From the tubing to the glass parts, everything fits well with each other.

Hot box showcase

Construction of the Hot Box Vaporizer

The construction of the Hot Box Vaporizer is quite robust. Made in the US as an affordable vaporizer, this is an unexpected product. You’d expect that a $150 vaporizer isn’t going to last that long. However, don’t be fooled by first impressions.

It has a ceramic construction with a simplified heating element made of ceramic nichrome. Unlike some other desk vaporizers that go with a fan, this is not present in this particular product. Now, without a fan, the Hot Box Vaporizer is reliant on its heating element to be the one responsible for sustaining the temperature efficiently. You also rely on manual draws through the whip to inhale the vapors. So, obviously, the Hot Box desktop vaporizer does not work with balloons.

Having no fan may seem like a huge setback with any desktop vaporizer, but vaping devices with no moving parts generally last longer and so does the Hot Box vaporizer.

But of course, there are some parts of the vaporizer that could’ve been better.

However, at a $150 price tag, you pay for what you get. Looking at the whip, you’ll see that the tubing, upon inspection looks quite cheap.

One complaint with the particular tubing that Hot Box Vaporizer has, is the fact that you can’t use it comfortably.

Why? Often times, you have to deal with the rigidity of the whip. At times, the glass is about to come off the unit due to the rigid construction of the whip. Being able to use other types of vaporizers in the market over the years, it is just a preference to stick with a vaporizer that has a flexible whip.

The Hot Box Vaporizer, on the other hand, provides a good glass chamber.

Why is this worth mentioning?

This is a crucial part of the Hot Box Vaporizer in creating clean vapor. This leaves the herbs away from any electronic parts that could burn and contaminate your vaping experience. Also, another thing that you will love about the glass chamber is that you don’t have to fill it up. This means that it doesn’t get really messy, unlike other products that you see. Also, another feature of the glass chamber is that it can come apart. Separating the glass chamber into two, you could see the screen, along with the other parts making it easy to clean. A precaution though when you are using the vaporizer, you have to be careful with this part of the vaporizer since it could get hot in between sessions.

Vaping Experience With the Hot Box Vaporizer

The good thing about this product is that you could use the Hot Box Vaporizer even if you haven’t read anything about the operation of the product. It is an easy to understand, simplified approach that some vaporizers just don’t have. All you need to do is to turn it on and you could already use the vaporizer for your needs. Good thing that the vaporizer also offers a decent temperature range for vaping.

You have to wait for around 10 minutes in order for the device to heat up. Without a fan, this doesn’t help in getting you the vapor that you want to have. Using the ground glass connector to your vaporizer, it is not as hands-free as you think it is. It does fall a bit and the tubing is not really flexible. Another thing that you’ll notice after several sessions using the device, is the fact that residue can build up fast during your session. This can be a problem when cleaning the tubing since flexibility is an important characteristic if you want to make a tube last for years to come. However, what you’d like about this vaporizer is its ability to have a session even inside your car as this has a 12-volt capacity. You can use this particular vaporizer in a car lighter.

Now, for the vapor quality produced by this product, it is safe to say that you can enjoy this vaporizer and even compare it with more expensive desk vaporizers. Looking at the price, and checking the quality of the vapor that it produced, you can say that everything was totally worth it for this particular product. Hot Box Vaporizer is the epitome of simplicity, efficiency and a reasonable price point. Though it doesn’t have the control knobs, it gets the job done.

An advice when using the Hot Box Vaporizer, your only means of controlling the warmth of your session is how fast you draw from the whip. If you want to have a warm draw, you may want to take things slow. The quicker that you draw, the colder the vapor is. Remember the 10-minute waiting time? It is, therefore, safe to assume that the vaporizer only produces a low temperature. If you ask vape connoisseurs, this could be both good and bad. For instance, producing a fixed temperature that won’t burn the herbs, you get pure vapor which is good. On the other hand, you can’t go any hotter than that. So what if you want something a bit warmer?

Does it stand a chance against top whip vaporizers in the market? Though the vapor quality is above average, we still can’t include the Hot Box Vaporizer on our list of top vaporizers in the market. If you prefer to have the best quality vapor, it is a good idea that you stick with the likes of Plenty or Extreme Q. Better yet, you invest on a Volcano.

Based on our observation using the Hot Box Vaporizer for weeks, you can get the best results when you use finely grounded herbs. This assists the vaporizer’s slow heating capacity. Also, you shouldn’t fill the glass chamber all the way. Why? Given the long heat up time, this would only mean that you have to wait longer if you fill it up. Also, remember that the tubing produces a lot of residues? The more herbs that you use, the less time it will take to accumulate residue on your tubing.

What Needs to be Improved with the Hot Box Vaporizer

There are certainly a lot of things that the Hot Box Vaporizer could improve on. For instance, it takes a long time to heat up the vaporizer. For a lot of people, 10 minutes is simply too long to start vaping. When you have counterparts that can allow you to vape in a few minutes, this is a major setback if makers won’t be able to address this issue. On the box, the manufacturers of the vaporizer suggest a waiting time of 10 minutes, however, if you attempt to use the vaporizer for four minutes, it could already give you the vapor that you need.

Another thing that could still be improved for this particular vaporizer is its fixed setting feature. For a desk vaporizer, it is a very weird thing to not have any kind of knob which controls the temperature. Though it makes the vaporizer easy to use, there are different preferences among people when it comes to their vaping sessions. There are those users who prefer to have a really high temperature, while there are those that prefer to have a low temperature on their setting. The construction of the Hot Box Vaporizer disregards the different preferences, therefore alienating a good number of potential customers.

What Goes Well With the Hot Box Vaporizer: Handy Grinders

The Hot Box Vaporizer works for any of your favorite dry herbs. And just like any other vapes for ground materials, the Hot Box gives off better vapor quality when you use finer materials. So, get yourself a 2-piece Kannastor Grinder too for easy grinding right at home. You won’t really need a grinder with a storage container for because you won’t take your vaping sessions with you outdoors. So, the more affordable 2-piece grinder would do.

The Kannastor Grinder is also a very user-friendly device that would grind your herbs to finer textures in just seconds. As you know, the finer the botanicals, the more surface area exposed to the heating element, hence the stronger flavors and thicker vapors.


Should you or should you not be purchasing the vaporizer? Honestly, it depends on what are your considerations when vaping. If you are the type who wants to experience what a whip vaporizer can do, then, this should be your vaporizer. Instead of trying your first vaping session on a portable vaporizer with the same price range, it is highly advisable that you stick with this type of vaporizer.

The Hot Box desktop vaporizer suits best for beginners who want to transition from the lighter vapors from the pent-style vaporizer to the more intense flavors that only desktop vaporizers can give. Without any temperature controls and moving parts, the Hot Box vaporizer is the simplest device you can get in its category.

On the other hand, if you are a seasoned vaping enthusiast who has a great amount of experience using vaporizers, it is advisable that you just stick with a better whip vaporizer in the market. Though it offers savings, you won’t be getting a complete vaping experience with a vaporizer that doesn’t even have the necessary knobs for temperature control.

So, if you’re into simple vaping pleasures without the complexity of the higher end desktop vaporizers, the Hot Box can be a good start for you. It’s durable too, and you’re sure you get to enjoy it for a very long time. And because of the vaporizer’s affordability, it won’t hurt your pocket if you plan to upgrade in the future. And perhaps the only reason for your upgrade is the need for a fan-powered, forced-air model for a balloon. But otherwise, you should be all good with the Hot Box Vaporizer.

Is the Hot Box vaporizer worth it? Yes, it is.

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