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Goboof Alfa Review

(Last Updated On: November 11, 2015)

The Good / Flower vaporizers have evolved significantly over the last few years. For people who are asking what the best flower vaporizer is, let’s admit that there is no single winner. Firefly, Ascent as well as the Pax Ploom are among the tough contenders that can easily duke it out with one another.

Yes, all those vaporizers can give you a magical time as you get high in the process. On the other hand, let’s not forget the unassuming Goboof Alfa. Despite its funny name, this is a small and solid device. In terms of looks, you may assume that it is not a vaporizer.

Let’s admit that despite legalization, law enforcement still has a bias towards cannabis, and with this particular device, you get minimal attention.

Another great thing about the vaporizer is its cylindrical loading chamber that is easy to clean. It is half inch in diameter and depth, while it also has a heating pin which increases the overall surface area of cannabis that is heated by the device. With this herb chamber design, it evenly heats the herb.

The user interface of the Goboof Alfa is also something worth mentioning. It makes the device easy to understand and easy to run.

The Bad / It is among the smallest vaprorizers out there. Unlike the Mighty and the Crafty that look durable, the Goboof Alfa’s size is its biggest disadvantage.  A lot of times, we feel that the Goboof Alfa could slip from your hands and have some damage after.

If you are looking for a vaporizer with wide variety of temperature ranges, the Goboof Alfa isn’t exactly the device that you should be looking for. Temperature ranges from 190°C to 220°C. It also has two pre-programmed settings. Heat by time setting for the Alfa goes through all the available temperature cycling from low to medium and high.

Let’s talk about the process of loading the herbs into your vaporizer. It is a must that you grind the herb before pack the substance. Because of the pin on the oven, it is a bit difficult to make use of your finger when loading the herbs that you are going to use for your sessions. Since it is a conduction vaporizer, you have to really grind the herbs to get the best results.

The Bottomline / For heavy hitters, we don’t highly suggest using the Goboof Alfa. This vaporizer performs really well for short puffs. Since a large surface area is covered, it offers high quality vapor. In fact, it is exceptionally appealing given its size.

For people looking for a lightweight device that offers short but high quality draws, this particular vaporizer is worth the price.

What is new?

The design of the Goboof Alfa is compact and modern. It offers metal anodized casing which makes the device very sleek as you carry the device. It has an automatic smart puff system which allows the system to conserve battery. It shuts off automatically in order to save power.

Design and Performance

Made and designed in Ireland, the Goboof Alfa is a thing of beauty. The Goboof Alfa is a compact flower vaporizer that has a unique and simple design. The rotary heat setting dial makes the product easy to tweak according to your preference. It also has a silicone mouthpiece which you draw for your sessions.

The bottom of the device is where you’ll see the herb chamber. Unlike other vaporizers that utilize the open chamber design, the Alfa has a different approach. It has an extra heating pin which sticks in the middle of the oven. Is this design a bad or a good thing? It serves the purpose of evenly heating the herb making the device an efficient portable vaporizer.

A 2 to 4 second pull could pretty much produce a high quality vapor that satisfies even the most hard to please vaping enthusiast. The Alfa is considered a puffer vaporizer. For those who love long hours of vaping, this is not the particular product that you want to have.

The device runs from 190°C to 220°C. There are two pre-programmed automatic settings that you can also use for the Alfa. Automatic heat by time allows the user to experience all the settings from low to high. It switches on three minute intervals before completely shutting off.

As it offers 2 hours of continuous run time, it offers sufficient time for anyone who loves to take their vaping sessions outside the house.

Portability and Discreetness

The Goboof Alfa is known for its discreetness and portability. In fact, this is among the smallest flower vaporizers in the market. On the downside, in contrast to other vaporizers, Goboof Alfa may look a bit fragile, especially if you’ll compare it with the likes of Crafty or the Mighty.

This device fits perfectly on your palm. Though because of its size, you’ll have to be extra careful when using the device. Though we believe that it can tolerate a few falls, you still have to be careful using this device. Also, the shape of the Goboof Alfa is very discreet. It can be mistaken for anything other than a vaporizer.

Vapor Quality

Vapor quality is an asset of the Goboof Alfa. With the help of the extra heating pin right at the center of the chamber, it helps the vaporizer achieve its high quality vapor. But unlike other larger vaporizers, this only offers short puffs.

How to Use the Vaporizer

First thing that you need to do is to plug in the device to your charger. You’ll need around 4 hours in order to fully charge the device.

Get your favorite herb and ensure that it has been finely grinded.

Next, you need to place the screen into the heating chamber.

You can fill the entire chamber with grinded herb.

Then, you can place the second screen on top of the herb and close the door of the herb chamber. Slide the lock to secure the herb inside the bowl.

You have to wait for the vaporizer to turn green before you take a draw.

You can choose which temperature setting you want for your vaporizer. For this particular device, you have low (190°C), medium (210°C) and high (220°C). You also have the pre-programmed automatic setting as well as the automatic heat by time.

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