The best vaping experience from the volcano
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

Things have been tasteful and flavorful for the Volcano vaporizer over the recent years. With such high-ranking reviews, the Volcano is indeed here to stay for a very long time. At Smokazon, we share with you the collective experiences of our vaping enthusiasts and connoisseurs with the Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer, no less, to give you great ideas on how to achieve that level of satisfaction that perfectly fits to your vaping needs. Let the following highlights be your guide:

Love at First Sight: Unboxing the Volcano Vaporizer

When unboxing your very first Volcano vape, that shiny metallic body instantaneously makes you feel as if you’re getting yourself another kitchen appliance or perhaps a space capsule that came out straight from a Star Wars movie. But that’s something so alluring about the Valcano. Its sturdy built immediately gives you the impression that what you gave your wallet a wild ride for –$670–is really worth it. And truth is it does, with many of our users still using their vapes they’ve had for several years now.

The Classic Volcano Vaporizer sports an analogue heat setting dial, while the Digital Volcano gives you more accurate temperature readings with its large LED display and control buttons.

While many users go for the Digital, others who feel comfortable doing away with the LEDs for a hundred dollar less choose the Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer Classic. But either option gives you the same high-quality vapors.

Over all, its design is indeed unique as what its German manufacturer, Storz & Bickel, made it out to be. As unique as it is, it did fit in the vaping community, and eventually even stood out as one of the most admired vaporizers ever made.

For many, it was simply love it first sight.

Using The Volcano For the First Time

Just like other vaporizers, the Volcano also requires only finely ground herbs to get optimum flavors. The super-heated air coming from the heating element inside the vaporizer does a better work of extracting richer vapors from the herb, in turn enriching your vaping experience.

The Volcano sports a relatively larger chamber in which you can pack more materials inside, and this is what sets this vape apart from its counterparts, not to mention the powerful fan that forces the rich vapors into the balloon or vaporizer whip.

To use the Volcano vaporizer, just plug it in and adjust its temperature setting. Then place your ground herbs inside the chamber without packing it too densely to allow good circulation of the hot air. The Volcano heats up so quickly that you can just connect the chamber on top of the vape and start vaporizing using a balloon or a whip. If you prefer using a balloon, you can choose either the Volcano Easy Valve Starter kit or the Solid Valve set. The Easy Valve is Storz & Bickel’s answer to many users’ call for a balloon valve system that’s easy to use without requiring much maintenance. The original Volcano Solid Valve does require more frequent cleaning but it lasts longer than the rather more “disposable” Easy Valve. Whatever design you choose, both patented Storz & Bickel Valve sets fit interchangeably with the Classic and Digital Volcano.

The moment you take that first draw, all that you’d notice are the pure and powerful punches of your materials, with no unnatural or plastic smell at all. This proves that the Volcano is all made up of only the finest, high-grade components straight from its production.

Recommended Volcano Vaping Temperature

If you’re using this vape for the first time, you can experiment on which temperature setting suits your best.  When using ground cannabis, the ideal temp ranges from 375°F to 390°F, and anything beyond that would be too dense. This ideal temperature is just right for the THC (Tetrahydrocannabinol) to vaporize without the combustion. But you can always try to experiment to hit that perfect temp that fits your particular dosage. After all, it’s a matter of personal choice.

Using Other Herbs

The Volcano isn’t built only for cannabis aficionados. You can draw as many flavors as there are many herbs available out there. In fact, you can even use concentrates, tinctures and essential oils.

Storz & Bickel recommends vaping eucalyptus and lavender at an ideal temperature of 266°F. If you’re using the Classic, point the dial to 1. Meanwhile, some active compounds found in other herbs require higher temperature to vaporize. Thyme, chamomile and sage release the best flavors when heated to about 374°F (setting #6 for the Classic Volcano dial). Other herbs such as hops and lemon balm have ideal vaporization temperatures of 309°F (dial setting#3) and 288°F (dial setting #4), respectively.

Using Tinctures and Other Liquids

If there’s one thing we like about the Volcano, it’s the versatility that this vape offers. Not only does it exude the finest vapors from dried plant materials, but it does kick great punch with liquids and concentrates too. The vape comes with a liquid pad on which you can dab the extract. Use only a small amount of the extracts for obvious reasons that most of these already come in concentrates.

When using the liquid pad, remove the screen of the filling chamber of either the Easy Valve or the Solid Valve. Then place the liquid pad into the spot where the lower screen is removed. For those using a solid valve, keep the filling chamber disc connected to the vape as you will need this to open the solid valve.

Then turn the filling chamber upside down, exposing the liquid pad. Using a pipette, put a few drops of your liquid extract. The pad can hold up to 10 drops, but for concentrates, always try a few drops first and check which dosage works best for you. For great results, set the Volcano to 266°F when using extracts.

The Best Volcano Vaporizer Experience 

These are just some of the most well tested tips on how to maximize your very own Volcano Vaporizer. In other words, the possibilities are almost endless with this vape. You can even find it in some of the most high-end restaurants as every chef’s secret tool to infuse the finest aroma into their dishes. But for now, take hold of that vape and light it up for a unique experience only the Volcano can offer.

Have you found more creative ways to use your Volcano vaporizer? Tell us and we’d gladly share it with the rest of the vaping community.

Written by The Smokazon Team
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