(Last Updated On: August 2, 2019)

CBD oil metabolism occurs in many different ways. These methods deliver CBD oil benefits differently. Each impacts the body on individual capacities. Therefore, their medical capabilities vary, and so do their reaction time. Many people are familiar with tinctures, but they aren’t aware of vaping. Many benefits are associated with CBD vape oil from feminized seeds. However, even before we get to the benefits, it is essential to know what CBD vape oil is.  Well, here is everything you need to know about CBD vape oil. 

What is vaping?

It is a method in which essential CBD oil is vaporized and inhaled into the body. The inhaled vaporized CBD oil is then absorbed into the bloodstream from the lungs delivering the desired benefits. 

CBD Oil: what is it?

Cannabis has two compounds that make up the products retrieved from it. These are (1) THC, which is s the psychoactive element and (2) CBD oil, which is the medical compound present in the marijuana plant. 

CBD Vape-Oil: what is it?

It is a form of CBD oil that is inhaled. The vape oil is vaporized before it is inhaled into the lungs and from there, to the endocannabinoid body system.

Difference between CBD Vape-Oil and CBD Oil

Even though it is called vape oil, it is essential to distinguish it from CBD oil. CBD oil is not for inhalation. If inhaled, then the results would be catastrophic for the user. CBD vape oil comes from compounds that are not actual oils. These include a mix of VG and PG, VG or vegetable glycerin, PG or propylene glycol. 

Why use CBD Vape oil?

Inhalation provides the only means in which all of the nutrients in the CBD enter the bloodstream with minimal wastage. If ingested, the CBD oil from budget buds undergoes digestion. Most of it is removed from the body by the liver. After inhalation, most of the CBD vape oil/juice is assimilated into the bloodstream. The reaction is quite fast, and therefore, there is an easy achievement of the desired results. You can easily mail order marijuana and other related products like CBD oil from various online sources.


The amount of vape oil ingested through vaping is dependent on the instrument used. There are three types of devices you can use to vape CBD oil. 

  • Vape cartridge; it contains around 100mg of CBD vape oil. Once vaporized, it only delivers around 2mg. These can be disposables or stored for later use once again. They have a rechargeable battery that supports the vaporizing process.
  • CBD Vape Pen; it is the most popular method of inhalation. The pen is filled in the manufacturing company, and once it is out, you throw it away after use. 
  • Vape mod; it is a vaporizer that holds a lot of CBD vape oil. It reduces the time taken to refill and enhances the flavor if the vape oil. It promotes inhaling large puffs of CBD vape oil. 

There are no specific instructions issued in regards to CBD vape oil dosing. Safety purposes first, you are advised to start low if using for the first time. Wait till the effects take root and determine their essentiality. If the results are positive, then stick to that dosage unless advised otherwise by a medical practitioner. 

Are there any considerations?

  • CBD oil potency level; this refers to the strength of CBD vape oil you are about to inhale. Various hemp plants have different concentrations of the product. 
  • The desired quantity; as a first user, you have to be careful of how much CBD vape oil you take. 
  • Overdosing; even though there are no known cases of fatalities from overdosing on the hemp plant, it is essential, how much you inhale determines how you feel after reactions have taken place. 
  • Side Effects; some of the side effects of CBD Vape oil include red eyes, drowsiness, hunger, and euphoria. 

Dabbing and Vaping: what is the difference?

Dabbing requires applying heat to the wax or shatter for combustion. The content of the vapor or smoke is highly potent compared to vaping vapor. Vaping is simple as it does not involve direct heating, and the vape pens come loaded with the heating mechanism ready for use. Also, it produces a healthier mix of vapor. 

Purchasing CBD Vape-Oil

To purchase the right Vape oil, understand the difference between the full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD oil isolates, and broad spectrum. Full spectrum CBD oil is the whole cannabis sativa plant with all the nutrients, different cannabinoids and essential terpenes. Isolate is a single cannabinoid in its purest form after e its extraction. Broad spectrum, on the other hand, is a mix of both the isolate and the full spectrum. CBD Vape oil is made of CBD isolates. Therefore, when buying the CBD, be sure to buy it from a reputable company selling like cannabisowl.


Ensure that CBD vape oil undergoes the necessary tests to ensure its potency, THC level, presence of any form of contaminants, among other factors. It ensures that you do not take a product that is below par with what you expect. Besides, it provides value for money, protects and preserves your health status.  



Written by Kathy Cooley