(Last Updated On: January 3, 2020)

How to Vape CBD Oil Properly and Effectively?

Have you admired vaping but worry that it may be hard? You are not alone. It can be hard to vape at first, but we are going to guide you on how to achieve that properly and effectively. CBD oil offers loads of benefits, including relief from nausea, better sleep, and reduction of pain. These health benefits outweigh any side effects such that the Food and Drug Association began authorizing the inclusion of a small amount of CBD in products. Today, you can buy high-quality CBD in different strains including, indica, sativa, and other hybrid strains from cheap marijuana seeds. Before we discuss how to vape effectively, let us dive into the vaporizing equipment to understand how it works.


How Does The Vaping Equipment Work?

While there are different types of vapes, most have four sections, including a chamber that helps in holding oil, an atomizer for heating, a mouthpiece and of course a battery. The two most common types of vape equipment used for CBD oil are tank style and pen-style vape. CBD oil in Florida offers the best CBD products for vaping. The pen-style has a coil that heats the oil while the tank style uses e-liquid to produce clouds of smoke. The picture below is an illustration of the pen-style vape.

Tank-style vapes are either disposable or usable. The disposable type uses disposable cartridges that you have to replace from time to time while you can refill the reusable types with CBD e-liquid. Tank-style vapes look like this:


Vaping CBD Oil

Ensure that you know your dosage. If you want to vape properly, you must know the right dosage as this will help to determine the CBD strength to purchase. When you are determining your dosage, ensure that you consider the weight of your body and your body reaction to such products. The amount of dosage also depends on your health condition. The best way is, to begin with, the smallest dose and increase the dosage gradually after every six hours, depending on your needs. You can follow this guide to determine the right dosage for yourself.  Taking microdose CBD oil can restrict you from overdosage of the product. 

Furthermore, each person has a different endocannabinoid system and metabolism. If you are using the tank-style vape, a single cartridge has 100mg and produces 1-2mg of CBD in each puff. However, if you prefer the tank-style vape, you will need more CBD content per puff. After taking any dosage, note how you feel and if you experience positive effects, stick to that dose. An average person consumes about 10-30mg daily, but for adverse conditions such as inflammation and pain, you can take up to 200-1000mg daily.


Choosing a CBD vape that meets your needs is the next step to vaping CBD oil effectively and properly. There are many devices used to vape CBD oil; some are easy to use while others require little skills. If you are new to this, stick to pods, cartridges, and disposables before you work your way up. Disposable vape pens are the most affordable and simplest to use. However, you can only use them for a few puffs and then dispose of them. The other option is oil cartridges, which come prefilled with CBD vape juice. Cartridges hold more vape juice and are the second-best option after pens because they are also easy to use. You can also try pods because they are very compatible and allow users to swap between nicotine and CBD.  If you choose refillable pens, you will have to recharge them and maintain them by leaning the tank and changing the coil. However, in the long run, refillable pens are more expensive than the other options. Make sure you select one that works well with you to vape effectively.

Read the User Manual. Ensure that you read the user annual that came in with the device. For example, disposable vape doesn’t require any special skills, while cartridges and refillable pens may need a bit of skill to operate. Ensure that you purchase the type of oil that suits the selected vape equipment. Once you know this information, you will realize that using a vape is not hard. Once you have read the manual and you are ready, you can inhale.

Keep it Clean. To ensure that you do not inhale metal nanoparticles, make sure that you clean your vape regularly. It is crucial to note that vaporizers can develop bacteria and mold. You can use white vinegar to wipe inside and out at least twice a week.



Vaping may be hard at first, but following the above tricks will help you to do it properly and effectively. The most crucial aspect is determining the right dosage for you to ensure that you enjoy the positive benefits of CBD oil. Although there is a need for lots of research to show the effectiveness of cannabis, its evident that Cannabis has some benefits. As a result, cannabis enthusiasts are resorting to joining a legal cannabis movement with the hope of pushing the government to legalize its use.

Written by Kathy Cooley