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Vape pens are new versions of the old e-cigarette models. They are common among CBD oil and herb users and can also vaporize e-juice. Most vape pens available on the market can work with CBD cartridges, vape oils, and e-juice. Some models also vaporize dry herbs. Vape pens derive their names from the design and mode of operation. 

These pen-sized devices use atomizers to vaporize the contents in the cartridge. They draw power from rechargeable batteries and allow users to replace various components such as atomizers, batteries, and chargers. Some vape pens include a button that switches the heater on or off. Others activate when you draw. 

Some models also feature a cut-off timer that turns off the pen after 10 seconds of seamless drawing. This feature merely prevents the vapors from overheating.

How to use a vape pen

Before you start using your vape pen, make sure the batteries are at full capacity. According to Quora, this will increase the lifespan of your cells. Use the charger you bought with a vape pen or standard USB cable if your device allows standard micro USB charging cords. Note that some models use a proprietary 510 connection cable. Refer to the user manual when charging your vape pen. 

Once charging is complete, you can turn on your vape pen using a button or drawing in the vapors. If your pen uses a button, press it five times to activate or deactivate. Pressing three times will switch between existing modes such as pre-heat mode and variable voltages. Always refer to your manual for voltage specifications.

Using a vape pen with oil cartridges

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To use vape pens to vaporize CBD and THC oil, follow these steps:

    • Take off the rubber seal attached to the bottom of your cartridge.
    • Attach the cartridge to the pen’s battery and draw a small puff.
    • If you are using THC-containing oil, pause for a few minutes to gauge the effects.
    • If your vape pen has silica wicking, adjust the voltage to a lower setting like 3.3 – 3.8 volts. This prevents you from drawing dry burn hits.
  • If your pen uses ceramic coils, you can up the voltage to draw more satisfying puffs.

Using a vape pen with wax and concentrates

You can use a vape pen to vaporize CBD concentrates and wax. Most pens work with both blended CBD concentrates and pure isolate CBD crystals. Vape pens for wax are popularly known as dabs or dab pens

    • Using a tabbed tool, load only a small amount of the concentrate in the heating chamber of your vape pen.
    • Gently press the fire button in pulsating intervals to melt the wax or concentrate.
    • While holding the fire button, take a light puff. Continue pulsing the fire tab to prevent overheating.
  • You can pause between puffs to gauge the effects and determine if you need bigger draws.

Using a vape pen with E-juice

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E-juice or E-liquid works in the same way as CBD vape oil uk. Most vape pens that vaporize e-juice also work with oils. There are two main types of e-juice vape pens. The first is mouth-to-lung (MTL). The pens stimulate the conventional smoking experience and demand tighter draws. The second type is direct lung (DL), which offers better airflow and more satisfying clouds.

  • Fill the e-juice tank with your favorite e-liquid. Make sure not to overfill the tank.
  • Let the coil prime for up to 5 minutes or more.
  • Take small draws and then gauge the effects.
  • Continue drawing until the flavor diminishes or tastes burnt.
  • Turn off the vape pen and replace the coil.

Using a vape pen with dry herbs

According to studies, vaping dry herbs (like marijuana) offer more benefits and less harm compared to conventional smoking. However, dry herb vape pens work in a slightly different way. They vaporize cannabis flowers and buds rather than oil. As such, these pens have a self-contained oven that uses a combination of conduction and convection to turn dry herbs into vapor. To vape dry herbs, follow these steps:

  • Make sure the oven is clean. Turn the pen on and let it cycle through 2-3 heating cycles at high temperatures.
  • Grind all herbs to a fine consistency and pack the oven’s chamber lightly. Make sure the herb is even in the chamber.
  • Choose the right temperature for your herb and allow the vape pen to heat up for a few seconds.
  • Take small draws once the pen reaches set temperature. The heat can get intense once your herb is de-carbonated.
  • Some models have session cut-offs ranging from 5-8 minutes. If you need more, you can reactivate the chamber using the steps above.

General maintenance

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Like many other devices, vape pens require regular cleaning and maintenance to work optimally. Taking proper care of your vape pen can give you years of service before you need a replacement. It is also essential to buy the right vape pen for your product and vice versa. If you are in the UK, for instance, find reputable brands to buy the best CBD wax UK dispensaries for approved high-quality organic CBD. 

Here are a few customary advice for maintaining a vape pen.

  • Cleaning

Keep your vape pen safe and sanitary by periodically cleaning the threads using isopropyl alcohol. If the mouthpiece gathers dirt, you can keep the case on. Make sure the coils are fresh. 

  • Battery protection

Use the right charger to charge your vape pen. If you plan to have longer sessions, make sure the battery is at full capacity. Keep the batteries away from extreme heat and cold temperatures. When charging, allow the battery to achieve a full charge. Do not use the vape pen while charging.

  • Part replacement

It is recommendable to keep vape pen spares on hand in case you need to replace something. Check the user manual to know how to replace different parts. Make sure you purchase compatible replacement parts.

  • Usage tips

Vape pens come in different designs and modes of operation. Some have LED light panels to indicate different voltages while others use cut-offs to prevent overheating. Refer to your manual before attempting to use any vape pen. Only load enough amount of liquid, wax, or herb to avoid clogging and leakage. Turn off your vape pen before pocketing it.


Vape pens are very easy to use. They are conveniently the size of a pen and fit perfectly in the pocket. When choosing a vape pen, you should have a clear understanding of the product you want to vape. If you prefer dry herbs, buy designs that suit dry herb vaping.

Similarly, if you use CBD oil, choose a dab pen or e-juice vaporizer. More importantly, choose the best quality vape pens and vaping products from gosmokefree.co.uk. You can find reviews and expert insights to help you narrow down your options. You can also try out a couple of vape pens to gauge the one that best meets your needs and personal style.

Written by Kathy Cooley