G Pen Vaporizer Review
(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)
#Trendy? Handy? Your ultimate ultra lifestyle buddy? Pure vaping satisfaction?

Whatever you are looking for, there is no doubt that pen vaporizers have taken the world by a storm.

Known as one of the top line vaporizer pens in the market today, the G Pen Vaporizer

has positioned itself as one of the leaders in pen vaporizer technology.

G Pen Vaporizer [Review]

Manufactured by Grenco Science, the G Pen has been developed to be the most user-friendly and cutting edge pen vaporizer today. It stands out and sparkles among its contemporaries because of its functional design, that lets you vape anywhere most especially when you’re on the go for that most relaxing vacation.

The secret to this success of Grenco Science is because they developed the G Pen with the consumers’ feedback in mind. The G Pen was created from what is missing in the aromatherapy community.

One look and you will think that the G Pen Vaporizer is expensive among others, but it’s very affordable (at $79.99) yet contains the most impressive quality a cheaper vaporizer can ever have. Great feel, stainless steel components that make this oil pen vaporizer look very stylish, sophisticated yet very simple.

The G Pen was built to work with G Tank which lets it shift power through the tank system to vaporize essential oils at the ideal temperature before combustion.

Okay, enough about the science…

So what sets the G-Pen from other pen vaporizers?

Few of the things that separate the G Pen from other pen vapes are the threading for the battery unit and charger.

Pen vaporizers may be a pain for some because putting up oil can be really tedious. With the GPen Vaporizer, the nightmare is over because you don’t have to fill its chamber with oil very often.

G Pen vaporizer is an oil vaporizer, taking the correct direction of not claiming itself that it can also vaporize herbs or other botanical substance. This is compared to some pen vaporizers that claim they can vaporize almost everything.

It also holds up to 400 hits battery life which could be more than you would ever need within 24 hours – truly one of the things that sets it apart from other brands!

How portable is the G-Pen?

The G Pen vaporizer is very lightweight and lets you use it discreetly. This easily fits in your pocket and you can take it anywhere. Just make sure to lock the button so it doesn’t operate or heat up when it’s in your pocket.

Grenco Science

Despite the commercial success of Grenco Science, it remains to keep on its humble beginnings by giving back through its Charity Series and Artists Series. The Charity Series is where portions of net proceeds are donated to selected non-profit organizations.The Artists Series is their installment collaboration with leading industry artists and brand ambassadors of Grenco Science.


–       Incredibly low price.

–       The portability allows you to bring it anywhere.

–       FDA registered

–       Long battery life that gives you up to 400 vape hits


–       Extract and oil vaporizers only but at least this company has been honest that it doesn’t vape herbs.

Where to buy G Pen Oil?

Buy It Here: smokazon.com/g-pen-vaporizer/

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