The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Vaporizer
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2015)

Vaporizers: So many to choose from, how to pick the right one to buy? 

So one of the perks of being in my position is that I get to try out all of the new vaporizers that hit the market. Since it is a booming industry with more and more states legalizing it, there are more vaporizers to choose from now more than ever before in our history. You’ll find me often comparing the pen and portable vaporizers to the smartphone of our day. Another booming category and only looking to grow. Its great to have so many options to choose from, and in many ways its great to have that selection. However, in some ways, it is not always a good thing. You see, this opens up the floodgates with cheap knockoffs and imitated ideas over and over again with a different brand name attached to it. I believe its important for a brand that is based off of one device type, to carry with it substantial differences than its competitors.  In design, feature set, etc.. Unfortunately, the reality of our industry and world, is that there will always be knockoffs and cheap options to choose from, so its important not to shop at the stores that carry that confusion. Why do people like shopping at brand name stores? I think one of the many reasons is trust! It’s knowing that the selection is big but not overwhelmingly big and confusing. I get it, shop at the right store, but there is still a huge selection of good brands! Please read on to find out…

So how do I decide which one to buy? Let’s begin with table top vaporizers:

I will forever and always say to go with a volcano! Its just that simple. Even if someone is on a budget I would tell them to wait until they could afford the Storz & Bickel Volcano Vaporizer. I remember someone asked me how long do volcano vaporizers last? My answer is: it will last you forever! It also works better than any other vaporizer and performs perfectly as it always should! Such rich and thick vapor. When someone on a budget asks me what kind of computer to buy, I tell them a mac! If they tell me its too expensive, I tell them to either wait and save up or buy a used one. It’s a better investment. They have a high residual value even after years of use and can last for years and years if someone cant afford to upgrade every 2 years. I was a PC user for years! I switched to mac in 2004 and haven’t looked back since. Its always a better spend when buying a mac vs pc in my opinion. Back to our subject…So is the volcano! It just works better than anything else. The company (Storz & Bickel) has been around forever and always stands behind their product! There are a few other options today such as the Arizer extreme Q that comes close to the volcano and I would buy if your not so picky. The volcano is luxury, everything feels premium. The arizer  Extreme Q works great, but it doesn feel cheap to me and like it cant handle any travel. So if it will stay in one place then the arizer might be a good option too.

Portable vaporizers, which brand to go with?

So when I say portable, lets clearly define this. I mean any battery or butane operated vaporizer that is not a pen style vaporizer. That is in a separate category as that has grown to be the largest category of vaproizers today. Some people prefer the protable vaporizers since they tend to have larger chambers, and there are many more options for the use of flower based herb. Most of the pen vaporizers are geared toward concentrate use, which set them apart from the portable category. Here is where arizer really shine as a company. The arizer solo is one well-crafted unit. It feels premium in the hands and works so well! It isn’t the smallest perse, however it truly is one of the most reliable portable vaporizers on the market today. Vaporblunt is also making some nice units, and they have the vaporblunt 2.0 which is very well designed, and quite innovative. A lot of thought went into it and it works really well. Also a great company that have been around for many years and their product can be found all over the world!

Pen Vaporizers a revolutionary new product, which one should I buy?  

So I have to give it to the portable vaporizers, as they are the inspiration and cause for the invention of the pen vaporizer. The Ideas were now there, however the challenge was getting the battery life technology to be able to sustain the vaporizing process. Also booming at the time, was the introduction of the e-cigarette and since coming to the market, it also implanted the idea of applying a similar technology to the aromatherapy vaporizer. E- cigarettes in a sense are mini pen vaporizers just vaping the e liquid. Along came the people of Atmos! They brought something truly spectacular to the industry and many companies have developed knockoffs based on their award winning design and engineering masterpiece. The atmos is by far today the most popular pen vaporizer. This is because it can be used with flower based herb which is still the most common based herbal use. For oils and wax, they have many other products to choose from, however we feel that the Atmos Raw RX is the model that shines! Flower? Go with the atmos!

So what if you like oils or wax based herbs? It’s interesting to see the growth in this area.  We are starting to see more and more states legalizing cannabis and therefore over time, we will see more and more dispensaries and legal medical grade facilities that begin to produce oil and wax based cannabis as it can be an even healthier alternative. Getting back to brands, for oil we really like what STOK USA have been doing. They make great product that always focus on the right things. Check out our full in depth review of the STOK so you can see what I mean, but this is a great oil pen to have in your gear collection. For wax use, the Cloud pen vaporizer is the best option. They came to the market recently, but what they have done was study what the other wax pen vaporizers were available, and introduced a wide variety of improvments that make their product and brand the one to go with!


Just to recap, lots of choices out there and lots of brands that can make your head spin. Use this article to help you choose the best vaporizer that fits your needs.

We have included every single vaporizer category except for the digital vaporizers, since the only feature that sets it apart is the ability to change the temperature digitally.

From my personal experience I find the digital control to be a gimmick and not that useful. Here is the list of our favorite vaporizers broken down into each category:

Table Top:

High budget Volcano Vaporizer.

Volcano vaporizer

A little tight on cash – Arizer Extreme Q


Portable Vaporizer: Arizer Solo

The Scientist: Arizer Solo Vaporizer

Pen Vaporizer: 

Flower/Dry herb – Atmos RAW RX

image source:

Image source:

Oil based Herb: SToK USA 

Stok r

Wax based Herb: Cloud pen

Cloud vape

Did I miss out any vaporizer on this article? Please send us your comments below. 

Written by James Rubio