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One significant benefit of vaping is the wide variety of vape juice flavors available. Whatever your personality or preferences are, you’ll find your preferred vape juice flavor. However, the hard part now is deciding the e-liquid flavor to purchase. You might find this problem due to the difference in taste and vapor production between different brands and types of e-juices.  

For your convenience, this post provides a listicle of the best vape juice flavors in 2022. Based on their quality of ingredients and flavor profiles, you’ll keep your taste buds happy from now through December. Ready? Here we go. 

Candy-Flavored Vape Juice 

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Candy appeals to people of all ages. But have you ever wondered the reasons sour blue razz, cotton candy, and caramel appeal to many adults? Most of them confess to being sweet-toothed, while others reminisce about their childhood. The nostalgic flavors can take you back to when you used to eat candy every day. With the miracle of e-juice, it’ll reconnect you with these tasty treats. You get all the fun without the sugar crash or cavities. 

Regardless of how much-concerned adults like to blame fruity and sweet flavored e-cigarettes for teen vaping, it is hard to pinpoint what makes teens vape in record numbers. Do e-cigarettes have that sweet-smelling vapor that draws smokers?  

A Public Health Reports provided some answers to this question through a study. It discovered a 3.35 times higher likelihood of adolescents or young adults using fruit-flavored e-cigarette liquid than older adults. Those in these age groups were also more likely to use candy-flavored vape juices: 3.81 times as likely as adults.  


CBD-Flavored Vape Juice 

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CBD flavored vape juice is one of the most popular and effective methods of obtaining CBD enriched products. It functions just as well as other CBD products. It is easy to inhale, which means you can quickly and easily reap its benefits.  

When you vape, the flavoring gives you the taste you experience. However, the taste of CBD-infused juice depends on if it is flavored. For example:  

  • CBD isolate is tasteless 
  • Full-spectrum has a potent flavor because of other terpenes and cannabinoids  
  • Broad-spectrum has a distinct flavor than full-spectrum 

What To Look for in Quality CBD Vape Juice Flavor? 

When looking for the best CBD vape juice flavor in 2022, it would help to examine many factors that might include: 

  • CBD vape oil equipment — You should select a CBD vape oil compatible with your vaping device. VG-based vape fluids can negatively affect cotton-wicked vaporizer tanks. Usually, it causes the wicks to harden with time, resulting in the tank’s destruction. 
  • CBD content — Although CBD vape oil will provide most users with the benefits they desire, some are better than others. Thus, it would be best to be careful about the form of CBD vape juice you purchase. You can get the best CBD content vape juices from CBD vape juice UK. 
  • CBD vape oil brand — With the increase in popularity of CBD-rich products, so has the number of brands that provide them. Before purchasing, research brands carefully to ensure that they are not receiving substandard products that may be outside the legal boundaries of what you expect in their locale. 

Fruit-Flavored Vape Juice 

Several e-juice flavors contain fruits. Two of the most common fruit-flavored vape juices are strawberry and watermelon. It’s not just that they add sweetness, but they all have their characteristics. Some taste as fresh as fruit, while others are sweeter. You can choose from many combinations within this category. Other popular fruit-flavored vape juices include:  

  • Peach: You can enjoy a great flavor with peach flavor when you want to keep it simple. It perfectly blends with aromatic and floral tastes. 
  • Berry Cereal: Using this vape juice is like inhaling delicious home-cooked fruit. You might also use it as a base to combine other cereals. 
  • Banana Cream: If you want a banana taste, Banana Cream is a perfect choice. This flavor is popular with vapers since it tastes excellent and blends beautifully with other berry and creamy flavors. 
  • Raspberry: With raspberry flavor, you get the taste and smell of raspberry fruits that are sweet, juicy, and full of aroma. You can add chocolate flavor to the mix or any other flavor. 

Menthol-Flavored Vape Juice 

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Menthol-flavored vape juices are among the best you can find. These flavors can provide you with a cooling sensation of menthol vapes. The flavors can range from a subtle mint to a full-on icy blast.  

There are tons of fabulous menthol e-juice flavors available to those transitioning from menthol cigarettes, including spearmint, tobacco, peppermint, and just plain menthol. Consider trying them if you haven’t already. It’s a refreshing change from your usual flavors. You can revitalize your taste buds and relieve the vaper’s tongue. Menthol flavors are always your best choice if you’ve got allergies, a cold, or flu. 


Vape juice flavors are crucial to vaping. Finding your favorite is a never-ending endeavor with so many options available. Although recommendations can be helpful, you still need to try them yourself. This post will provide an excellent head start for discovering these fantastic flavors.  

There are excellent flavors in all the vape juices, but keep in mind that taste is subjective. The best thing is to first try it for yourself. 


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Written by Kathy Cooley