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So, you want to keep an eye on getting the best hits anywhere without catching everyone else’s attention? Well, the best pen vaporizer companies always understand the best of your needs. Thus, we are featuring the top five most discreet pen vaporizers for all, whether you are a connoisseur or a beginner in the vaporizing world.

Let’s do a quick rundown of the lightest, stealthiest and most popular pen-style vaporizers for a more discreet vaping experience.

Micro G-Pen Vaporizer

Discreet Pen Vaporizers - snoop-dogg vaporizer

We couldn’t thank Grenco Science more when it released its line of G-Pen Vaporizers, which many of our vaping enthusiasts who use concentrates have warmly welcomed because it proved how affordability could go hand in hand with excellent build quality, vapor quality, and overall performance. We must say it met the expectations of many of our aficionados, albeit not perfectly as many vape pens are also included.

Then came the Micro G-Pen Vaporizer, which measures just a fraction of the length of the full-sized G-Pen but packs just as the same power and overall performance. Just like its larger counterpart, the micro version also comes with a portable lithium battery and a Micro G Pen Herbal Tank.

The default black color, plus the smaller design, makes it shorter than a ballpoint pen, making it one of the ultimate choices when it comes to discreet vaping. The device easily slips into the pocket, and you can carry it with you without even noticing it’s in there. The battery also takes a relatively quick time to recharge — around 90 minutes — which makes it a tad important feature if you happen to be on the go most of the time.

Over all, that Micro G-Pen Vaporizer gave his superb vapor quality and powerful punch without any flamboyant features. Just plain black with its sleek body you’ll surely appreciate.
Smokazon Team

Cloud 3.0 Vaporizer

Cloud 3.0 - Discreet Pen Vaporizers

Measuring only 4 inches tall and less than an inch in diameter, the Cloud 2.0 vaporizer fits perfectly into our top five list of the most discreet vape pens this year. From the unsuspecting eye, this device could pass as a lipstick, a covered lighter or large eye mascara, depending on the color you choose. But deep inside is a little powerhouse of a rechargeable battery and a cartridge that support oils, waxes and other concentrates.

What’s good about the Cloud Pen Vape is the ultrafast charging time of the portable battery, lasting only 30 to 45 minutes for full capacity charging. So if you happen to be very mobile and cannot stay in a single place for a longer period, then the Cloud 2.0 vaporizer might just be what you exactly need.

Talking about paper quality, this device packs powerful punches just like the Micro G-Pen Vaporizer. And when used, the battery seems to last for a very long time, lasting even more than even the day when used properly. Also, this device is equipped with an automatic shut-off feature that turns off the heating element after 15 seconds of continuous use to prevent any overheating.

One disadvantage, however, that we saw on this model are the occasional spillovers and some burnt taste especially when some residues are left not cleaned after the previous refills. But overall, we’ve heard good feedback from the Cloud 2.0 users because of its powerful flames and a low price in the market.

This Thing Rips! R2 Series Pen Vape

This Thing Rips! R2 Series Pen Vape - discreet Pen vaporizers

Well, we’ve got another concentrates vaporizer on the list of the most a black and stealthy: the SToK Vaporizer. This device combines the expertise and precision of the Dutch, American and German technologies and design, resulting in a very lightweight and stealthy device that, again, could pass as just another thick ballpoint pen at first glance.

The SToK Vape Pen can work with your oils, e-liquids, waxes and other forms of concentrates. The ceramic heating element means that this device gives off only pure vapors from the vaping materials alone. But perhaps the best selling point of the SToK is the powerful and long-lasting battery.

In terms of vapor quality and overall performance, the SToK Vaporizer is something that you just can’t ignore.

Smokazon Team

Atmos Raw (RX) Junior Vaporizer

Atmos Junior - Discreet pen Vaporizers

We’ve all loved the Atmos Raw (RX) vaporizer ever since it hit the market with a bang. Even until today, the popularity of this vaporizer is simply incomparable.

But now, we’re going to shift the spotlight toward the RX smaller brother: the Atmos Junior — all in the name of stealth and discreet vaping.

Technically, the Atmos Junior is just a downsized version of the rather longer Atmos Raw vaporizer. With that, we mean smaller herb chamber (which is quite a bummer for some but is not an issue with others) and a smaller capacity battery (being only 200 milliamps compared with the Raw’s 650 milliamps.

But let us never underestimate the power of the Atmos Rx Junior, as our users confirm. As small as the Atmos Raw Junior may seem, the draws you have are equally powerful and flavorful, only that you need to refill the chamber more often because of the smaller capacity.

As small as the battery may also be, this does not affect the powerful vapors that the Junior produces, except that the battery life may just slightly be shorter than its big brother’s larger battery. Overall, we’ve got a great experience with the Atmos Junior except maybe when locating the smaller power button.
Smokazon Team

G-Pen Vaporizer

G Pen - Discreet pen Vaporizers

Yes, we already included the Micro G-Pen Vaporizer as part of the top five most discreet vaporizers ever. But add a few notches of length to it, and you still get a very discreet device, only with the ‘micro’ removed, obviously. Also, this model can only support only concentrates.

What we like most about this device is the discrete shape and design that it could pass as a ballpoint. You can just take it wherever you go as it just fits comfortably in your pocket or bag. if you carry it with oil inside the tank be extra careful, and make sure that the parts are properly screwed to prevent spilling the contents.

The G-Pen Vaporizer is also easy to use, heating up in just about two to eight seconds. And with a larger-capacity tank — about two grams of concentrates maximum — it can give you about 350 to 400 puffs. So, if you wish to get going and going while maintaining stealth, choose rather the larger G-Pen Vaporizer.
Smokazon Team


We’ve just shown you our top-five most discreet vaporizer pens. And as you’ve noticed, they come in smaller sizes and mostly black design to keep yourself in low profile wherever you are.

So, what about your list of your most discreet pen-style vaporizers? We’d like to know them too! Hit the comment button below!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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