(Last Updated On: June 24, 2020)

The Hemp Farm Bill of 2018 has managed to revolutionize the entire industry, especially by making it legal to grow cannabis in many states in the US. There has been a sudden surge in the number of people who are experimenting with growing cannabis. High Supplies Autoflowering seeds are becoming a go-to choice, for both beginners and pros alike. They are quick and can even thrive in the harsh heat if you plan to grow them outside.

Are you looking for the best autoflowering strains for cultivating in warmer climates? Well, your search ends right here. Read on to find out the best autoflowering strains.  

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Best Autoflowering Strains for Hot Weather

While you can always order organic cannabis from online stores, growing it is becoming a new trend. Due to this, markets are brimming with all kinds of cannabis strains that can leave you confused, especially if you are trying it for the first time. People often search for CBDfx UK and Europe for high-quality CBD strains.  Here are some of the best strains for those in need of some help.

1. Original Auto Amnesia Haze

The original Auto Amnesia Haze is a Sativa dominant strain that is ideal for hot climates. It is particularly known as a vigorous strain as it can easily go up to a height of 150 cm or 60 inches. Original Auto Amnesia Haze is the tallest autoflower strain available today. Along with tall plants, the strain can also give you a huge yield within 70 days.

The THC content of these strains can be around 22 percent. You can enjoy a soaring high as you enjoy this strain, feeling motivated in the beginning but then it changes to a relaxing high. It gives you a blend of orange and only slight overtones of citrusy flavor as you inhale it, but it can provide a deeper taste upon exhaling.      

2. Original Auto Sour Diesel

If you are only a beginner and need an easy way to grow strain, you might want to try Original Auto Sour Diesel. It is ideal for everyone, despite the level of expertise the grower has. Due to the dominance of Sativa, the strain can take up to 10 weeks to fully mature. The height of these cannabis plants can go up to 120 cm or 47 inches. You can also get large buds from this autoflowering strain.

With over 21 percent of THC content, the strain can induce a high that relaxes you and alleviates anxiety. It can induce a soaring cerebral high, making it perfect for use when you need a rush of motivation or creativity. You can enjoy a unique combination of citrus, sandalwood, and pine flavor when you use the buds. 

3. Blue Dream’matic

The name of this autoflowering strain is distinct, and so is the plant itself. It is a strain that can give you heavy and massive buds quickly within 9-10 weeks. The plants will have long and thin leaves but go up to a height of 110 cm or 43 inches which is common in Sativa plants. With frequent watering and heavy nutrient solution, Blue Dream’matic is ideal for you if you live in areas with a hot climate.

For the users who cherish hints of cherry, orange, pine, and citrus flavors in the cannabis can have fun with this strain. The powerful high will leave you upbeat and energetic.   

4.       Super Silver Haze Autoflowering

This superb strain is a cross between the Super Silver Haze and a Ruderalis strain. The plants of super silver haze autoflowering are ideally tall, with a height of 150 cm or 60 inches. It can grow outside easily, even under the harsh sunlight. While the plants can take 70-85 days to give you flowers, you can expect a good yield of 120-170 grams from each plant.

It is a highly potent strain with 17 percent THC content, and smoking these flowers will open up your brain. The high will make you creative and productive for hours.  

5. OG Kush Auto

OG Kush Auto is one of the most popular strains among users in the US, due to the benefits it offers people for insomnia. But, the autoflowering version of the same strain is also becoming a favorite. The strain gives you tall plants that can go beyond the height of 180 cm or 70 inches. Your harvest will be ready within a cycle of 10-12 weeks.

You don’t need much expertise when you are trying your hands at OG kush auto. Being an Indica dominant strain, you can enjoy a strong and long-lasting high after using it.    

6. White Widow Automatic         

White Widow is a seasoned and top strain preferred by most cannabis users. The strain can withstand both hot and cold temperatures easily. It produces plants that can be 50 cm or 20 inches tall on average. You can get a potent yield of 190-240 grams from each plant within a cycle of 75-85 days.

The buds leave an earthy or woody aroma and taste. White widow automatic can leave a soft high, that can relax your body and mind.

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Final thoughts

Growing cannabis can be a tricky task, but autoflowering strains can make the process easy. They don’t require much attention and hard work but can produce a good yield. If you reside in an area with a warm climate, you can get any of the autoflowering seeds mentioned above, and set out on the growing journey.

Written by Kathy Cooley