5 Movies That Will Get You High
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2015)

doobie double feature

We know your beat after long hours of work, and probably excited to enjoy a good Halloween season this week. Even if you don’t have any grand plans of attending or hosting Halloween party, no problem! Sometimes, staying home and having a day of solitude isn’t really a bad plan. And a weekend at home doing other things (away from work!) isn’t a bad idea either – consider this as your own version of the Halloween party!

So while you’re thinking about it, how about some popcorns and a movie marathon of these Top 10 movies that will certainly get you feeling ultra this Halloween. 

Hint: Before watching any of these, grab your favorite vaporizerWe’re telling you it is more fun watching.


#1 : Ted (2012)


Now what, a talking teddy bear that smokes pot? In real life, if you ever caught yourself in a similar scenario where you talk to your teddy bear and it talks back to you, you are seriously high buddy. This hilariously epic and crude movie will certainly not just make you high and laughing out loud, but will also melt your heart with the romance and bromance on this film. 

And who cares about the politically incorrect things Ted said on this film? We certainly give this film 5 out of 5 stars because this will get you seriously stoned! 

If you haven’t seen this movie yet, go do it NOW!

#2 : Euro Trip


Who says that someone dumped can just tear his life apart until he finally moved on? Sure, a lot can relate to this process of moving on. But Scotty has a different way to do this. He travelled Europe to find Mieke, his Internet pal he calls “The One”. Packed with courage, he and his friends travelled Europe to meet Mieke. Filled with wild, wacky, crude, teen sex themes, booze, joints and everything that makes a perfect Eurotrip, this film will surely not disappoint and will get you ultra high. 

If you are not a prude, put this on your movie marathon weekend list.

#3 : Stoned Bros


Who would ever think that a spiritual journey will end up as an entire riot? #epicfail? Not with the “Stoned Bros” Eddie and Charlie who want to reconnect to the Australian Outback on this stoner comedy & road movie. Instead of losing the faith to achieve their goal of returning to their roots, they continued the adventure with some peculiar buddies like a heavy metal singer, drag queen, a demonic canine. 

If you are looking into having the wildest weekend movie marathon of your life, you should add the Stoned Bros to your list.

#4 : High Road


Have you run out of popcorn already? Lucky if you didn’t because you may get higher with this improvised script movie about Fitz, the film’s protagonist dealing pot out of his garage. You’ll surely laugh so hard amid all the adventures Fitz faces on this movie. It’s very funny, clever and high worthy! 

If you prefer to watch a clever and unique film this weekend, you shouldn’t miss High Road.   

#5 : Dude, Where’s My Car?



Oh oh, this sounds a lot of trouble – and FUN! Potheads Jesse and Chester woke up from a night of partying and they can’t even remember where the heck they parked their car! This paved for an adventure to search for it while meeting strange folks like their girlfriends who house they trashed, an angry street gang, transsexual stripper, cult of alien fanatics and a group of aliens. 

The what?! Aliens? If you certainly encounter one, we are very sure that you are ultra high! 

See Dude, Where’s My Car this weekend to enjoy a day that you will never forget!


If you are looking for a solitary, yet ultra Halloween experience that will certainly be fun – we highly recommend that you watch these films. If you also prefer to enjoy the films with your favorite herb, do so with vaporizers instead of smoking it! Nothing beats movies with vaporizers!

Are there any movies that we missed out on this list? Please tell us on the comments below and we’ll be very glad to come up with a part 2!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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