(Last Updated On: March 14, 2022)

Anxiety is more common lately. People of all ages face anxiety at some point in life. Statistics state that almost 40 million adults in the U.S.A experience anxiety every year. However, people are not just dependent on regular treatment for relieving anxiety. Many of them are using cannabis and its supplements to eliminate anxiety. Cannabis may not replace therapy and medication but can help reduce the adverse effects of anxiety. Cannabis companies are also offering various cannabis-infused products to help users relieve anxiety.


The cannabis industry is not just limited to medical marijuana. The category is widespread with products like weed gummies, cannabis Twisted Extracts, cannabis oils, etc. However, one thing novice cannabis users must know is that not all marijuana strains are the same. So, let’s discuss the five cannabis strains that may help you relieve your anxiety. Before that, you must know about  THC and CBD – the two main components of cannabis plants. It is vital to understand their relationship with stress. You must visit Seedmasters which have the high-quality dutch passion seeds collection.


THC and CBD are two main compounds of cannabis plants, and both have anxiolytic (anti-anxiety)  properties. However, THC causes psychoactive effects among users, which can cause adverse effects of anxiety when consumed in high amounts. So, it may be better to stick to cannabis strains rich in Sunday Scaries CBD and low THC levels to relieve anxiety. However, if you wish to choose strains with equal amounts of THC and CBD, better discuss the same with an experienced budtender.


  1. Cannatonic

Here’s a cannabis strain that may immensely help in reducing anxiety. Cannatonic is a hybrid cannabis strain. The low THC and high CBD levels are the main reason for its popularity for inducing calm and relaxing effects. The CBD percentage of Cannatonic strain is 17%. However, it may even be higher sometimes. It is known for causing a mellow high accompanied by feelings of uplifting and extreme relaxation. Most people prefer this strain to reduce muscle pain, spasms, migraines, and anxiety. The strain has a citrus flavor and a strong earthly odor.

  1. Canna-Tsu

The Canna-Tsu strain is a hybrid cannabis strain of two high-CBD strains – Cannatonic and Sour Tsunami. The combination of the two CBD-rich strains results in a smooth high without any psychotic effects. Sour Tsunami is one of the best high CBD cannabis strains with a CBD to THC ratio of 13:1. Canna-Tsu is famous for its relaxing effects. The strain also helps in improving focus and attention. Cannabis users with seizures, anxiety, pain, and inflammations prefer the Canna-Tsu strain. It has sweet earthly flavors and a citrus aroma. Canna-Tsu may help in eliminating anxiety as it improves mental clarity and relaxation.


  1. white rhino strain

The Indica dominant cannabis strain, Haoma, may also help in relieving anxiety. Since it is 70% Indica, people using it for pain management, anxiety relief can experience better results. The buds of the white rhino strain are dense and contain floral and fruity flavors. The usual effects of the strain are happiness and better relaxation. The strain has a CBD to THC ratio of 1:18 with high levels of both compounds. However, some growers offer high Haoma strain with higher CBD levels. If you are also having sleep troubles, this cannabis strain may help with that too.

  1. Trident

The Trident strain is another hybrid cannabis strain renowned for its high-CBD levels. This strain has CBD levels of 12%, with THC amounting to less than 6%. You can rest assured about reducing thoughts of anxiety and depression with this strain. The buds of this strain offer pleasant sweet and sour aromas. Almost all the Trident cannabis strain users have mentioned that its effects are – better focus, uplifting, happiness, and relaxation. The high experienced from the Trident cannabis strain is mild and mellow. That helps because, with low cerebral effects, you can feel more relaxed after using cannabis.


  1. AC/DC

The last cannabis strain listed here is one of the CBD-rich cannabis strains with better efficiency in eliminating anxiety. With a CBD to THC ratio of 20:1 and a CBD level of 15-19% in AC/DC cannabis strains, you can expect better results than most CBD-rich cannabis strains. The potent CBD properties suppress any THC’s psychoactive effects. It is also a Sativa dominant strain widely popular among people with anxiety, stress, and depression. Most medical marijuana users prefer AC/DC cannabis strain, including cancer patients. It may help them reduce the adverse effects of chemotherapy.

Tips for choosing the right cannabis strain

Now that you know the five cannabis strains that may help you deal with anxiety, here are some tips for choosing the right one.

  • Assess your needs. Whether you want to reduce anxiety or treat insomnia through cannabis use? Narrow down your search to find a suitable strain.
  • Buy products only from reputed sellers and companies. Don’t fall for companies offering sub-standard products for lower prices.
  • Ask for help. Finally, get help from a budtender at the dispensary for detailed information about the cannabis strains and your requirements.

Final Thoughts

Cannabis can immensely help in eliminating anxiety, thanks to its potent anxiolytic properties. However, it is vital to seek professional help such as therapy and counseling. It is also essential to start with low doses, mainly if you are a novice cannabis user. Even experienced users must start with low doses when trying out new strains to analyze their effects and the ideal dosage.

Written by Kathy Cooley