Top 10 Vaporizer Review Websites
(Last Updated On: July 5, 2015)

To the most avid readers of the Smokazon Blog, y’all know that we feature a lot of reviews of different vaporizer brands that have taken the vaporizing community’s lifestyle through a major transformation.

Obviously, we are not the only ones in the industry who does this. Go check Google and search for a term like “vaporizer reviews” and you will see that there are a lot of individuals and groups offering their expertise by testing out different models of vaporizers and then reviewing them.

So let’s get started, let us list the Top 10 Vaporizer Review websites, Why they Rule the Game and why you should trust and follow them.


Vape Critic

Bud of the Vape Critic is probably one of the most famous vaporizer review sites to visit when you are looking for a trusted review of a model that you want to learn more about before making a decision to purchase. Even us here at the Smokazon Blog, defer to the Vape Critic’s expertise.

What really sets Bud and his blog apart from others is the time that he spends on reviewing each vaporizer model as well as producing a video to help his visitors to visualize how to assemble the vaporizer, how it works, and other cool tips and tricks you can do with it.

He certainly is not afraid to pull punches whenever he sees something wrong about the vaporizer he reviews. Truly, one of those out there who has the ability to make the vaporizing shopping experience, safer and better with his constructive and no holds barred criticisms.

Learn more about the Vape Critic and his reviews and tips here:

Follow him on Twitter:@VapeCritic


Vaporizer Blog


This group of media professionals based in Amsterdam is providing the best informationwhich is aimed to bring accuracy, fairness and professionalism throughproviding unbiased reviews of vaporizers being sold in the market today.

They also take the effort in reviewing vaporizers by coming out with thorough videos & images – unboxing each one and showing features of each item. At the same time, they also raise constructive criticism helping you decide in choosing the ultimate vaporizer that fits your lifestyle.

Vaporizer Blog doesn’t just bring to you reviews, but also some influential insights about what’s happening in the vaporizing and medical marijuana community.

Learn more about Vaporizer Blog, their reviews and insights here:

Follow them on Twitter: @VaporizerBlog


Vape Forest

Vape Forest provides comprehensive vaporizer reviews. These guys are definitely no small player in this field, because they provide perhaps the most detailed reviews nailing out all the necessary details that make up any vaporizer that you can find in the market today. We find the Q&As below each review to be so impressive – by throwing questions if a certain vaporizer is the best for you and by answering it in the most honest opinion they can provide. It’s a different approach to reviewing product and we like it.

They also empower consumers by opening their website to visitors so they can share their insights and write reviews about vaporizers.

Learn More about Vape Forest, their reviews and cool insights here:

Follow them on Twitter: @VapeForest


Vaporizer Info

There is more to reviews that the Vaporizer Info website can offer! One thing that you will notice once you visit their site is the Vaporizer Finder tool where you can narrow down your choice through the criteria (price, portability and more) that meet your needs and lifestyle. At the same time, we find it impressive that they are few of the repositories with information tailored for your intent.

The folks at Vaporizer Info closely look at each vaporizer, scrutinizing every single detail that you must know before giving their ratings (that can be divided into Ease of Use, Design, Price and Performance) and verdict.

Learn More about Vaporizer Info, their reviews, news, and insights here:

Follow them on Twitter: @VapoInfo


Portable Vaporizer Guide

If you are looking to search or validate information about portable vaporizers, then these guys are the true experts in portable vaporizers! You will also be amazed at the thorough review they do on each portable vaporizer they feature on their website. Nowadays, it’s very easy to sway your doubts on a certain (turning off) feature of a vaporizer, but not with these guys. They certainly offer an authentic assessment of vaporizers based on how they see it.

What also set the Portable Vaporizer Guide apart from others is that they give out at least 3 choices on where to buy a certain product.

Learn more about the Portable Vaporizer Guide, their reviews and insights here:

Follow them on Twitter: @VaporizerGuide

Marijuana Vaporizer

When you visit the Marijuana Vaporizer website for the first time, what you will notice is that they offer solid advice on which vaporizers are the best in the market today. From the highly recommended, to the most popular and stylish, they have easily elaborated it on their website. You will also see the top rated vaporizers and the most viewed on their site which will help you easily funnel your decision on which vaporizer is the best to go with.

Not that it’s also surprising, but for anyone who still doubts dumping smoking for vaporizing, they also differentiate the difference between the two and why it’s best to vaporize. 

Learn more about Marijuana Vaporizer, their reviews of the top brands and even join their forum:

 Vaporizer 2013

While we’re still unsure if they will close down by the start of 2014, Vaporizer 2013 is certainly one of the best review sites that we have at the moment. Instead of being a know it all webmaster, gusmaley(it’s Admin) takes the time to reference as many sites as he can to provide the exact information you must know on each vaporizer. He also goes above and beyond by providing solid video reviews discussing the details of vaporizers as thoroughly as possible. 

You can learn more about Vaporizer 2013, its reviews of the top brands and information you need to know before making a purchase here:

Follow him on Twitter: @GusMaley1

 Vaporizer the World

Vaporize the World did not just settle to be a vaporizer review site, they also prove that you can have fun while reviewing the brand you desire to own! The reviews are not just thorough, but also very authentic – one of the most important things to consider when you are validating or comparing vaporizers.

Learn more about Vaporize the World, their reviews and even enter the fun here:

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Vapor Blog

Mr. Vapes, the mysterious man behind the blog, truly took the time in building the site that provides not just vaporizer and grinder reviews, but also relevant news and user guides. What’s even more amazing is that Mr.Vapes is a true blue fan of vaporizers – something that makes him a very convincing authority in the industry.

His goal for creating the blog? It is to help buyers and owners make informed buying decisions.  Take your time on his site so you get the most information out from his website. 

Learn more about MrVapes’ Vapor Blog, his reviews, guides, news and cool insights here:

Follow him on Twitter: @VaporBlog

Toronto Vaporizer

The Toronto Vaporizer may be our competitor in ourneighboring country of Canada, but we are so amazed with the library of reviews, insights, information and tips to get the most out of vaporizing. If you are a Canadian who enjoys to vape or someone who is on the verge of making a decision of which one to buy, these folks are certainly the authority in vaporizer reviews. You will also love the descriptions they provide on the top vaporizers they feature on their site. (Arizer Solo = Volcano of Portables? We couldn’t agree more)

Learn more about the Toronto Vaporizer Blog, their reviews, tips and news you shouldn’t miss:

Follow them on Twitter: @TorontoVaporize

Although there are so many good sources for reviews on almost every vaporizer today, we felt that we can offer a great vantage point on almost every model and brand, since we sell them every day and hear all about them directly from our customers! We are certainly doing our best to only provide unbiased reviews and uncompromised recommendations on vaporizers that you want to know more about. We give the perspective on them as we hear about the user experiences from our customers.

The following are some of our most favorites and most viewed Smokazon Blog articles: 

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There is no such thing as competition in the community of vaporizers, here at Smokazon we certainly value the thought of being united as a community that always shares information, insights and news that are important for you.

So check out these vaporizer review sites, engage with the owners and also the community behind it to achieve the best vaporizing experience. At the end of the day, what’s most important is that we provide you with valuable information and help you make informed purchasing decisions.

The industry has certainly come a long way, vaporizers are no longer just a fad, they are now the transformational and powerful technology that unites users into one common goal – an ultra lifestyle and a great well being.


Do you have a favorite vaporizer review website that we missed out on this article? Please feel free to tell us in the comments below and we will come out with a Part II! 

Written by Brian Martin