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Where do the vaporizer and cannabis community influencers reside on social media? We are very curious to know too. Tons of social media studies, research, and data have made striking points about the revolution of social media, the influencers, and its impact in helping consumers make decisions. 

Gone are the days of darkness, for everything now is real time. Everything can now spread globally in a single tweet or meme. These – can make or break not just an individual, but also the spectrum of a competition of brands. Social media no longer just serves our whims of narcissism and social connection, but it has set information and opinions in a wildfire that has never been seen in history. 

This is the social connection economy, where collaboration and influence matters more than ever. Word of mouth has progressed from chit-chats in the backyard; it has now set in a larger spectrum where everything happens in real-time. FAST!

If detailed vaporizer reviews, editorials and blog posts are not enough, what does it take to bring you to the next level and click on the shopping cart? Who will you typically listen to? How does he/she/it enthrall you with a 140 character tweet or Facebook meme? Why will you follow him/her/it?

With these curiosities, the Smokazon Blog team has set out to investigate and dig deeper in social media to learn who the influencers are in the vaporizers and cannabis community. 

Note: We have gathered the list of the Top 10 Social Media Influencers (5 on Facebook and 5 on Twitter) not just based on the number of followers they have, but we have also analyzed the level of interaction and influence scores generated by social media analytics tools Klout and wefollow.

Top 5 Facebook Community Influencers

High Time Magazine

There is no doubt that High Times Magazine is the king in both the cannabis and the vaporizing communities. It’s undeniable that whatever they say on their website and on Facebook, everyone reads, follows and comments on. To say that the High Times Magazine is powerful is even underrated. The influence that they have over to both communities is something that will be hard to match. 

Like the High Times Magazine on Facebook: 

We can’t deny that MagicalButter has been a game changer since its release. No qualms, no criticisms about this product. And the most fascinating thing about is the way MagicalButter engages with its followers on Facebook with every single post. And we seem to understand why – MagicalButter, with all of its “magic”, rarely promotes its products to its followers.  It posts only what is relevant to its community. The fun posts, the trivia, the education, and the advocacy – these are the perfect recipe that makes MagicalButter on top of our social influencers list. 

Like MagicalButter on Facebook:

Master Bong

Master Bong, the “McGyver of Pot” is certainly a celebrity on Facebook. Not only he engages and gives entertaining advice to his followers, he goes beyond the mile by even going personal with them. If you have been following him for quite some time, you may have been greeted on your birthday or see on your timeline these greetings. It is undeniable that Master Bong is someone who can influence and help us in making big decisions. 

Like Master Bong on Facebook:

Hail Mary Jane

Hail Mary Jane, for all its advocacy and activism, is also a social media rockstar. More than the entertainment they provide on their posts (that gets warm engagement from their followers), is a subtle advocacy to raise the awareness about the benefits of medical cannabis and also the buzz that’s going around the world on legalization and stuff that you should know! 

Like Hail Mary Jane on Facebook:

G Pen by Grenco Science

It’s a rare feat that a vaporizer manufacturer will attract a high following on social media. But G Pen has been changing the game as to how social media folks view vaporizer manufacturers on social media platforms like Facebook. While we can see that the G Pen is very visible on their timeline, they have made sure to not make it too promotional. Instead, they have focused on the power of visual content by sharing amazing photos of G Pen in different backgrounds. Not to mention the other entertaining posts they have!

Like G Pen on Facebook:

Top 5 Twitter Community Influencers


We all know that NORML is a very popular organization that does not just raise awareness about medical cannabis use, but also are advocates and voice for responsible cannabis usage. 

There is something about each tweet that makes us follow, listen and support NORML. And truly, they are also good influencers in making the right choices by supporting the cause and understanding that beyond the education they provide, is the advocacy that will take the community up to the next level. 

Follow them on Twitter: @NORML

Cannabis Culture 

You see, it takes more than activism to become an influencer. It takes more than a tweet to join a movement, to believe in a cause or to even hit a follow button, more so engaging by retweeting or favoriting someone’s tweet. Cannabis Culture has exceeded these qualities that make them someone worthy to follow and someone worthy to become an influencer in the community. It’s more than the tweet, it’s the magic of it that makes you want to crave for more, believe in what they are fighting for and follow every word they say. 

Follow them on Twitter: @CannabisCulture

Toke of the Town

Toke of the Town is certainly one of those that you should not miss out on Twitter for everything they tweet is a goldmine of information and news about advancing the advocacy towards complete legalization. Beyond the entertaining tweets are the undeniable influence and the compassion that they have for those who are keeping up with the movement. 

Follow then on Twitter @TokeoftheTown

Cannabis News 

When you follow a cause, it is important to be on the loop of what’s going on at every single moment. It is not a secret that news organizations are very powerful and influential. More so for being an organization that tackles a very sensitive and contentious niche – medical cannabis. But Cannabis News is more to that! The logic, the wit and the fun in tweets are amazing that they are worth following. Follow them today as you swing towards the right direction. 

Follow Cannabis News on Twitter: @CannabisNews

Cloud Vapes

You know what really works well with social media? Yes, with the advent of Instagram and Pinterest, visual content is the most appealing and most influential post ever. Cliché as it may sound but the reality is that a picture paints a thousand words. Cloud Vapes lives up to this old adage by influencing consumer decisions through the use of visual content. The wonderful photos, of Cloud Vapes in almost every walk of life make them an amazing Twitter account to follow. 

And if you are to ask us if Cloud Vapes are best as pen vaporizers? Make sure to check this out.

Follow Cloud Vapes on Twitter: @CloudVapes


With social media being described as the biggest thing that has ever happened in recent times, many consumers like us, have become prone to potential abuses from brands or organizations that will try to mislead us. While access to information and second opinions have never been easier, it remains very difficult to validate a specific vaporizer and to know if it really the best one to use or if new medical findings about cannabis are true in its entirety. It’s a crowded place, hence the need for someone or some organizations to keep them in check and to keep us safe.

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Written by Brian Martin