Top 10 Cannabis Blogs
(Last Updated On: May 1, 2015)

We’ve received a tremendous amount of great feedback on our recently published “Top 10 Vaporizer Review Websites” that we want to continue with a list that we think will benefit our ever-growing community a lot. This time, let us go in-depth and recognize the dedication of the Top 10 Cannabis Blogs, and why they stay on top pushing for the advocacy, and educating people, and explain why the community loves them. 

Transformation of Cannabis: A Roller Coaster History

Looking back at how cannabis was so badly treated throughout history, what we’ll see is a very sad picture filled with repression, prohibition, and lies. What used to be an organic gift of nature became  something the entire world was against. All this happened under the pretense of protecting the world from the perceived dangers of cannabis. 

In the next few weeks, you are going to see some updates from us on the major developments that moved our community so forward with significant breakthroughs in studies and vital legislation that will shape the future of medical cannabis and the dedicated community behind it. 

The Road to The Top: Why the Cannabis Blogs are Not Your Ordinary Blogs

It takes a lot of courage to put up a blog and build a community of medical cannabis advocates given the prejudice that the majoritystill have towards those who use cannabis for well-being. The fact that this has been going around for years signifies the reality that the public, more than ever, needs us so they can understand why we are advocating for what everyone thinks is unorthodox.

The Truth the Public is Not Aware Of: NORML

Colt Smith, the Executive Director of Hub City NORML, pointed the cardinal but often dispelled truth on the article he recently wrote for the Smokazon Blog, the members of Hub City NORML are everyday people too. Just like Anna and Jake are your neighbors, Frank and Cynthia, who are using cannabis to help them ease and heal their illnesses, are everyday people too. However, what it looks like is an unfortunate case of people who chose to live with so much anonymity. 

Measuring the Blogs: It’s not All About the Popularity, It’s About Authority

We measured the blogs not just by the number of comments they are getting on their blog posts, Facebook comments or Tweets they are getting. We have chosen the Top 10 Blogs based on their influence in the community,the gravity of their advocacy, and how they work to shift the opinions of the misinformed public and shake the future of a community that deserves to be praised for the constant dedication to move the truth forward. Persistence my friends!

Now what you came here for, let us list down the Top 10 Cannabis Blogs, why they are the ultimate authorities and their secret for being successful. 


#1 : NORML 

Possibly the largest site advocating for cannabis law reforms, NORML has not just established an organization where connoisseurs can check the latest news about the community, it has also started a movement that shapes the public opinion towards supporting legalization of responsible cannabis use for medical, wellness, and recreational purposes. 

NORML shapes relevant conversations that aid the public to understand the realities that surround medical cannabis and why it should be considered as a civil liberty and a constitutional right. If you look at their articles, you will see a tremendous amount of affinity from the people who leave comments. 

Aside from the encouraging articles they write on a regular basis, they remain on top of their advocacy to help legalize it, by encouraging its visitors to join, donate, act, or shop on their site. They also have chapters around the country that anyone can become a part of.

Learn more about the NORML Blog, the latest community news and support the advocacy they are fighting for:

Follow them on Twitter: @NORML


#2 : High Times Magazine 

One can never argue about the influence High Times have had as they built themselves up as one of the authorities when it comes to Cannabis News and everything else in between. And who would miss their annual guide to Pen Vaporizers that also makes us here at the Smokazon Blog very excited about? 

Thousands flock to this site daily not only to get news, but also for relevant tips and conversations and even bizarre events that are happening in our community today. 

What surely is incredible is the courage they have with the advocacy of cannabis. If you check their Twitter account, you will find the candid Twitter Bio that says: “We get more done after 4:20 than most people do all day.” I love it!

High Times is not just your ordinary magazine, it is also a movement that aims to help people better understand the significant changes medical cannabis can bring to our lives. 

Learn more about the High Time Magazine, the latest news and don’t forget to subscribe to their newsletter so you don’t miss out on anything.

Follow Them on Twitter: @High_Times_Mag


#3 : Master Bong 

The one who claims to be the McGyver of Pot, Master Bong has built a solid following with a community in mind. When you visit his Facebook page, you will see so much love coming from all of his followers because he does not just post stuff; he also shows the love to everyone who follows him. Who would’nt be very happy when you get a birthday greeting from him? 

Aside from the candid character Master Bong shows to his followers, he is also known for his tips and information, and his galleries of music, videos and images, that are constantly coming from his website’s followers. 

He has also created a Video Blog (VLOG) to unite the cannabis community and inspire one another. 

Learn more about Master Bong, his tips and information and don’t forget to subscribe to his newsletter and check out his store –

Like him on Facebook:


#4 : The Weed Blog 

Johnny Green and The Weed Blog are best known for their advocacy of changing legal policies. The site has been built with the purpose of setting a constructive debate about legalizing medical cannabis in our country. Aside from that is the beautiful culture of the community behind it. To top that is their goal to provide you with relevant information that you need to know about medical cannabis. 

Learn more about The Weed Blog, the latest news and subscribe to their daily updates:

Follow them on Twitter: @TheWeedBlog


#5 : Cannabis Culture

The Cannabis Culture is one of the foremost go-to magazines, (that has ceased to publish printed content) if you are looking for relevant information, news, opinions and features about medical cannabis today. The aim of Cannabis Culture is simple: by providing news, opinion and features, they are also setting the stage of their activism to be heard not just in their country headquarters in Canada, where statutes and judicial rulings about medical cannabis are vague, but also around the world. 

Aside from the editorial work of the Cannabis Culture, they are also known for their advocacies such as (its publisher/Editor-in-Chief) and to free other cannabis prisoners. Aside from that, they are also known for their activist work to end the prohibition and vicious global war on drugs. 

Learn more about the Cannabis Culture, the latest news and support their advocacy:

Follow them on Twitter: @CannabisCulture


#6 : Jorge Cervantes presents  Marijuana Growing

Who wouldn’t know Jorge Cervantesand his book “Marijuana Horticulture”?His site Marijuana Growing, has attracted a large number of engaged followers because of his advocacyto open the world’s eyes wide on cannabis culture, and also his tips and relevant information he provides on the website for its production.

It is also one of the most active forums at the moment that discusses everything that we need to know from cooking, growing, related products, and even anything under the sun that keeps its community very united. 

Learn more about Jorge Cervantes and Marijuana Growing, tips and tricks and also join the forum:


#7 : Hail Mary Jane

You will be fascinated with Hail Mary Jane. When you first look at it, you will notice on its logo the reason why it’s been put up: “This Was Supposed to Be a Sports Blog… And Then I Got High”. It is very clear that aside from the entertainment their website provides, Lenny and his HMJ team are also advocates of the cannabis community by providing the public with unbiased political and health information. 

Learn more about Hail Mary Jane, the latest community news and political events and subscribe to their newsletter:

Follow them on Twitter: @Hail_Mary_Jane

#8 : Americans for Safe Success

The Americans for Safe Access is a foundation that advocates for the safe and legal access of cannabis for therapeutic uses and research. When you look at their site, you will see that they are publishing news, events and even calls to action to participate in certain events that raise awareness for safe access. 

The ASA is also responsible for crafting the vision of what a legal framework of a safe access should look like. You can also see them active in the Capitol Hill, fighting against the alleged attempt to undermine state laws that have already legalized medical cannabis. 

Learn more about the Americans for Safe Access, their latest news and posts and help with the advocacy:


#9 : Toke of the Town 

Toke of the Town is more than the “Talk of the Town” in the community. The blog prides itself to provide cannabis news, views, rumor and humor, but it is also very apparent on their posts about the compassion for the members of the community and the activism and advocacy to spread the word about the benefits of medical cannabis. 

Learn more about the Toke of The Town, the recent news, rumors and humors:

Follow them on Twitter: @TokeofTheTown


# 10 : Smell the Truth 

Smell the Truth, a section on SF Gate/Chronicle is known in the community for providing the latest news and information about medical cannabis and the latest in the community. 

One great thing about Smell the Truth is how the power of crowdsourcing can bring the advocacy forward into the next level. You see, the Smell the Truth blog is not written and/or edited by the SF Gate, the content is instead written by different members in the community who wish to contribute and educate the majority about medical cannabis and the movements involved with it. 

Learn more about Smell the Truth and all the latest news and information:

Follow them on Twitter: @cannabisapps

If you want to follow more about medical cannabis and what the communities are doing to raise awareness and push the complete legalization, there are some articles on the Smokazon Blog that you can look at: 


While it is undeniable that there has been a surge in progress with the recent legalization of medical cannabis granting many patients who require better access, there still remains a need to spread the word to continuously push the advocacy for universal access and education. As a part of this community, it is always best to work together hand in hand and be vigilant with the latest news and information. We here at the Smokazon Blog highly recommend that you follow these blogs to always be in the loop of what is happening and how you can help to push the movement forward. 

What is your favorite blog among these Top 10 Cannabis Blogs? Tell us about it and share why you love it/them in the comments below

Written by Brian Martin