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The Vaportini – Inhale Your Booze To Avoid Getting Fat and Hungover!

Next time you tell the officer at your car window “really ossifer… I didn’t have anything to drink..” You might be telling the truth thanks to the newest trend to hit alcohol. The “Vaportini “uses a candle to heat a glass bowl sitting above it. The flame heats the bowl which contains your favorite hooch, causing it to slowly release alcohol vapors which you then inhale with a straw and get drunk. Since the alcohol doesn’t enter you blood stream and instead goes right from your lungs to your brain, it cuts out all the calories, carbs, is faster,  stronger, and the best part NO HANGOVER! If you’re like me you thinking, Really? Vaporizing booze?! Can this myth be true? And no hangover!?! Surly this is a hoax. But neigh my bender brothers, it’s not a hoax, or cruel deception  it’s, the “Vaportini”  and its sweeping the nation.

Vaporizing Is The Newest Way To Get “Drunk”

From  bossip.com – April 12, 5:02 PM

Vaportini - Vaporizing is the Newest Way to Get Drunk

“What you may not know, however, is that it’s now possible to get inebriated using a vaporizer without breaking the law in 48 of the 50 States. 

Justin Reynolds’s Insight: Why are we just learning this now, for crying out loud,  I mean we put people in space, send rovers to mars, created the internet, but its taken until 2013 to figure out that you can get tanked off of alcohol vapors? Priorities, people! Lets get ours’ strait!

New Drink Turns Alcoholics Into Pyromaniacs!

From  www.wlfi.com – April 12, 5:09 PM 

Random Ridiculousness: The “Vaportini” Vaporizer Is The Newest Way To Get “Drunk” By Inhaling Alcohol | Weird and Crazy Things | Scoop.itThe vaporizer in question is called a Vaportini. According to Time Out Chicago, it was invented by a Chicago woman named Julie Palmer back in 2009, but it went on sale on her website for $34.50 each in December.The Vaportini works similarly to a traditional vaporizer, in that it involves gently heating the substance until it releases intoxicating vapors, which are then inhaled through a straw. In the case of the Vaportini, that substance is liquor and the heat source is a candle. 

Justin Reynolds’s insight: Hummm… Fire and alcohol….? Do we really think its a good Idea to start handing drunks a flame and something flammable? I’m just saying, we might want to think that one though a bit better, but bar fires aside, is inhaling hot alcohol fumes good for you? I wouldn’t think so, not that drinking it is either, but at least we have 1000’s of years of historical data to back the effects of drinking booze on your body. According to some doctors, the Vaportini could be dangerous, even deadly as well as have a higher risk of addiction. But I think these so called doctors have more in common with Ducks than meets the eye. “Quack, Quack!”

‘It’s a poison’: Trend of inhaling alcohol vapors alarms doctors

From  www.wcnc.com – Today, 2:08 AM 

'It's a poison': Trend of inhaling alcohol vapors alarms doctors | Weird and Crazy Things | Scoop.itInstead of doing shots for a quick buzz, people are inhaling their liquor to get high while also curbing their calorie intake. But experts warn that inhaling alcohol vapors could be dangerous, even deadly. 

Justin Reynolds’s insight: Well, all I can say to this is…Deadly shmedly, didn’t hear me? No calories, no Carbs and  NO HANGOVERS! sounds like a win, win, win, to me Now they just need to invent a way to vaporize The Big Mac, so we can all save money on gym memberships. Okay,  all fun aside and on a serious note. Alcohol can be dangerous, addictive and can impair the judgement of the user when used out of moderation. Heating alcohol and inhaling it hasn’t been thoroughly studied and while the there are some VERY appealing reasons for consuming your booze this way, just remember in the 50’s they thought ingesting tapeworms and smoking were healthy options for losing weight, just make sure you use your best “sober” judgement when deciding what to put in your body and party responsibly and remember consuming alcohol under the age of 21 is illegal and we do not condone underage drinking. Finally, some alcohol is highly flammable, be careful and mindful of what exactly you are putting an open flame near. Okay with that said I’m off to inhale a bottle of Grey Goose! 


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Justin Reynolds is an internet marketer and entrepreneur – spending the last 10 years working in the web hosting industry, almost 9 of them with the Endurance International Group as the brand managrfor names like iPage.com, JustHost, & StartLogic. In his spare time he has built and sold 4 small businesses including an up and coming mobile marketing agency – Mobile WebSite America. Justin works at SteadyDemand.com where he is social media consultant focusing on engamgent, outreach, content creation and general consulting.

Written by Justin Reynolds
Justin Reynolds is an internet marketer and entrepreneur – spending the last 10 years working in the web hosting industry. In his spare time he has built and sold 4 small businesses. Justin works at SteadyDemand.com where he is social media consultant.