(Last Updated On: July 2, 2015)

The GOOD / The G Pen Herbal vaporizer sports an herbal tank like no other vape pen does: The stainless steel external shell gives the body a more durable support, while the glass sleeve inside makes sure you get only pure vapor from your herbs. The G Pen Herbal also boasts longer battery life than the average vape pen. And when it comes to the details, the device supports a wired USB charger, giving you the convenience of charging the pen anywhere — inside your car, or even with your laptop.

The BAD / If you are very much particular with pure vapors, the G Pen Herbal might just fall short of your expectations because the heating coil more likely combusts your dry herbs. But if you want less smoke and more vapor, avoid pressing the power button for too long. In addition, the G Pen Herbal is, from the name itself, for herbs only. So you cannot use the same device for your concentrates.

THE BOTTOM LINE / We give the G Pen Herbal vaporizer an 8.9 out of 10 rating, the highest scores of which go to its discreet and lightweight design. We also love its sturdy quality, so much so that we won’t worry too much about damaging it with just the slightest nudge! What needs to be improved though is the vapor quality — not really in terms of flavors but the combustion part. Health-conscious vapers are emerging everywhere, and the G Pen Herbal has to catch up with the growing trend. But if a little amount of smoke is not a problem, then we’d give the G Pen Herbal vaporizer an even higher score.


With a slim, lightweight and very discreet design, the G pen herbal vaporizer comes as one of the best vaporizer pens you could ever have. If you are into quick and easy vaping on the fly, the G Pen Herbal is the right choice with its long-lasting battery and a powerful heating element that heats up your herbs quickly. You’re going to love this device because of its unexpectedly cheaper price point, as compared with other herbal vaporizers of the same quality.

Design and Performance

The G Pen Herbal vaporizer by Grenco science is perhaps one of the most advanced vaporizer pens in the market (link to: https://blog.smokazon.com6-ultimate-pen-vaporizers-and-start-them/ ). That being said, you notice that the pen’s design from top to bottom definitely represents high-quality workmanship. Everything on the outside screams authentic and durable metal craft.

Our most favorite component is the herbal tank, which comes in a stainless steel outer encasement but supports a sturdy glass sleeve inside to maintain high-quality vapors. Then comes the superior heating element that’s designed to vaporize only your herbs. In comparison, cheap vaping devices have solders that might contain dangerously high amounts of toxic metals.

When it comes to portability, almost all parts of the vape pen are made of metal, except the glass that surrounds the heating element. This means you won’t have to worry about easily breaking the device while carrying it around. Also, the powerful battery can give you up to ten hours of intermittent vaping, making this device one of the most portable vape pens in the market.

And just like the other vaporizer pens from Grenco Science, the G Pen herbal comes in a user-friendly design, making it so easy for you to load up your herbs in no time. In other words, it doesn’t take some rocket science to use it. With only one button to control everything, you won’t have to face any complications when operating the device. To turn it on, just quickly press the power button five times. Do the same motion when locking the device. To light up the coil, just press and hold the power button for as long as you want to vape, or until the 11-second shut off mechanism automatically shuts the device to save battery power. But we recommend letting the vaporizer rest after fifteen minutes of continuous vaping as the entire device gets a little hotter the longer your session goes.

Vapor Quality

Just like other vaporizers with exposed heating coils, The G Pen herbal vaporizer has a tendency to combust your materials because they get directly exposed to the heating coil. While this may be a problem for some, particularly the health-conscious, this feature has become surprisingly favorable for those who prefer to get the most out of their botanicals. With combustion, you get more flavors and more hits from the same amount of dry herbs. So, at the end of the day, it’s just a matter of your personal preference. Would you prefer pure vapors? If you do, you might be interested with the Atmos Boss vaporizer (link to: https://www.smokazon.com/atmos-boss-vaporizer ) pen or the larger portable vaporizers with adjustable heat settings.


When it comes to discrete vaping, it’s all hands down to the G Pen herbal vaporizer. The black color from the mouthpiece down to the battery makes this pen one of the most discreet vaporizers you could find today. And measuring just about 5 inches tall, this unit is probably one of the shortest pens as well. The slim size size makes it so easy for you to keep it in the pocket or bag, and with it’s lightweight design, you won’t even notice you’re carrying the G Pen herbal with you.

How to Use the G Pen Herbal Vaporizer

1. Right after unboxing the kit, initially charge the unscrewed battery. You’ll notice the LED turn from red to green when the battery gets fully charged.

2. Unplug the unit and screw the tank into the battery. At this stage, you’ll see the glass sleeve bare open, with the visible heating coil inside it.

3. Snap the stainless steel casing into the tank, finally covering the glass sleeve and unscrew the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber inside.

4. Load your dry herbs. Make sure the herbs are finally ground and that you only fill up to three fourths of the tank’s full capacity to allow circulation while vaping. Then, reattach the mouthpiece.

5. To turn the vaporizer on, rapidly press the power button five times. You’ll notice the indicator light blinks, and this should be good to go.

6. Press and hold the power button to light up the heating element.

7. Happy Vaping!

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Written by James Rubio