Everything you need to know about vaporizers
(Last Updated On: July 30, 2015)

A few decades ago, vaping devices would’ve created weird reactions. These days though, it is becoming more and more common to see people use the device. From those who are looking to quit smoking, to those who are looking to implement a health regimen using herbs, vaping has turned from fad to a must over a short period of time.

After Colorado’s Charlotte Figi case, a lot of people have turned to cannabis in order to cure themselves from different ailments.
These days, vaporizer market boomed into a billion dollar industry that a lot of people are excited about. From those who are investing in small and portable vaporizers to those who purchase desk versions like the Volcano, don’t be surprised if there are individuals who even pay as much as $3,000 to vape.

Before we go further towards discussing what to expect from this new trend, let’s discuss what vaping really is. What makes it different from smoking? And what are the things that you could typically vape?

What is Vaping?
Vaping is defined as the as the use of a device that heat materials to turn materials such as herbs and blends into vapor. This vapor could then be inhaled. Materials that extract vapor are ideally made of glass or metal. The extracted vapor will then be collected either in an inflatable bag, or it could be inhaled using a pipe or a house, depending on the manufacturer.
Using controlled temperature, it extracts the components of herbs, which make it especially appealing not only to hobbyists but even to the healthcare world.

Vaping Over Smoking?
Smoking has killed millions over the years. It is considered as the number one cause of not only lung cancer, but also other types of ailments. Among chemicals present in tobacco include ammonia, benzene, formaldehyde and even hydrogen cyanide to name a few. This makes tobacco, highly unpopular in different parts of the world.

The advantage of vaping, over smoking, is the fact that ideally no combustion takes place. It is all due to the fact that the vaporizer has a lower temperature. This removes the irritating parts of herbs and anything that comes from combustion. Aside from the fact that you don’t have to worry about the dangerous components produced from combustion, it is also possible to get more from your herb. Herbs could be vaporized evenly, and used longer than just burning.

The e-cigarette and vaporizer liquids also contain smaller number of chemicals. In fact, you just have nicotine, propylene glycol and vegetable glycerol. Though you may argue that it still has some level of unknown side effects, these chemicals are significantly less dangerous than the ones found in tobacco. Aside from the low levels of chemicals, it also avoids withdrawal symptoms on the part of smokers, due to the fact that they are not deprived of their oral fixation immediately.

There are many types of things that you could vape. Over the years, options ranged more than just e-liquids. There are those who opted to use cannabis for both recreational and medical purpose. Cannabis used for the vaporizers ranged from dried to fresh herbs.

Handling of Vaporizers, Extraction Of Cannabinoids and Use of Accessories

Rick Simpson Oil
There are many ways how you could extract the most beneficial part of cannabis. In Colorado, from what started as a backyard activity of creating Rick Simpson Oil, became an industry that triggered a number of people heading towards the state. Extracting the Rick Simpson Oil, may have some disadvantages. For instance, the use of a combustible solvent makes it a dangerous process. There were already a lot of injuries due to the extraction process of cannabinoids. Also, let’s admit that you don’t just need cannabinoids alone. It is imperative as well to take the terpenes in the herb.

Ideal Temperature To Vape Cannabinoids And Terpenes
Extracting cannabinoids is the main attraction of the vaporizer. THC has been known to vaporize when the temperature hits 157°C (315°F). CBD, on the other hand, vaporizes a bit higher at 160°C to 180°C (320°F-356°F). Aside from the fact that it extracts the cannabinoids, vaporizers are also known to extract the terpenes that are known to interact chemically with the cannabinoids.
So why not just smoke cannabis? Vaporizers are more efficient than smoking since, 30% of the cannabinoids are automatically destroyed once in contact with high temperature. Also, given the fact that you don’t have the byproducts of combustion, this helps prevent irritation on the part of the users.
Given these temperatures, the ideal range of the vaporizer should have the ability to reach around 182°C (360°F) to 198°C (390°F). For most of the units out there, it shouldn’t exceed around 215°C (420°F).

For anyone who is seriously considering to vape regularly, it is imperative that you have your own herb grinder. The main purpose of a grinder is to ensure that you could evenly use the dry herb in your device. The grinder allows the user to increase the surface area in contact with the heat chamber. Also, this provides a more consistent material in your vaporizer. And of course, given the smaller parts, it helps break down your herbs faster when you use it in your device.

Growth of Cloud Chasing
Other than your typical recreational and medical use of vaporizers, people have come up with creative ways on how to utilize the vaporizers in a different way. Due to the popularity of the device in different parts of the world, vaping has transformed into a competitive sport. Dubbed as cloud chasing, the concept is simple, which is to make the thickest form of cloud in front of your audience.
Not only does it prove the popularity of the vaporizers, it also gives you an idea about the amount of attention that it the act is getting. Similar to extreme sports like skateboarding, this involves cash prizes, sponsors and athletes. In order to produce the best vapor, cloud chasers modify not only the vaporizers that they use, but even the liquids that they use.

Vaporizer Types
Before you start vaping, it is imperative that you know the different types of vaporizers out in the market. Knowing the difference of these vaporizers will make a huge impact your satisfaction. Basically, there are two broad classifications of the vaporizers in the market. It is either the desk vaporizers, or the portable vaporizers. Here’s a closer look at each of these products.

Desktop vaporizers
Desktop vaporizers are the plug in devices that you use for vaping. In the world of vaping, these items pack the strongest punch. For someone who smokes mainly at home, this is the ideal product that you want to have.

There are two types of desk vaporizers that are popular in the market today. It is either the type of desk vaporizer that makes use of a whip or a balloon. What is the difference between the whip and the balloon desk vaporizer?

Balloon vaporizers are made of food grade plastic wherein the vapor will be concentrated in it. The advantage of having a balloon vaporizer is that you could wait for the vapor to cool down a bit. For whip version, on the other hand, it works similar to a hookah, only without the water. It is common to encounter fans within the units.

Unlike the conduction type vaporizers, convection type vaporizers deliver heat into the herbs using forced air. The advantage of having a fan on your device is that it lessens the chances of combustion. As it lessens the chances of combustion, it allows you to have the purest vapor.
It is also common among desk vaporizers to have the ability to have dual functionality. This means that it could either be a balloon or a whip vaporizer.

Portable vaporizer
Smaller and handheld versions of the vaporizers are equally getting the attention of many vaping enthusiasts out there. These smaller vaporizers are battery operated devices that come in different sizes and shapes. The main advantage of having the portable vaporizer is that you never have to worry about any cord when you are using the vaporizer.

The most common complaint about the portable vaporizer is that it doesn’t produce the quality vapor that desk vaporizers could produce, since it these are conduction vaporizers. Since these conduction vaporizers are directly in contact with the herbs, it is possible to overheat the herbs, and even the electronic parts at the same time. The good thing about the portable vaporizers in the market is that it could manage not only herbs, but even e-liquids.
Another reason why the portable vaporizers are becoming in demand is because of its stealth design. Different vaporizers come in different sizes and shapes ranging from a pen, to a flask looking device. The problem with most vaporizers is that it is only made for temporary fix.
It is also worth mentioning that among the most popular portable vaporizers include the pen vaporizers. This portable vaporizer is the simplest construction among all vaporizers in the market. In fact, under the chamber is a coil powered by the batteries.

Choosing Your Vaporizer
So how exactly do you pick the vaporizer you need? There are many factors at play if you wish to find the right vaporizer. Not everyone have the same needs. Here are some considerations you should look into closely, to get the right product for you.

The number one consideration whenever you are purchasing your vaporizer is your budget. How much money are you willing to invest on your vaporizer? The good news is that there are different vaporizers in the market with different price range. For as low as $150, there are already a variety of options you could go for. On the other hand, there are the high end vaporizers like the Volcano which could cost around $500. Keep in mind though that the price isn’t the only thing that you have to consider. Though it may be a great way to compare vaporizers, this shouldn’t be the sole reason why you are going to buy a product.

Vaping Habits
What is your vaping habit like? Do you vape inside the house, or do you tend to use the vaporizer outside? Are you the type of vaping enthusiast who is considered more of a connoisseur or simply a casual user? For a casual end-user, it is possible to purchase entry to mid level vaporizer devices, that offers decent quality vapor, without spending a great amount of money. For those who love to take their vaping habits outside the house, there are the different portable vaporizers that they could purchase.

How durable is the particular product? It is imperative that you purchase a durable product which you could rely on. In order to find out more about the durability of a certain product, it is imperative to check the reviews online. What were the materials of the device made of? There are those materials that are bound to last for years to come, while there are those that are made to be replaced after only a few months.

Vapor quality
What is the type of vapor quality that you expect from the vaporizer? Do you wish to receive medical grade vapor? If so, then, it is imperative that you stick with the likes of the Volcano, and other high end vaporizers in the market.
One great factor to consider when it comes to the vapor quality of your device is the diversity of its temperature. How high or how low can the vaporizer go? Does it have diverse temperature options? Given the different cannabis strains today that contain different cannabinoids, the temperature that your vaporizer hits plays a crucial role in extracting the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Is it difficult to clean the vaporizer? Are there parts that are difficult to disassemble and clean individually? After a few uses, keep in mind that it is important to ensure that the device is going to be clean in order to perform according to expectations.

Is the vaporizer easy to use and understand once you open it from the box? Perhaps, it takes some time to figure out how to load and how to use the device? These are some of the things that you need to look into, especially for a beginner.

Laws in your area
What does the law say about vaping? There are places wherein vaping in public places are regulated, if not, even prohibited by authorities. For this particular scenario, is it really practical to invest on a portable vaporizer? If you still insist to have a portable vaporizer, might as well pick a product that has a discreet design. Probably, you’d prefer to have a flask looking vaporizer which could camouflage in the crowd?

Of course, it is also crucial that you check the warranty of each product. Do they offer warranty for their parts? If so, how many months or years do they cover these parts or the entire unit?

Top Vaporizers
There are many vaporizers that you could choose from. In fact, it is a difficult scenario to choose one of the many vaporizers in the market today. Do you settle for a whip, a balloon or a portable vaporizer? To give you a concrete idea which product to choose, here are some vaporizers that you could choose from.

Volcano: Medical Grade Cannabis Vaporizers
The Volcano is considered by many as the number one vaporizer in the market today. Also known as a medical device in Israel, it provides high quality vapor unparalleled by any brand in the market today. Volcano comes in different versions over the years.
Made by Storz & Bickel, it offers everything that you ask for a vaporizer. It is durable, performance-savvy, not to mention known for the best quality vapor. Given its reputation in the market, you have to prepare your budget though. The classic Volcano runs around $500, while the more sophisticated digital version is at less than $700.
As for the temperature options, it could range from 40°C to 230°C. Given the wide range of temperature options, it makes a diverse product that vaping enthusiasts could choose from.
The main difference of the Digital over the Classic Volcano is its temperature gauge. Also, the Digital Volcano is known to have a temperature fluctuation that is slightly lower than its Classic counterpart. This means that it could stay within the ideal vapor temperature with ease. The Volcano goes with 4 balloons that could last approximately over a year, if you vape in a consistent manner.
Given the overloaded specs, pricetag and overall characteristic, this is meant for the serious vaping enthusiast. If you are the type who makes use of the vaping for medical purpose, this is an item that is worth investing in.

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Plenty: Portable Vaporizer With The Finest Quality Vapor
A whip style portable vaporizer, it offers a larger herb chamber among portable vaporizers. Given the wider surface area, it provides larger surface area that heats the material inside the unit. Therefore, you can expect high quality vapor from this piece of device. And since it has a relatively larger chamber, it has an extra room for cooling coil making every draw a smooth experience enjoyable for you. For a $350 price, it is considered a great price for a high end vaporizer.

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Extreme Q: Multi-Functionality
Extreme Q is the device that you could use if you wish to have a multifunctional investment in your vaping endeavor. Both as a whip and balloon vaporizer, this is considered a great starter vaporizer. Without spending a lot of money, and pegged at around $240, this device is definitely worth it. Could you imagine paying that price for two kinds of vaporizer?
With the whip, it allows you to get direct draws from the device. Every after draw, placing your finger is a must, in order to avoid wasted herbs. As for the balloon, it has a powerful fan that could already fill up the balloon pretty fast. Within 90 seconds, you could already enjoy quality vapor anywhere inside the house.
Cleaning and maintaining the vaporizer is an easy thing to do. The top areas are where the build up might occur. Using rubbing alcohol, you could already remove the dirt, and ensure the high quality experience within your device.

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Firefly: Convection Type Vaporizer With a Compact Design
A unique type of portable vaporizer is the Firefly. It is unique, given that it is a convection type vaporizer, something rare when it comes to the portable designs. A lot of portable vaporizers are only conduction type devices that rely on contact of the herbs to the surface area of the chamber. Though it is easier to design, it has the potential to compromise the quality of herbs. On the other hand, convection vaporizers use of heated air in its vaporization process, which consequently yield high quality vapor.
The problem with the particular device though is that it only has around 0.2 grams of space for your dry herbs. That is around 10 good draws the most. As for the battery, you could enjoy even up to 30 draws. The good thing about this particular device is that it could charge fast. You don’t have to worry that you’ll wait a long time for the device to be used again.
The good thing about the Firefly is that the company recently released a concentrate pad that you could add to the bottom of the herb chamber. What this does is that it allows you to make use of the waxes and oils, making the Firefly a flexible product that is worth investing in.

Crafty and Mighty: The New Volcano of Portable Vapes
Worth mentioning together are the Crafty and Mighty. Both are portable herbal vaporizers made by Storz & Bickel. If you have a high standard when it comes to vapor quality, these are the portable vaporizers you should definitely invest on. The Mighty is the bigger portable vaporizer compared to the Crafty. Along with the larger design is the longer battery life of the Mighty. Crafty could operate for about 45 minutes, while the Mighty could give you an hour and a half of high quality vaping experience.
Both of these vaporizers could be used while charging. However, you’ll have to wait to fill the battery up by at least 20% before you could resume your sessions. The size of the herb chamber is basically the same for both the vaporizers. The shapes are also almost identical.
The Crafty’s temperature can be modified using the smart phone app. However, keep in mind that the max temperature of the vaporizer is at 210°C (410°F).
In terms of the exterior, both Crafty and Mighty are both made of high end plastic materials. Both also have grooves which allow the user to not feel the heat while holding the device. The Mighty costs around $450, depending on where you are going to purchase it, while the Crafty is pegged at around $400. Both are considered expensive especially for a portable vaporizer.

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Magic Flight Launch Box: Simplicity And High Quality Vapor
Simplification is most of the time a luxury, especially now that there are a lot of technologies available in making the best vaporizers in the market. What makes the Magic Flight Launch Box unique is its unassuming appearance.
Carved within the Magic Flight Launch Box are the herb chamber, battery port draw hole, and a hole where you inhale. Using only a AA battery, you could already power the device. The only thing you need to do in order to make the Magic Flight Launch Box effective, is to grind the herbs finely. Even with just a 0.1g amount of dry herbs, this remains an effective product to have in your pocket. It is also a discreet product that you could rely on, more than anything else. As for the price tag, the product costs around $130, a fairly reasonable price for a portable version.

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Ascent Vaporizer: All In One Vaporizer
Considered as the jack of all vapes by other vape critics, it is a fairly handy piece of vaporizer around the size of two iPhones. What makes this the ideal vaporizer is its ability to handle loose leaf, essential oils and everything in between. And since it carries different types of materials, it gets from 38°F to 430°F.
The operations and the feel of the device is pretty much straight forward. It could provide users with around more puffs per packed material given that it has a poker tool by the mouthpiece meant to readjust your herbs. As for the quality of the vapor expected from the Ascent, it runs through complete glass pathway which makes vapor exceptional.

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Pax: Compact And High End Herb Vaporizer Option
Pax by Ploom is a $250 high end portable vaporizer. It is a sleek looking vaporizer that is considered by many stores as a favorite among many consumers. It is a cannabis portable vaporizer that is both modern looking and also discreet in its overall construction.
Once you push the top of the vaporizer, you’ll get the device to turn on, while the mouthpiece pops up. It takes around 30 seconds for the device to heat up, and also, you could pack the herbs tightly in order to maximize the experience you’ll get form the device. As for the number of puffs that you could get, it depends whether you placed the device on low, medium or high.

Vaping has grown over the last years, to the point wherein you have a lot of options to choose from. In fact, now is the best time to be a vaping enthusiast, or someone who depends on vaporizers for reasons. It is easy to make a purchase, not to mention review products before investing on them.
Though vaping may still be considered grey area in different parts of the world, it is undeniable how it has great potential. With vaporizers, it is possible to do the following:
Eliminate potential toxins from combustion
Perform vaping either at home or anywhere
Extract cannabinoids and terpenes safely
Integrate cannabis in your medical regimen safely
To have a variety of options to choose from
There are a lot of new vaporizers in the market yearly. Some are improvement of the older models, while some are totally out of the box ideas that could potentially change the way you vape. Don’t be afraid to look around and see which product fits your taste.

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