(Last Updated On: August 4, 2021)

Purple Animal Cookies is a Sativa dominant cross that comes from a cross of LVPK, animal cookies. This strain is mainly used to treat medical conditions. It has an earthy, happy, and relaxing aroma that will intensify as you continue to consume it. This strain is a good choice for attentive growers. It will quickly become one of your favourite strains. The stronger the effects, the more you consume them.

Purple animal Cookies combines the sweet-and-sour flavour of Animal Cookies and the fruity flavouring of Purple Punch to create Purple Cookies. This strain covers the tongue in berry, grape candy, and cherry notes. You may notice subtle hints of gasoline, damp soil, and skunk for those with sensitive palates.

Common Usage

Purple Animal Cookies is an excellent option for people who suffer from anxiety and depression. This bud is great for treating mental problems, but it can also treat various physical ailments. The effects of relaxation are so strong that almost any kind of pain, including those caused by migraines or arthritis symptoms, will disappear. This strain can have powerful effects depending on the dose.

Purple Animal Cookies is an easy strain to grow at home, provided you give her enough love and care. Your yield should be good. Plants mature in 9-10 weeks. The only problem is that it can be challenging to locate seeds or clones. Many people are concerned that breeders may not have this strain on their websites, leading to them not listing it.

Purple Cookies Effects

Purple Punch is a potent strain that can be deeply relaxing. Purple Punch has a high THC level of over 20 per cent and a low CBD level of around one per cent. This strain is excellent for many conditions. It is known to reduce pain, increase mood, promote sleep, stimulate appetite, and other benefits. Purple Punch is an excellent choice for patients who are suffering from insomnia and pain.

Purple Cookies, like its parents, is an Indica-dominant variety that provides a wonderfully soothing experience. This strain can cause users to go to sleep earlier than they planned if consumed in large quantities. Purple Cookies is a powerful narcotic stone that makes for an unforgettable evening or late-night snooze.

Pest and Disease Control

Purple Cookies is a hardy variety, but some Cookies-dominant varieties may be susceptible to powdery mildew infections. Growers should ensure that the canopy is thin and well-ventilated and provides adequate lighting and ventilation. They also need to keep humidity low, especially during flowering.

A plentiful supply of calcium and magnesium is essential for purple cookies to thrive. You can avoid nutrient deficiencies by giving your plants a calming supplement or dry amendments like gypsum and bone meal.

Buy Purple Cookies Cannabis Seeds

Purple Cookies is a new twist on the well-known strain Animal Cookies. This cultivar has many desirable characteristics, including a fast flowering time, high resin production, and a deliciously fruity taste. The sweet, potent scent and high-quality resin will please both recreational and medical users. This premium feminized hybrid will be loved by both Purple Punch and Cookies lovers. Blue cookie strain are the best combination & make an excellent addition to any cannabis plant. 

Final Thoughts 

Purple Animal Cookies delivers relaxing effects and a sweet earthy aroma. Purple Animal Cookies are often used to treat chronic pain, eye pressure, glaucoma, chronic stress, and muscle. Read amazing articles from salon prive shop.

Written by Kathy Cooley