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The Good / The crafty vaporizer has excellent vapor quality, following the footsteps of the Mighty and the World’s best, the Volcano desktop vaporizer. The swiveling mouthpiece, larger power button and intuitive connectivity with a smartphone app makes the Crafty one of the easiest devices to use.The ribbed body also dissipates heat quickly, and the result is a vape that never gets too hot.

The Bad / The device automatically shuts off after one minute of inactivity. This is rather short especially when you prefer continuous vaping with periods of intermittence. If Storz and Bickel can give more options and flexibility, the Crafty will continue to far outshine other portable vaporizers.

The Bottom Line / All the good things you find in the Crafty vaporizer, plus its superb performance and excellent vapor quality, far outweigh any setbacks you might notice. Of course, at such a price, we’d definitely expect nothing less or substandard with the Crafty.

Crafty Overall Rating


Just because the outer shell of the Crafty vaporizer comes in plastic doesn’t mean that the device comes cheap. The moment you get to hold the Crafty in your hands, you’d know German-based Storz and Bickel is down serious with their newest product. The hard coating feels durable, and the ribbed body helps quickly dissipate heat from the chamber. Incidentally, this unique texture also provides a good trip when holding it in your hand.

Measuring just 4.3 inches long and 2.2 inches wide, the Crafty portable vaporizer weighs only about 130 grams — about the average weight of a mobile phone. Grip it with your hand and it would easily fit the size and contours of your palm, hiding the device from plain sight. And unlike the DaVinci Ascent or other portable models with mouthpiece that tucks inside the device, the Crafty sports an exposed swiveling mouthpiece that you can easily manage as you vape on the fly.

Inside the vaporizer is a well crafted heating chamber that can hold up to about .2 to .3 grams of ground dry herbs. So fine is the design of the tank that you won’t notice any spillage or loose materials while handling the device. When turned on, the heating element can be set to “default” temperature of 356 degrees Fahrenheit or the “boost” temperature of 383 degrees Fahrenheit. But what makes this vaporizer unique is its built-in software that connects to your smartphone app for temperature adjustment. So, no, the Crafty vaporizer does not have any physical buttons for temperature controls. But the smartphone app can let you choose any increments between 104°F to 410°F.

When it comes to battery power, this device comes with a lithium ion battery that’s powerful enough to let you vape continuously for up to 45 minutes. And it only takes about two hours to charge the battery fully. By the way, if you happen to have that appetite to vape while charging the device, yes you can, but you need to wait for the battery to be at a 20% minimum charge for you to start using the unit while connected to the charger.

When using the vaporizer, you’ll notice a rather shorter timer for its automatic shut off mechanism — Just 60 seconds. If you wish to override this, you need to press the button before the timer automatically turns the device off. This might seem a little too inconvenient for some, and we’d be very glad to see improvements on this feature. But if you take long, powerful draws from the unit, the sudden drop in temperature inside the chamber will reset the timer again.

One of the best things we love about the crafty portable vaporizer is that it vibrates just before it shuts off or does anything significant like reach the desired temperature. It’s some sort of a notification by touch, and that would prove a bit of an advantage especially in public, as you will no longer have to check the blinking LED lights just to know what’s happening with your vape.

Ease of Use

Storz and Bickel did create this one top-notch device with ease of use in mind. After unboxing the device and fully charging it, loading it with your herbs is as easy as unscrewing the top part or swiveling the top piece to the side to expose the heating chamber. The moment you got everything inside the chamber just put back the top section with the swiveling mouthpiece, and turn the device on by pressing the power button for about two seconds.

As what we have mentioned earlier, the good thing about the Crafty is that it vibrates with every stage of its operation. For example it vibrates the moment it turns on, and it also vibrates about 90 seconds on or the time that it reaches the default temperature of 356°F. Now, if you want to get to that boost temperature of 383°F, just press the power button twice while the vape is heating up. Usually, the default temperature already gives off that wonderful vapor quality. But if you want something more in between, you can install a mobile phone app through which you can control the temperature with an accuracy of 1 degree.

Vapor Quality

With the crafty vaporizer, it doesn’t take much of your dry herb to get the best flavors. Just about .3 grams of your material is all you need to get those pleasurable highs. If you loved the Volcano, Plenty and the Mighty, there’s no reason not to get truly enamored with the Crafty vaporizer. At default temperature, the flavors are surprisingly good and you should actually be fine even if you do not install the phone application to adjust the temperature more accurately.

Now, for those who wish to use concentrates, the Crafty vaporizer comes with a liquid pad, onto which you put a few drops of the concentrate. And the result will always be nothing short of amazing.

Discreet Vaping

The Crafty portable vaporizer doesn’t come in a very slim design. But one thing that makes this vaporizer discreet is its black color. And the design itself makes the unit look more like another mechanical device because of the ribbed body. The moment you hold the device in your hands, it could easily slip out of sight.

In essence, the Crafty vaporizer isn’t built to look astoundingly beautiful, probably because it was made with functionality in mind. And incidentally, this lack of eye-catching feature means the Crafty can just go low profile while you use it.


If you’re into really good vaping, we highly recommend the Crafty vaporizer. Looking for good-quality vape? It’s the same answer we have for you. All, in all, the Crafty really rocks the world of portable vaporizers with its excellent craftsmanship, intuitive design and top-notch vapor quality.

Is it worth buy with such a high price for a portable vape? Yes it is! We bet you’ll continue using this one for years and years.

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Written by James Rubio