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Smokazon Atmos Junior editor rating


The GOOD / Measuring only about four inches tall, the Atmos Junior is one vape pen that’s best known for its very compact and lightweight design. That means super discreet vaping without compromising the vapor quality that you expect from its big brother, the Atmos Raw (Rx) vaporizer. The Junior also sports a microchip technology that automatically shuts off the device to prevent overheating.

The BAD / The Atmos Junior vaporizer works best for waxy concentrates, but only has a mediocre performance with try herbs. That leaves dry herb vapers is looking for Better models. Also, the tiny power button could be a bit of a challenge especially finding it through the touch of your finger.

THE BOTTOM LINE / Buy the Atmos Junior for your waxy concentrates or if you prefer very discreet vaping. You can’t go wrong with this device if you still want the vapor quality of the Atmos Raw (Rx) with less money to invest. At just $79.99, the Junior does indeed give you the best value for your money!


It’s all about the word ‘compact’ with the Atmos Junior vaporizer. From the 6-incher Raw to this baby, which only measures 4 inches long, it seems Atmos Technology did a pretty good job scaling down the bestselling vaping device without sacrificing vapor quality, durability and style. Both models, however, are equally thick to maintain the size of the chamber as much as possible.

So, if you always find yourself outdoors, often wanting to vape on the fly, this device might just be the right one for you. And just like the Raw, the Junior even comes in different colors, of which black or blue is the best choice if you want something very discreet to carry.

Design and Performance

When it comes to the Atmos Junior’s design, it’s all about scaled down measurements all over. If you also have your own Atmos Raw vape, compare its heating chamber with the Junior and you’ll notice just a slightly reduced chamber size and heating coil inside. But really, there is not much difference with the diameter at all and you’d enjoy about the same amount of your botanicals with both models.

When it comes to heating coil power, turn both vaporizers on and you’ll see no difference in terms of power, as both vaporizers promise the same vapor quality coming from the heating coils that get hot enough to release those flavors from your favorite herbs and concentrates. The difference, however, is that the Junior’s heating coil works better with waxy concentrates. So, if you’re more a vaper enamored with budder or any thick waxes, we’d highly recommend the Atmos Junior vaporizer pen.

If there’s one significant difference between the Atmos Raw and the Junior next to overall size, it’s battery size and capacity. With the Atmos Raw, you can vape non-stop for about 15-20 minutes, while the Junior only continuously stays alive for about 10 minutes before the next recharge. So, it seems Atmos Technology, in an effort to physically downsize the Raw, has to sacrifice more of the battery power than the heating chamber size. This makes sense because we’d be more disappointed if the company touched the vaping performance of the Junior. After all, what good will it be if a device has boasts longer vaing time if it doesn’t even give off good-quality flavors in the first place?

Then comes the size of the power button. Yes, even this tiny part wasn’t spared when Atmos reduced the size of the Raw to become the Junior. Perhaps, the smaller size of the power button is one of the most noticeable downsides of this device. Make that even worse with the rubber ring covering the button, and you’d find it a little inconvenient to search for it especially when relying by touch alone, as when operating the unit in the dark.

Yet even with some limitations, the Junior still sports an electronic system that limits the temperature to a certain degree and automatically shuts the device off to avoid overheating. In the process, you also get to conserve battery life, which you could find essential when staying outdoors or when no power outlet is readily available. The Junior’s juice might pale in comparison with its larger counterpart, but this still goes well with those who do not vape that frequently.

Overall, we’re very satisfied with the design of the Atmos Junior vape pen, and the only thing we might suggest the Atmos makers should improve is the size and design of the power button. Other than that, we’re good with the Junior, and it comes close to the Raw as one of our bestsellers!

Vapor Quality

If you loved the rich flavors of your botanicals with the Atmos Raw, you’d surely fall for the same thing with the Atmos Junior. It’s because besides the slightly smaller size of the chamber and the coil, there’s not much difference with how the heating chambers of the two models are designed.

When used with waxy concentrates, the unit does a really good job in terms of vapor quality. The heating coil gets hot at just the right level to vaporize your materials. You can, however, still use dry herbs, but just don’t expect much from the device because just like the Raw, you’d still see some combustion going. The heating coil still comes in direct contact with the herbs.


As we’ve mentioned, discreet vaping is the Junior’s biggest selling point. Measuring just 4 inches tall, this unit can fit comfortably in your bag or pocket, and you won’t even notice it with its lightweight body. You can purchase the Atmos Junior in colors of black, blue, pink, red and white. But the most discreet options of them all are the colors black and blue.

When operating the unit, all you have to do is press the power button five times to unlock it. Then press and hold the same button to activate the heating element. So, operating the unit is so easy, you won’t have to worry about doing other extra steps especially when you just wish to vape for a short period. In other words, the user-friendly design makes it easy for you to vape discreetly without looking all too suspicious with otherwise more complicated vape pen models.

How to Use the Atmos Junior Vaporizer Pen

After unboxing the Atmos Junior, make sure the kit comes complete with all the parts inside. The kit does not include glass screens as the Junior is often intended for waxy mateirals, so you might want to request for some just in case you wish to use the unit for dry herbs too.

Before using the device for the first time, initially charge the battery to its full capacity. Then, do the following steps according to how you’d like to use the unit:

Vaping Dry Herbs 

When using the Atmos Junior vape pen for dry herbs, we recommend using a glass screen to keep the herbs from touching the coils while vaping. This also dulls any chances of combusting the ground botanicals. Here are the steps:

1. After charging the unit, unscrew the mouthpiece to open the heating chamber.

2. Place the glass screen onto the heating coil. You may also add another one or two layers of glass screens to make the flavors gentler.

3. Take a pinch of your finely ground herb and place it directly onto the glass screen. Do not over-pack the chamber, leaving a little room (at least ¾ of the total chamber capacity) for air to circulate while vaping. Also, take note that the mouthpiece does not come with spring (as in the Atmos Raw), so cramming the herbs inside is not recommended.

4. Screw the mouthpiece back on.

5. To unlock the device, rapidly press the power button five times. You’ll know the device is turned on when the LED blinks.

6. Press and hold the power button to activate the heating coil.

7. Enjoy vaping!

Vaping With Concentrates

With waxes, you do not need any glass screen, as your material could easily melt and vaporizer when it touches the hot coil. The heating coil of the Atmos Junior does not work with loose oils or any other liquids, but you may purchase an oil attachment for such types of materials.

Here are the steps:

1. After charging the unit, remove the mouthpiece to reveal the heating chamber.

2. Using a dabber tool or any applicator, place a small amount of your wax onto the coil.

3. Screw the heating chamber and the mouthpiece back together.

4. To unlock the device, rapidly press the power button five times. You’ll know the device is turned on when the LED blinks.

5. Press and hold the power button to activate the heating coil.

6. Enjoy vaping!

Tip: The Atmos Raw automatically shuts off after about 7 seconds of continuously pressing the power button. This saves battery life and also prevents overheating your vaping materials. But if you want to override this feature, you can do so by releasing the power button right before the 7th second of holding the power button down. Then, quickly press it again to continue heating up the coil.

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