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There are a lot of reasons why people decide to take on a vaporizer than any other method of consuming cannabis. Vaporizers tend to be the next big thing especially now that it is used by a great number of people. More people became interested with cannabis vaporization considering how cannabis can outperform pharmaceutical goods.

Cannabis is known to provide medical benefits minus the side effects, and other expected adverse reactions from pharmaceutically prepared chemicals. Now that the benefits of the cannabis system have been established, cannabis vaporizer industry is becoming a burgeoning industry in its own worldwide.
Those who develop an affinity with vaporizers range from those people who want to quit smoking, to those individuals who plan to explore cannabis. Those who explore cannabis tend to use the vaporizer either for medical or for recreational purpose.

Cannabinoids are becoming popular since these are the components of cannabis known to create a cascade of effects to the body. Regardless of the cannabinoid if it’s THC or CBD, these cannabinoids react to the cannabinoid receptors and provide the body with ranging benefits from pain relief to even cancer treatment. However, one of the most unnoticed components of cannabis is the terpenes.

What are Terpenes?
Terpenes are generally known as the scent of cannabis herbs. Is this the only thing to it? In chemistry, terpenes are defined as large groups of volatile hydrocarbons that are found in different kinds of plants. So what makes terpenes play such an important role in vaping?

In reality, it is not so much about the level of cannabinoids that are present in a particular strain. Aromatic terpenes play a huge role how strains differ from one another. This is why you have certain strains that carry a distinct effect. There are certain strains that carry a specific medical value because of the synergistic function of terpenes and cannabinoids. With the right combination of terpenes and cannabinoid, it carries a unique effect to the body. Terpenes are known to increase the potential of cannabinoids received by your cannabinoid receptor. Working synergistically, cannabinoids and terpenes work side by side allowing more cannabinoids to enter the semi permeable cannabinoid receptor.
The scientists today have extensive knowledge about terpenes. In fact, there are around 20,000 known terpenes in plants. There are even different categorizations for these chemicals. For cannabis alone, there are around 200 terpenes known by leading scientists. Despite the large number of terpenes, there are only a few ones that are considered nose-worthy.

Importance of Terpenes to Cannabis
Terpenes are naturally present in cannabis to repel insects. There are other terpenes, on the other hand, which are known to prevent fungi buildup. Basically, terpenes are known to prolong the life of cannabis, as well as other plants in general.

What makes terpenes interesting is the fact that some terpenes are just as good as cannabinoids when consumed. Alpha-pinene, for instance, a terpene known as a bronchodilator could come in handy during asthma attacks. Limonene, on the other hand, a terpene in citrus fruits and cannabis are known to improve heartburn, and even dissolve gallstones.

Terpene Isolation
There are now rumors about the possibility of having pure terpenes in the market. The Werc Shop and Cannabis Biotech are among the companies that are looking at this possibility. There are new technologies that have been applied in order to extract different components of cannabis. For instance, vacuum-drying oven has been a practice used by top experts in cannabis industry to get cannabinoids.

Experts in the industry soon found out that cannabinoids collected from this process lack the typical flavor expected from cannabis. More than just water being collected in the extraction process, they’ve concluded that it contains terpenes.

The catch with this collection process is that you can only collect minute amounts of terpenes. It is possible to isolate terpenes by winterizing the solution. There are companies that are testing the cold trap system which could potentially reintroduce terpenes to other pure cannabis concentrates.

How Does Terpenes Affect Vaporization Habits?
Isolating terpenes is potentially considered as a game changer in vaporizing. Could you imagine an increase in the quality of cannabis vapor that you get to receive? Given the synergistic effect of cannabis terpenes on its cannabinoids, this could improve the entire vaporization experience.
Could you imagine getting a definitive amount of cannabinoids and terpenes? This means a great thing especially for those taking in cannabinoids and terpenes for medical purposes. Cannabis healthcare experts can now provide an exact dosage to high end vaporizers which could directly provide beneficial effects to your body.

Saving money is the thing that made vaporizers popular among cannabis enthusiasts, and even to those that are using cannabis for medical purpose. Since vaporizers are heating herbs just below combustion point, it extracts cannabinoids and terpenes efficiently into your system. However, what if you could get everything directly? With terpene extraction, you get an exact dose. This means that there are no components that could get burned in the process. You get just the liquid form, in its purest state.

Now, if you have a vaporizer that could already extract cannabinoids and terpenes, why still prefer to separate terpenes? This allows users to manipulate not just what you take in your sybody, but even the dose that you actually benefit from. Since terpenes synergistically influence the effect of cannabinoids, addition of terpene isolates to your vaping habit could make a huge difference in the end.
Technologies have changed since the popularity of cannabis. From the types of vaporizer that are seen in the market, to the kind of strains developed, we are living in a time where a lot of people are now looking for the highest quality cannabis experience.

Despite the fact that cannabis isolation of terpenes is still in its early stages, and there are a lot of challenges that experts could face, it is a promising practice. Could you imagine raising the effect of cannabinoids without raising its dosage, but with the help of terpenes?

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