(Last Updated On: November 21, 2019)


Since the legalization of cannabis in most nations, many people and researchers now focus on the THC and CBD compounds of marijuana. However, other components like terpenes are also important. They are the compounds that give plants the smell and offer protection from predators. Terpenes do not just give plants their scent, but they also provide health benefits. 

The cannabis plant, mainly, is very rich in terpenes compared to other plants. When looking for a tasty variety with a higher concentration of terpenes, you can get high-quality Sativa strains such as sweet tooth and mango haze from a reputable dealer online. However, it is essential to understand the concept of terpenes and their importance when choosing the right strain. Weed seeds play a vital role in deciding the right terpene.


What Are Terpenes?


Terpenes are compounds that occur naturally in plants giving them flavor and scent. For example, if given an orange and strawberry with your eyes closed, you can quickly tell the difference by smelling them. That is the power of terpenes. 


The main types of terpenes found in weed include:

  • Limonene: Limonene is responsible for the citrus smell that is found in weed. Some of its benefits include treating anxiety, depression, and stress. It also boosts the body’s absorption of the other types of weed terpenes.
  • Myrcene: Myrcene is responsible for the dank scent and easily carries weed compounds into the brain. Other benefits include reducing swelling, relieving pain, and fighting tumors. 
  • Pinene: Pinene is common in most varieties and provides a turpentine aroma. Its health benefits are preserving the formation of memory and increasing the flow of air into the lungs.
  • Humulene: Humulene has an earthy odor and can reduce inflammation, fight cancer cells, bacteria, and reduce appetite.
  • Beta-caryophyllene: Beta-caryophyllene has a spicy aroma and possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
  • Linalool: Linalool has a spicy scent, antidepressant, and anti-anxiety properties.


Why You Should Consider Terpenes When Choosing a Cannabis Strain

Different oils, such as olive and canola oil, have their unique values. Similarly, the terpene profile of a cannabis strain will also determine how the variety will affect you. It means that the smell of the strain tells a lot about the quality of the strain and the effect to expect. The good thing is that you can say to the scent with a simple nose test hence determining a strain that suits your needs.


Entourage Effect

According to the entourage effect, combining cannabis compounds can be more beneficial as compared to only consuming single compounds. Terpenes enhance the symbiosis between CBD because they help the body to absorb CBD easily. In this way, they improve the health benefits of both CBD and terpenes. Together with CBD, terpenes decrease the “high” effect as well as long term loss of memory. With the expanding CBD market, you can find dispensaries near you or Buy CBD online.


Heightened Effects

Terpenes provide heightened effects, and this makes them crucial when selecting a strain. According to a 2011 research, terpenes work together with CBD to enhance the effects of each other in a human body. THC is the compound in cannabis that makes people “high” because it disrupts the mental function. Well, this 2011 study revealed that interaction between CBD and terpenes can either decrease or increase the impact of THC when interacting with the endocannabinoid system. 

For example, myrcene increases THC effects resulting in a reduction in inflammation, sleepiness, and pain relief. On the other hand, limonene will decrease depression. If you understand these differences, you will know the right strain for your needs. 


Flavour and Taste

Each person loves different tastes and flavors, and that is why one person may prefer the smell of lavender than scents from roses. Like dry herb vaporizer, terpenes also come with numerous flavors and scents that can make your time using them worth it.  It is the same when it comes to cannabis terpenes. The unique aroma of each terpene will guide you towards the weed that your body prefers. When it comes to marijuana, the smell is the same as the effect when ingested, vaped, or smoked. Before consuming it, you may wonder what are the side effects of CBD? A simple and quick answer to it is that it is safe as long as taken in  the right dosage and as per the prescriptions.

Growers strive to maximize terpenes due to the scent since having scented buds not only impresses fellow smokers but also enhances the weed-smoking session. It is because most weed smokers are always looking for sweet taste and flavor.  


One researcher undertook a study to assess the views of consumers concerning the different smells of weed strains. The researcher used sensory evaluation mechanisms on untrained consumers to determine their perceptions. The results of the study show that consumers know the differences among strains of weed and relate them with smoking interest, price, and potency. But to ensure that you get all the benefits, it’s crucial that you only make purchases from well-known stores. 


Health Benefits

We purchase weed for various reasons. If you are looking for a variety that will address an underlying health condition, then getting background information concerning terpenes is essential. 

A 2018 study investigated the health benefits of terpenes in the cannabis plant. In the research methodology, the researcher assessed three essential oils obtained from three different types of the weed plants. The varieties showed a distinct component of terpenes, and the findings show that the terpenes had anti-inflammatory properties.

Therefore, if you want to relieve symptoms of depression, reduce inflammation, or increase the flow of air into the lungs, you must go for weed whose terpenes have these properties.

Here is a list of some common conditions and the terpenes that address them:

  • Management of neurodegeneration: linalool
  • Management of insomnia: myrcene and linalool
  • Reduce swelling: humulene, limonene, linalool and myrcene
  • Reduce anxiety: limonene and linalool
  • Manage pain: myrcene, limonene, and linalool



It has become essential to understand terpenes when growing or purchasing weed. When a weed flavor smells so nice, it can be an indicator that it possesses the flavor and taste that will give you a stimulating effect that you need. However, taste and flavor vary from one person to another. When looking for medical weed, it is imperative to understand the health properties of terpenes so that you can select a strain that meets your needs. Once you identify the terpene you want and know the weed strain that contains it, you can go ahead and buy weed online.  Remember, the more the scent, the higher the potency. 


Written by Kathy Cooley