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Summit Vaporizer Review

(Last Updated On: December 28, 2015)

The Good / The Vapium Summit vaporizer is an easy to operate, lightweight portable vaporizer.  It is another vaping option for those individuals who love herbs. It makes use of a durable design, with an outer shell that is made of modern polycarbonate material. Despite the small and compact design, it is something that is easy to hold and use because of its thermoplastic urethane grip.

If you are the type of vaping enthusiast who loves to vape during cold weather, this particular device is the perfect option for you. It operates even in extreme cold conditions. Using this particular device, you are guaranteed to experience a rugged portable vaporizer that you could bring anywhere.

A lot of people who used the device would attest to the quality of the vapor produced by the Vapium Summit. Priced under $200, it is among the best deals that you can get out there for a portable vaporizer.

The Bad / If there are changes that could be applied to the model, it is a good idea to improve on the pathway of the vaporizer. It is harder to pull from the Summit compared to other vaporizers in the market. But of course, this is something expected from a conduction vaporizer.

Given the 8 temperature settings of the device, we think that the 7th and 8th heat preset of the device is a bit too much which could already burn your herbs. For someone who is interested in the best vapor, it is highly suggested to stick to the mid settings.

The device shuts off automatically after 90 seconds. However, unlike other brands that would typically vibrate to let users know that it is turning off, this isn’t present in this particular device.

Another downside of the particular device is that it takes extra effort in order to completely clean the chamber. Thus, achieving the best vapor may take a few minutes of cleaning.

In contrast to vaporizers such as the Crafty and Firefly, the Summit vaporizer still isn’t at par with those products in the market. Also, you just have to avoid dropping the device since it could be a bit messy when this happens.

The Bottomline / In this day and age when you have a lot of vaporizer options in the market, this portable vaporizer stands out because of its durable design, affordable price, and great overall performance. Though it isn’t your perfect vaporizer, it is a perfect fit for those who are looking for a great product that they can carry around anywhere.

It is a device that is easy to operate, even first time users may be able to understand and appreciate the device straight out from the box. And also, its price range is something that is worth investing. It is something that could stand at par even with some of the best brands out there, even if it is only around less than $200.

What’s new?

The thing that is new with this particular vaporizer is that it offers tremendous amount of vaping options. It can have 8 preset temperatures to choose from.  From 160°C to 230°C, it couldn’t get any better than that. It is something that you can expect only from desk vaporizer.

Another great feature about the device is the fact that you can charge the device in just one hour. It is similar to the Pax this way. And unlike most portable vaporizers that you have to unplug before you can start vaping, it has a pass-through charging design which allows the users to actually use the device even if it is plugged in.

Design and performance

The design of the Summit vaporizer is modern. Similar to other top portable vaporizers in the market today, it has that sleek look that doesn’t look like a vaporizer. As a portable vaporizer, it allows you to vape as much as 10 to 20 draws from the finely grounded 0.2grams to 0.3grams of herbs. In contrast to other vaporizers in the market, the Summit offers efficient consumption of your herbs.

It makes use of a rechargeable lithium ion battery and the device you can use a standard micro USB. It means that you can simply have it charged in your car or even with the use of a powerbank.

If it is your first time to make use of the device, this particular vaporizer is easy to operate. Once you have placed the lid, you will just hold the power button and wait for the device to vibrate and to turn blue. With the + and -, you can already change the temperature according to your preference.

The device itself is lightweight at 88grams. It is a conduction vaporizer, but it is a bit hard to pull your draws from this particular device.


The quality of the vaporizer is somewhat above average. In terms of its construction, the device comes with a one year warranty. For its aesthetics, it has that appeal that can definitely attract even the more seasoned vaping enthusiasts. Its overall design is ergonomic which makes the device a great addition to your vaping options.

In terms of the vapor that you get from this particular device, it provides great quality for its price range. There is only a handful of portable vaporizers in the market that could vaporize herbs effectively, and fortunately, the Summit does a decent job.

However, it offers a traditional convection vaporizer taste for its vapor. It can run from having a dry toasty taste to almost nutty taste especially on its higher temperatures. The good thing about the Vapium Summit’s vapor is that it cools down as it reaches down your mouth.

How to use the Summit Vaporizer?

Open the magnetic lid and place the herbs into the chamber.

The amount of herbs that could fit runs around 0.2 to 0.5 grams. 

After closing the lid, press the power button to activate the Summit vaporizer. This will vibrate to signify that the device is already turned on. Also, its light will glow blue.

You can choose the temperature setting once it has been turned on. The device is going to hit a the green light once it has reached the desired temperature. You have to keep in mind though that it will not vibrate as it shuts off after 90 seconds of inactivity.

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