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(Last Updated On: January 4, 2017)
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If you’re into downright simple vaping with superb vapor quality with your waxy concentrate, we highly recommend the SToK Vape Pen

The Good / It’s the combination of high-quality vapor and very affordable price that makes the SToK R Series vaporizer very popular today. Priced at just below $50, this device sports a powerful heating chamber for your waxy concentrates. The SToK R Series vaporizer Really rips.

The Bad / While other popular vaporizers use glass sleeves for the heating chamber, the SToK uses a non-glass, polycarbonate material. Yes, the polycarbonate may be as sturdy as glass, but it gives this vape a cheaper feel.

The Bottom Line / We’ll be honest; at first, we thought that the SToK Pen Vaporizer is just one of those wannabe pen vaporizer brands who want to try their luck to beat the fame of the Atmos Raw Vaporizer RX and its other contemporaries. We were wrong!  If you’re into downright simple vaping with superb vapor quality with your waxy concentrate, we highly recommend the SToK R Series vaporizer. This no-fuss, no-bells-and-whistles device is all you need with its high-quality build and superb performance.

Why does the SToK Pen Vaporizer stand out from its contemporaries?

ThisthingRips, its makers, take pride in creating the SToK Pen Vaporizers by bringing together Dutch inspiration, German precision and American design in making one of the world’s finest portable vaporizer. SToK USA also has top-caliber products from pokers and dabbers to heavy duty torches as just a few of its premium offerings.

As the SToK Vaporizer Pen is completely portable, this compact and lightweight thin-sized pen vaporizer can be used anywhere, remaining discreet and without that unwanted attention from the public.

The SToK Vape Pen is easy to operate plus its capability to vaporize your favorite concentrates efficiently, make it a truly stand out among the overabundance of pen vaporizers today.

For herb lovers out there, take note that SToK Pen Vaporizers can produce only vaporizers oils, e-liquids, concentrates, waxes, and resins. It is specifically intended for a convenient and efficient vaping and application of various concentrates.  Getting started is very easy because its ceramic heat element contains a tool that will allow you to dab extracts, concentrates or e-liquid on it.

When you open up the SToK Pen Vaporizer package, you will be surprised that it’s ready to use. The SToK R2 Series battery is already fully charged so you can start using it. The battery is so powerful that you can use it for a whole day. And what if it loses power? No worries, plug the USB charger anywhere (yes even to your old computer) and you’re back to vaping again!

Why is the SToK Pen Vaporizer so safe to use?

Remember the days when you worry about vaporizer pens accidentally operating when it is in your pocket? Well, times have indeed changed! The SToK Vaporizer contains a security feature that will avoid accidental triggers while it is in your pocket or purse. The alert locking system will prevent it from operating.

How does the SToK Pen Vaporizer measure up with the most popular vaporizer pens?

For the most avid followers of the Smokazon Blog, Y’all know that we are die hard Atmos Raw RX fans! But it doesn’t mean that we are not open to emerging brands and models which have the fullest potentials!

Let’s take a quick look as to how the SToK Pen Vaporizer measures up with the most popular pen vaporizer.

SToK vs. Atmos Raw Vaporizer

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer is perhaps best known for its ability to vaporize herbs while the SToK Pen Vaporizer is limited to vaporize oils and concentrates. But hey, that shouldn’t dissuade you from taking the SToK, right? Clearly, it all depends on what is your preference on what kind of material you want to load on your pen vape. We always believe that there are no one-size fits all vaporizer.

Simply put it, you are a die-hard herb vaper, then the Atmos Raw is the best for you. If you prefer concentrates or oils because the process is faster, then SToK is the best for you to use.

The battery life of both SToK and Atmos Raw are both impressive too. The Atmos RX can serve between 60-70 hits in one draw. While the SToK can last for at least 24 hours of continuous use.

Winner: For Oil Use SToK Vape Pen Takes it by far! 

What our Customers say about it?

Check our customers’ reviews on the SToK so you can get a clearer picture of what you’re getting.

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If you are looking for an oil pen vaporizer that is discreet, portable and able to last long for a day, then the SToK Pen Vaporizer is a must check out today.

Smokazon Team

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