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(Last Updated On: June 8, 2015)

In a perfect world we would all be able to toke up whenever and wherever we wanted to, but in reality, there are times you’ll want/need to hide the fact that you’re getting high. Sometimes, you have to go into stealth mode. To aid you in this endeavor, we’ve pulled together a list of 7 discreet weed products. While we can’t guarantee that you won’t get caught for smoking that sticky-icky, we can guarantee that these contraptions will get you as high as an actual Stealth Bomber.

Stealth Bombing: 7 Discreet Weed Products to Try

By Smokazon


Sometimes you have to keep your marijuana smoking habits on the down-low. To help you achieve stealth-status, we have compiled a list of discreet weed products.

  • Puffit Personal Vaporizer

    By Smokazon

    Designed to look exactly like an asthma inhaler, the Puffit features advanced temperature control and automatic shut-off, and is also rechargeable via USB. Just don’t confuse it with your actual asthma inhaler.

  • Fold-A-Bowl

    By Smokazon

    Super sneaky and simple. It’s a thin piece of metal (about the size of a credit card) that folds up into a convenient little smoking device. Just watching the F-A-B fold itself together is enough to make you feel crafty.

  • EZ Pipe

    By Smokazon

    This little guy is a multitasker. The weed is stored in a sealable bowl, which allows you to immediately cover and extinguish any smoke from burning embers. The pipe is also built with a holding slot for Bic-shaped lighters and it even comes with a metal poker for cleaning—how quaint!

  • Atmos Optimus 510

    By Smokazon

    A sleek and stylish pen vaporizer, the 510 offers a transparent cartridge that allows you to see how much oil you have in the chamber. The fact that it is virtually identical to an e-cigarette makes it quite a discreet choice.

  • Stealth Wax Atomizer

    By Smokazon

    We like this one a lot. There’s no lingering smell, the vapor is clean, and it looks just like an e-cigarette. As manufacturer WeVape puts it: “It’s better to be cloaked. No one has to know.”

  • Discrete Pipes

    By Smokazon

    Tap into your inner MacGuyver with Discrete Pipes. Their site offers a selection of super nifty pipes made to resemble everyday objects. Their Car Remote Pipe and Zippo Lighter Pipe both look like the real thing so you can smoke discreetly at an affordable price.

  • Royght! Halo

    By Smokazon

    Coming soon: An accessory that turns your Venti Starbucks cup (or any other 20oz drink container) into a water pipe. Now that would be the ultimate stealth.

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