using the volcano in the kitchen
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

Believe it or not, there’s just something more to vaporizers than just for plain vaping. And who would have thought that the Volcano vaporizer would end up right in the kitchen of some of America’s high-end restaurants? Yes, the Volcano comes in very handy to enhance flavors and aromas of dishes prepared right in the kitchen. Want to know more about how this works? Read on.

First Things First: How Molecular Cooking Works

It is no rocket science, but such term simply refers to as studying the chemical and physical properties of food and how their interactions create an interesting interplay with our sense of taste and smell.

While the human tongue perceives only a few tastes — sweet, sour, salty and bitter — the sense of smell can detect about 10,000 chemicals in the air. So, modern chefs rely on this fact to explore the possibilities of capturing the fragrances of food ingredients and presenting them along with the dish served on the table. In other words, we simply go far beyond plain cooking to achieve the most flavorful and sophisticated culinary wonders ever. And going far beyond means using available technology to achieve greater results in cooking. That includes using your very own Volcano vaporizer.

How Does the Volcano Vaporizer Infuse Flavors Into My Dish

So, have you ever thought about smothering your steak with your favorite spices? But how about using the Volcano to infuse the vapors into the meat instead? Here, you simply fill the vaporizer’s chamber with the mixture of herbs and spices, light up the vape, release the vapors into a specially designed plastic bag (otherwise dubbed as “pillow”), and place the cooked meat inside the bag to absorb the rich aroma in just a few minutes!

Such method may seem too unconventional for many. But one must try the flavored dish to believe in the vaporizer’s awesome culinary punch. Way to go for the Volcano!

Why Not Sprinkle All Those Flavorings Directly Into Cooked Food Instead

We’ve all been there: For many inexperienced individuals, cooking can be such a disaster most of the time. We overly cook our dishes or put too little flavor in it, not to mention burning the herbs and spices while cooking steak right on the griller, for example.

On the other hand, the beauty of the Volcano vaporizer lies on how the vapor inside the balloon is equally distributed along the surface area of the meat. So you do away with serving food with a crust so badly burned that all that remains is the bitter taste of your spices — flavorings that would have otherwise enriched your culinary presentation.

Now, there are some herbs and food ingredients that exude pleasant fragrances, but are rather not appealing to the taste. For example, the smell of roasted corn or pine would usually send us into a nostalgic feeling of being close to nature as we savor the flavors of our food. Their respective bitter and soapy tastes, however, are better off our main course. So, the Volcano does the trick of giving us a true dining experience with all these aromas, minus the unpleasant taste. 

Going Beyond The Main Course

Of course, your vape can also enhance the flavors of your drinks and desserts too.  Surprisingly, the Volcano vaporizer can help you concoct the most flavorful cocktails and other beverages in just a few minutes. Here’s one recipe we’d love for you to try:

Vodka Infused With Basil and Lemon Grass

Power up your Volcano and pre-heat it to about 210° F. Then fill the chamber with a few pinches of dried and finely ground lemon grass and basil. You can pack the chamber full for a more potent aroma.

Place the chamber back on top of the Volcano and attach the tube.

While the Volcano heats up, fill a drinking glass with vodka, half-full. This ensures that there is enough clearance space from the rim of the container as bubbles could send the liquid spattering out from the glass.

Once the Volcano reaches the desired heat level, turn the fan on and dip the other end of the tube into the liquid. Let the flavor-rich bubbles come out of the tube for about 30 seconds. Let the liquid rest for about 10 seconds, and do the same process again until you get the desired flavor.

Pour the vodka into a shaker filled with ice. Then shake for about ten seconds before serving it cold. Enjoy!

For our readers who like to veer away from intoxicating liquors, you might just find this recipe as your perfect choice:

Milk Infused with Nutmeg and Cinnamon

Now, do the same steps we mentioned above, but replace vodka with milk — hot or cold, it’s your choice. But the higher the liquid’s temperature, the better it traps the flavors from the bubbles.

As for the spices, use cinnamon and nutmeg instead to fill the chamber. Never mind the shaker and the ice. Just drink up!

Written by Deborah Walker