(Last Updated On: October 12, 2020)

People around the world say marijuana consumption is not as safe as alcohol consumption. Also, it is considered an illegal drug in most countries of the world. Few states have legalized it for recreational use but in a limited way.

Though, there is no full proof  of  health problems due to occasional consumption of weeds.  So, the stoned smokers are already taking it, in spite of the weed-smoking is linked with lung changes, breathing problems, memory loss, and other health problems.

What happens when you consume weeds?

Various researches have shown that, when you smoke weed, the chemicals and THC sail across the bloodstream to the brain. The feel-good high is the reaction of THC only. 

When you smoke weeds, your heart rate may become faster than ever.  Your mouth becomes so dry and suddenly your appetite gets increased with time. And if you consume weeds regularly, you might face more health-related issues for a longer period of time.

As Reggie is a weed, it is also illegal in most of the countries.

Why weeds are not recommended legally?

Weed smoke contains around sixty (60) chemicals, which we call cannabinoids. And the levels of THC percentages decide the health condition, you are going to suffer. Most people, start a mild health condition with memory loss, and later it becomes the Alzheimer’s disease, you may discover the unsteady walk and suddenly you may have many random thoughts.

Those are some uncommon and not healthy, health conditions you may suffer due to smoking pots. Hence they are not recommended legally.

Weed’s adverse effects on the brain

  • Does marijuana change your way of thinking? Researchers have found out, heavy marijuana smokers feel heavy changes in blood flows in some parts of the body. Mainly from the bloodstreams to the brain. As the brain’s functions are primarily involved in memory and attention, so the part of the brains are involved in information processing and consciousness.
  • Regular weed smokers are generally diagnosed with schizophrenia ( A disorder that affects the person’s ability to think, feel and behave properly ) when they have a family history with the condition (it can be a combination of genetics).
  •  Regular weed smoking can give you a high but it is beyond natural, in fact, if you are going to attempt any memory test, your score will be low as compared to the others who don’t smoke weeds regularly.

Those are some basic adverse effects on the brains of a person who is a regular weed smoker.

Apart from the brain and lungs, it has adverse effects on the other body parts as well.

  • It increases the risk of heart attack or cardiac arrest
  • Sometimes, it brings suicidal thoughts and tendencies in teens.
  • It increases the heart rates
  • Over consumptions of weeds can force you towards depression as well.
  • Anxiety a normal phenomenon in people, but if you are a regular weed smoker then most of the time you will realize anxiety.

Is weed addictive?

Every drug has an addictive power, be it for medicinal purposes or recreational purposes. Usually, drugs like heroin can be more addictive, but regularly smoking weeds can be an addiction at times. Once you are used anything, then it creates a problem to leave that habit of using that particular thing.

Even, people seek treatment to leave marijuana as it creates health issues.  When you become addicted to marijuana, you discover your family problems too, because of  low energy and self-esteem, low – life satisfaction, memory problems, etc.

So before getting addicted to weeds, control your dosage to maintain a healthy lifestyle. It is also called as “Gateway Drugs”.

If you want to take take care of your mental health,  then it is better to avoid such things at one go.

Weed Legalizations

There are debates people do, about the legalization of weeds, but most of the countries have recognized it as an illegal product to consume.

Many say weeds are used in chemotherapy to treat cancer patients, also they use to treat the joint pain of people, so if you consider these points, then weeds are legal for you. But if you do not consider these as legal things, then in your eye these are illegal.

Few countries like the USA, Canada, Australia have mentioned Marijuana as legal, but most of the countries are considering it as illegal. So, to maintain your safety, know your place well if you want to use it for recreational purposes.

The legalized countries have certain norms and regulations for the uses of weeds, you can not go beyond the rules as well, because they use it for medicinal aids that too in limited quantity.

Lastly, one thing you should remember, weeds are legal and illegal on the basis of countries people live and use.

Written by Kathy Cooley