(Last Updated On: July 10, 2020)


Creativity is an art that involves the invention of a new item or an idea that can assist in your growth and development as a human being. Many people in different fields come up with unique designs that facilitate the research and innovation industry. With an increasing dynamic in almost every section, creativity help in technology, engineering, sociology, and many more sections. Top earning companies try to explore on this creativity idea by absorbing creative masters in the field of interest. Creativity, intelligence, and smoking pot create a fantastic environment for the best innovative ideas. Smoking pots is a form of cannabis product that you can inhale to release vapor as the end product. There is a relationship between creativity and the smoking of cannabis products that have a psychoactive effect.

Smoking enhances the divergent and convergent thinking ability. Divergent thinking is where you come up with a thought to generate possible solutions, especially when brainstorming. When you vape, the level of being open-minded increases making you think critically and intelligently. Vaping trend is as cool as smoking through a pickle rick pipe with added advantages. Convergent thinking comes in when you judge a finite number of solutions and evaluate the best. The points below justify why you need to smoke for more creativity. Before buying any vape device make sure it would be from a trusted vape shop.

Excellent generation of ideas


Cannabis products from weed dispensaries have intoxication ability and play an essential role in the generation of smart ideas. Studies claim that creative thought cognition relies on controlled, spontaneous, goal-directed, and undirected cognitive activities. Smoking a pot for pot lovers enables them to understand the type of problem and the solution that is needed to change the general outlook of an issue. 

The intoxication changes the perception of the complexity of an issue, and this makes it simple through the derivation of thoughts. Pertinent research develops the two methods of finding a solution, which includes analytical and insightful solutions. The two solutions assist you in the restructuring of the problem and how you present it. 

When you happen to vape products from a reputable weed dispensary, you may overcome the prepotent and uncreative response tendencies making you be at a higher level of critical thinking. Based on empirical evidence, creative thinking exists in various problem-solving. The evidence claims that undirected creativity is as a result of THC present in the body. 

The Tetrahydrocannabinol reduces the inhibitory control and activates the striatal dopamine, which increases the techniques of generating ideas. If you are this type of person who works best under the influence, then you need to focus on your smoking pot to continue solving problems.

Increased levels of hyper-priming processes

According to research hyper-priming process is the ability to connect the dots and gaps to link certain information with another. Sometimes the concepts you want to link may be unrelated, and in the end, you can have a definite idea. Connecting unrelated and related ideas can be technical when you are not under the influence because of the psycho-activity of cannabis products. Marijuana intake leads to the activation of neurochemical known as dopamine, which in turn gives you signature calm and euphoric feeling. Research shows that under the influence of cannabis, you may have the increased automatic semantic priming and schizotypal symptoms. 

During the inhalation process, you are likely to feel free, and this may turn-off your inner editor. The turn off process comes when your dopamine starts its functions within the central nervous system and bloodstream. The action helps in having excellent writing ideas, drawing, and general brainstorming to facilitate the hyper-priming process. Drawing and sketching, when combined with cannabis products, may help in increasing hyper-priming, making you come up with the right solution.

Harmonize the activities of the five senses

A super creative person needs to have functional senses. Although people with any form of disability can remain innovative, five-senses play an essential role in the highest level of creativity. For competent long-lasting solutions, you need to see, listen, touch, and communicate. The vaping of cannabis makes you feel free and happy whenever you are in a dilemma. The ability to make the right decision based on creative thinking which must be independent assist greatly. Your reasoning levels are likely to go high whenever the cannabis compounds reach your brain.

All sensation originates from the brain through neuron chemicals that help with the transmission. The release of chemicals depends on how quick and effective the compounds work. From the Canada weed dispensary products, dopamine, ghrelin, anandamide should help in effective creativity. Anandamide, which is a chemical from the medulla cortex, regulates the memory capacity, and this affects the reasoning capability. If you can recall a given concept that can make you derive a solution, then you should not avoid cannabis. The vaping activity increases the level of focus through the release of dopamine that interacts with different receptors to protect you from distractions.

Enhances you to trust your instincts


When you happen to smoke pot, you are likely to effectively handle activities such as poetry writing, coming up with a script for comedy, and different shows. Vaping increases your in-depth thinking capacity making you come up with something unique and entertaining. The intake increases the chances of being vigilant and carefree when making decisions on a specific project. 

Directional thinking may affect you by not evaluating all possible solutions. Your heart can lead you to make the best decision to see you through different obstacles that require creativity. If you believe in your instincts, then you may be distinct in one way or the other. The distinctions make you have several consultative sessions with different agencies as they believe you can make a good decision based on creativity and intelligence.


From the reasoning above, smoking cannabis can have positive effects on your way of decision making leading to a high level of creativity. Many people rely on cannabis to derive different types of solutions based on evidence and hyper-priming ability. The way you perceive a given idea when sober is different when you are high. Try smoking pot to affirm the creativity level.

Written by Kathy Cooley