Smokazon’s Most Popular Vape Pens for Summer 2014
(Last Updated On: May 16, 2015)

Every year, we’re always thrilled to feature the bestselling pen-style vaporizers at Smokazon. Of course, it’s always exciting to share with you the list of what’s hot in the vaping world. After all, you, our vaping enthusiasts deserve the best vaporizer pens, no less. So, here are the best ones we’ve had so far for this year.

Atmos Raw (RX) Vaporizer

No matter how controversial the Atmos Raw vaporizer is, this vape pen still remains the undefeated bestseller of all time. It may not be the best pen vaporizer because of its minor flaws (which we will be discussing shortly), but many of you seem to like it after all! Perhaps it’s the portability and simplicity of the device that keeps it at its all time high.

In the physical sense, the Atmos Raw vaporizer pen comes in a very simple yet modern looking design, made of three basic components: the heating chamber, battery and the chamber connector. All you have to do is to screw them together and you get one lightweight and very portable device, which you can use for your dry herbs anywhere.

Just like other vape pens, the Atmos Raw vape may not have adjustable heat settings, but you quickly heat it up to about 400 °F within 10 to 15 seconds of pressing the power button. But you won’t have to worry about overheating because the device is equipped with an automatic shut off mechanism that turns the heating element off after more than 10 seconds of continuous vaporizing. Also, the Atmos Raw comes with a powerful battery that could last you up to 72 hours in between recharging of the battery.

One controversy surrounding the product is that many claim it actually combusts (burns) the dry herbs inside instead of vaporizing the materials. While this was true during the early stage of its release, Atmos released a glass filter (optionally requested for free when you purchase at that prevents the herb from burning.

Overall, we must say our customers are very much satisfied with the Atmos Raw, with orders coming regularly, and still growing.

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Special Edition: G Pen Herbal Vaporizer by Snoop Dogg

Grenco Science’s partnership with Snoop Dogg has created one of the most successful vaporizer pens: the Snoop Dogg G-Pen Herbal Vaporizer. Though coming in at a relatively distant second from the Atmos Raw in terms of sales, this remains a huge success in the partnership because for the first time, Grenco Science released a device that supports an herb tank, deviating from their once ‘concentrates’ only line of vaporizers.

Aesthetically, the Snoop Dogg offers a very nostalgic outer design, with engravings of the map of Long Beach, the hometown of the popular rapper Snoop Dogg. And when it comes to the basic design, the lightweight and good quality build indeed is something noteworthy for a vape pen.

The device also comes in three parts, which include battery, but heating chamber, and the Snoop Dogg G Pen herbal tank, which replaces the classic oil tank of the original G Pens. The outer encasement is made up of gerbil stainless steel and the tank itself is made up of a high quality material that contributes to the purity of the vapor the device exudes.

The Snoop Dogg G-Pen Herbal Vaporizer also boasts fast heating time of only five seconds. And the automatic shut-off mechanism turns off the device after remaining lit for about 15 seconds. The battery itself, although not as powerful as that of the Atmos Raw, last for about 10 hours of use.

Overall, the external design, performance, ease of use and good vapor quality of the Snoop Dogg G-Pen Herbal Vaporizer Pen does give the makers of the Atmos Raw a run for their money.

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Atmos Raw (RX) Junior Vaporizer

If Atmos Raw is the best vaporizer pen among many of our vaping enthusiasts, then we shall say we have the ‘mini’ best as well: the Atmos RX Junior vaporizer. As the name suggests, this device is smaller in size as compared to its larger counterpart, the Atmos Raw vaporizer, but do not underestimate the Junior because it still packs the punch you’d similarly get with the Raw.

When it comes to the basic parts, the Junior shares similar build and function with the Raw. Perhaps the only multiple difference is the size of the herb chamber and the battery. With a more compact container for your materials, you would more likely replace your botanicals a tad more often when using the Atmos Junior. But surprisingly, battery life may be shorter but it doesn’t have that much difference at all.

So, if you want to experience all the features and the vapor quality of the Atmos Raw at a lower price, choose the Junior instead, priced only at $79.99.

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G-Pen Vaporizer

Fourth on our list is another “hit” product by Grenco Science: the G-Pen Vaporizer. Reduced even before the introduction of the dog jeep and verbal vaporizer, this device, shall we say, is a game changer because this helped revolutionize the popularity of vaporizers across the US. The G-Pen works exclusively with oils, waxes and other concentrates. That leaves the herb enthusiasts out of the picture until the introduction of the Snoop Dogg G-Pen herbal vape.

The G-Pen’s lightweight and small design makes it a very portable device that fits easily in your pocket. Also, its simple build makes it easier to use especially when refilling your concentrates in between vaping sessions. It easy unscrews into three basic parts. Now, this makes it easier for you, our vaping enthusiasts, to replace any of the broken parts (if it happens, but remotely) without having to replace the entire device.

The G-Pen vaporizer’s lithium battery is powerful enough to give you up to 350 to 400 draws before recharging it. When drained, just recharge the device using the USB charger and use the vape again after the red light turns off (indicates the battery is fully charged). Also, the G tank, the container into which you place your favorite concentrates, is made easier to open for easy filling anywhere you are.

One of the best parts about the G-Pen vaporizer is the fast heating time of no more than five seconds after pressing the power button. This is truly an impressive vape pen for its size and price.

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Micro G-Pen Vaporizer

Although Grenco Science comes second to the Atmos in terms of producing the most sold vaporizer pens in the market, it boasts not just one but three bestsellers in our charts. The fifth best pen vaporizer on our list is the ‘mini’ version of the G-Pen vaporizer.

If the G-Pen creams simplicity and discreetness, the Micro G-Pen does the same but will a shorter build. It has all the three basic parts, only that they come more compact, with the heating element closer to the G Tank. Also, the battery comes in smaller, and it follows that this device has a shorter battery life. But if you prefer greater portability and more discreet vaping, shorter hours of vaping in between recharges would not be a top concern for you.

Overall, it delivers quite the same performance with its larger kind, the G-Pen. But surprisingly, the Micro G-Pen comes with a higher price tag. Nevertheless, we still give this device an overall thumbs up.

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Which best vape pen tops on your list? Tell us with your comments below!

Written by Nancy Roberts