Smokazon Year End Report
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

It’s been an amazing year for the Smokazon Blog because of the warm embrace we have received from the vaporizing community. For all the product reviews, news and features – we are surely happy to know that we have the backing of everyone. This is why; we surely can’t miss reviewing only the best vaporizers for one last time this 2013. 

New Vaporizers: The Shakers of 2013

We were anticipating an uneventful 2013 for the vaporizing community, however we got it wrong. The year 2013 is coming to a close with a lot of new vaporizers that moved all of us. Here are some notable releases this year that blew all of us away: 

PUFFiT X Vaporizer: The FIRST and ONLY forced air portable vaporizer. How awesome can this actually get? We know that forced air fans are typically seen in vaporizers such as Volcano and other desktop vaporizers. So we know from the beginning that the PUFFiT X Vape is something that can change the way we vaporizer. Why? It’s because it’s portable and no one at the market can truly match it. No one has ever predicted the advent of forced air feature into portables. Truly, PUFFiT X has changed the game. ‘Nuff said. 

MagicalButter: The final solution to your CannaButter stress! The MagicalButter machine is the most genuine revolutionary product that has taken us by the storm this year. No one has ever expected something like this happen. A product that has the real solution to the problem most connoisseurs face: the stress of making an authentic CannaButter. No one can deny that this is a spectacular feat that has ever happened in the cannabis community. 

Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer: The People’s Vaporizer. Well, before we even get started into a debate, let us explain a little bit more as to how we named the Pinnacle Pro as the people’s vaporizer. The development and release of this vaporizer was a result of VaporBlunt, the Pinnacle Pro’s makers to improve the classic Pinnacle after the feedback that it got from consumers. Here’s a company that truly listens to its consumers and strive its very best to improve its offerings.  

Atmos Raw Jr Vaporizer: Most vapers can’t get enough of the Atmos Raw Rx for sure. It’s a pen-styled portable vaporizer that is very sleek, discreet and has very much topped all pen style herb vaporizers. We all thought it was enough but Atmos Technology did not rest on its laurels and came up with the Atmos Raw Jr – an Atmos Raw Rx cloned, features and all, contained in a smaller structure. Life has been more convenient for most pen vapers since the arrival of Atmos Junior vaporizer. 

Snoop Dogg G Pen Vaporizers: In a monumental partnership that is possibly one of the newsmakers in this community, Grenco Science has tapped rap legend, Snoop Dogg to come up with a redefined vaporizer, G Pen Herbal Vaporizer by Snoop Dogg. Snoop Dogg and Grenco Science has taken their partnership into the next level by making G Pen now available for vaporizing herbs through the use of Snoop Dogg G pen herbal tank – a first and milestone for the company that has been thriving in vaporizing concentrates and oil.  

Expectations for 2014: We’ve had so many different pens and portable vaporizers that we feel the need for a breather. So our expectation by next year is the production of new table top vaporizers that will send a big wave to an awesome community that is waiting for a big blast!

Notable Folks: The Movers of the Vaporizer Community

There is no denying that influence holds the biggest factor for the success here in the vaporizing. The following folks have been notable for lending their influence to the community and lending us their hand to make sure that we only get the best experience from products we buy. 

The following are the notable folks that keep the harmony and check in the vaporizing community. 

Bud of the Vapor CriticWhen you want to see how a certain vaporizer model performs, there is always one person that you ought to see, the Vapor Critic. Bud contributed a lot in this community by providing only the most candid reviews of each vaporizer. His no-holds barred vaporizers video reviews are just few of the things that will make you come back to get some enlightenment on deciding which is the best vaporizer to go. 

FC Vaporizer ForumThe honest reviews from real consumers – the last bastion of this community. While it is a fact that not all reviews are equal (sponsored or we just really have different perceptions), it is a good thing to have the folks at this community provide us some user feedback as to how their smoking accessories (vaporizers and grinders) work.  

MagicalButter on FacebookWhen you follow a brand on social media (or even a reseller like us), you will normally see tons of advertising about their stuff. As mentioned on our recent article on Top Social Media influencers, MagicalButter has taken us on a different path by making their Facebook page less of promotions about their awesome invention and they focus more education, awareness and other good stuff. 

Vaporents Subreddit (Reddit) – Aside from FC, if you need an honest assessment of a vaporizer that someone has told you, the Vaporents Subreddit is the best place to visit. The community here is so engaged where members give different perspectives on a specific vaporizer. You will even be surprise, because what may most of us think is already a perfect vaporizer, may have some loopholes thanks to the members of this community. 

Grenco ScienceGrenco Science is not just notable for promising and emerging products like the G-Pen, they are also notable for charity and partnerships for a cause. The popular ones are the Charity Series, Artist Series, Snoop Dogg and G Pen Pink FxCK Cancer Edition. Truly not just a corporate social responsibility but a contributor to social good as well! 

Expectations for 2014: More movers, more advocates and more folks who do social good to enrich and unite the vaporizer community! Especially with more and more states legalizing cannabis use, there will sure be an influx of great content and great products to come in the near future.

What does the Smokazon think are the best vaporizers of 2013? 

Arizer VaporizersThe Ultimate favorite! As we came into assessing different vaporizer brands, we realized that no one can come close to Arizer Vaporizers (taking the Volcano in a different perspective). From Extreme to Solo, there is no denying that no one can beat Arizer from the quality, the price and the taste of vapor that each model produce. 

Volcano Vaporizers – The leader of the pack. While the Volcano is undeniably the best technology amongst the plethora of all vaporizers in the market today, it is also undeniable that the price is expensive. But given the benefits and the solutions the Volcano Vaporizers present, we just know that Storz & Bickel’s Volcano is a prized possession for anyone who owns it. It is more than your typical vaporizer as the Volcano is an investment any vaper shouldn’t miss. 

Snoop Dogg G-Pen Vaporizer – This vaporizer has really surprised us! We never expected that a new release like G Pen can actually top the list of all the best vaporizers this year. Let us explain why: First of all, this is the first time that this is the most monumental partnership that Grenco Science (G Pen’s makers) with a celebrity or organization. It has sent news waves all over the world that the folks down at our shipping department have been getting tons of requests to ship Snoop Dogg’s G Pen every day. At the same time, it is also the first time that Grenco Science has introduced to the public a new product line that is now capable in vaporizing herbs through the use of the Herb Tank. This goes to show that the G Pen brand is expanding its reach to tap herb vapers after being successful with its wax and oil vaporizer line. 

Atmos Raw Vaporizer – the best-selling vaporizer of 2013. Not only did it make the list of our 6 Ultimate Pen Vaporizers (And Why You Should Start Using Them), this is also High Times Magazine’s top choice for the best pen vaporizers of 2013. The Atmos just got it, the ability to vaporize anywhere you want, the flexibility of vaporizing both herbs and wax or oils (through an Oil Attachment) and also an affordable price that cannot be matched with any other pen vaporizers today in terms of features. And if you think you’ve had enough, think again. Atmos Technology has gone beyond the expectations by introducing the Atmos Junior, a smaller version of the Atmos Raw RX Vaporizer packed with the same features that many have fallen in love with. 

Stok Vaporizers After hearing, seeing and even buying portable vaporizers such as the Arizer, Atmos, G Pen, etc, you may have had enough of all the wannabes that comes after them. But SToK is surprisingly not just another pen vaporizer, it proved itself as a game-changer by producing its products with the infusion of Dutch inspiration, German precision and American design and production to come up with a top caliber product that can change the competition in the next few months. We here at the Smokazon Blog feel that the SToK deserves a lot of exposure and justice. 

Expectations for 2014: While we have listed the Best Vaporizers of 2013, we feel that nothing new has stand out amongst the plethora of vaporizers being sold within the community today. With this, we are expecting for emerging brands and models to come out and beat the one that is currently on this list. Just think about it, competition is good and will give us more brands to choose from – giving us a better vaporizing experience. 

An Amazing Year that Was: Smokazon Blog Highlights

As we say goodbye to 2013, we also take a look back and highlights some of the most significant milestones that happened here at the Smokazon Blog. For many of you, you may not have heard of us when the year started. Although we have been participating in the community for a long time, this is the first time that we took the opportunity to come up with articles that we though you will find interesting, move you, shake you and guide you in making smart decisions. 

The 6 Ultimate Pen Vaporizers (And Why You Should Start Using Them) – our all time favorite here in Smokazon. Aside from the fact that we have listed the best of the best among the pen vaporizers in the market today and gave our assessments to them, it’s hard to look back at what we have gone through without looking at this article.

Confessions of a Pen Vaporizer – a candid perception about pen vaporizers. A story of a hater (and who thought pen vaporizers are just simply gimmicks and will fade away) from becoming not just a big fan but also the CEO of Smokazon. Questions you may have about pen vaporizers are all answered in one article. 

The Ultimate Guide for Buying a Vaporizer – you may have seen plenty of these today, but we take pride on looking at the most important criteria in buying a vaporizer, whether it’s a table top, desktop and pen vaporizer.

Top 10 Vaporizer Review Websites – this article has shown that all of us as part of the vaporizer community can work together in one common goal of bringing together the most honest, unbiased and uncompromised reviews of the vaporizers being sold in the market today. 

Top 10 Cannabis Blogs: Remaining on Top to Push the Advocacy – in the face of prejudice of the uninformed public about the benefits of medical cannabis, there are organizations and individuals who are working hard to push for the advocacy to legalize and educate the misinformed public. While it is a long way to go for a nationwide legalization, these blogs/organizations are certainly working very hard to keep us in check and keep the momentum alive. 

I Wanna Be NORML! Are You NORML? – Written by Colton Dixon, Executive Director of Hub City NORML, this touching article takes a look at the perspective of someone who sees those who come in the Hub City NORML as every day people. 

Expectations in 2014: Smokazon Blog is committed to produce only the most relevant news, reviews, tricks and tips of all the things vaporizers and medical cannabis. Along with that is our cooperation with the entire community to help us achieve in finding the next vaporizer that will change the way we vape. 


Another year is coming to a close and we find it unbelievable that we have gone a long way. We are now en route to a new year of new possibilities – whether it is for good or bad. But one thing is for certain, the vaporizer community is here to stay. 

So long 2013. See you all around next year!

Written by The Smokazon Team
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