The Real Portable Vaping Champ Edition
(Last Updated On: April 25, 2015)

Measuring up portable vaporizers is not an easy thing to do. With new models coming out all the time and with a lot of expert and consumer reviews, there is no easy way to figure which is the best portable vaporizer. Spend countless of hours tirelessly searching on forums, Reddit, and reviews, and you will surely get a headache. 

The truth is there is just too much debate that is going on. Everywhere. Every minute of watching, reading and listening to the debates leads towards confusion. 

Debates are supposed to be healthy as this will lead us towards making the best purchasing decision. Debates inspire movements that will thrust us to a better and safer environment and culture. But with the pile of the social noise comes a collective social timeline filled with noise barrage.

This gives us little patience to analyze things properly. 

Add to that us being a part of the Generation Y which gives us less time to analyze things and tons of options to choose from. Hence, we take the short route to lessen the stresses of shopping wisely. 

Another cardinal truth is there is no such thing as a perfect vaporizer. There is none. While most are definitely stand outs like the Volcano, each model has proven to have some loopholes and might even be missing some features that are really important to you that might not be that important to others..

The most important is if you own a vaporizer, it should have the capability to process your herbs or concentrates through convection or heating. If you own something that doesn’t feature anything but smoking, throw it out the window! – that’s how the Generation Y does it. 

The Arizer Solo Vaporizer has been known to be the ultimate customer favorite, sweeping all new comers in the world of portable vaporizers where some are under the pretense of having the real capability to vape.

But we all know that since then, there are a few models that have emerged trying to dethrone the Arizer Solo. There have been models like the Iolite, Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer, DaVinci Vaporizer and PUFFiT X Vaporizer. 

The Arizer Solo remains as the king of portable vaporizers, along with Pax. But what we are actually more interested about is if any of the portable vaporizers will take on the market share of the Arizer Solo just like the Extreme Q has taken some of the Volcano’s. Well, we can’t tell for now. What we can do is measure up these different models against the Arizer Solo. 

Vapor Quality

The Arizer Solo produces a silky smooth vapor that you could compare to the vapor produced by a premium table top vaporizer, like the Extreme Q vaporizer or volcano vaporizer for example. 

The Iolite on the other hand, while better than most, has a bit of a lighter feel to its vapor. Both vaporizers are effective and produces thinner vapor overall.

The Magic Flight Launch Box’(or MFLB) vapor quality, on the other hand, depends on the way you hold the battery on to the unit and how strong you inhale.

The DaVinci produces a visible vapor and great tasting flavor at lower temperature and denser vapor at higher temperature. However, the action only begins at the higher temperature level. 

The PUFFiT X has taken portable vaporizing by introducing a forced air fan convection vaporizer – a feature is similar to the Volcano and offers a serious punch. 

These leave the Solo as the more efficient vaporizer and winner of this category.

Winner: Arizer Solo Vaporizer 


The Iolite Vaporizer, has a polycarbonate design. The change in design is the Wispr vaporizer now has more of a straight rectangular design, as opposed to the curved and rounded design the original Iolite vaporizer had. It is a bit boxy to me and it seems like a disadvantage, the curved design made it more comfortable when you put it in your pocket. As far as durability you have polycarbonate, which isn’t the strongest material for a portable vape. 

The Magic Flight Launch Box is a small wooden box with an acrylic glass lid that will let you to know how much is left to vaporize.

The DaVinci Vaporizer parts are well-built most especially with the Flexi stem that will make it not just a portable vaporizer, but a flexible one.  At the same time, it will be hard to break the parts of the DaVinci making it a very durable vaporizer.

The PUFFiT X and its predecessor the PUFFiT Vaporizer are known to be delivered in a distinct packaging. The built of it looks very strong and the only removable part is the cap. It is built with an upgraded gold-plated brass heating chamber and an advanced microprocessor

The Arizer Solo is made of strong aluminum and surely to be more durable.

Winner: Arizer Solo Vaporizer & DaVinci Vaporizer


All the mentioned portable vaporizers above are portable in size but are different in shapes. 

The Arizer Solo has a tube like design, the Iolite has a small rectangular shape, the Da Vinci vaporizer has a walkie-talkie look and feel, the Magic Flight vape has probably the smallest and the PUFFiT X Vape has been designed like an asthma inhaler. 

Although they are all portable vaporizers, it wouldn’t make sense to classify them all as pocket sized vaporizer. If we are to talk about true portability and discreetness, then the MFLB and PUFFiX has certainly won this round because of their authentic feature of being able to suit your pocket without making it look bulgy. 

Winner: Magic Flight Launch Box & PUFFiT X Vaporizer

Heat Up Time

What’s frustrating about the Iolite Original Vape is it does not have a temperature control as it only allows you to vaporize at approximately 350° Fahrenheit (Iolite temperature) with heat up time between 3-5 minutes. This is the same case as the MFLB where the vapor temperature is dependent as to how you will hold on to its battery with vaporization (technically, the heat up time) of window of between 6-11 seconds. 

With the PUFFiT X Vaporizer, you will get a 30-45 seconds heat up time with ranging temperatures from 300°-430° through its rotary dial temperature control. 

The heat up times of the DaVinci Vaporizer will vary depending as to how much charge is left, but this will typically not last more than minute. And every time you turn the DaVinci on, it will be set at 375°F, which is basically the most optimal temperature that a vaporizer can reach without resulting into combusting your herbs or concentrates.

In contrast, the Arizer Solo allows you to pick from 7 different temperatures with a maximum of 2 ½ minutes of heat up time. Temp level 2 on the Solo is 365° Fahrenheit, which is basically the same as the Iolite Vaporizer. 

Winner: Arizer Solo Vaporizer 


The Arizer Solo still remains the champ, although the Iolite and MFLB are worthy competitors. Depending on future developments and improvements the manufacturers are willing to take on, then that’s the time that will have a legitimate claim to the #1 spot in terms of portable vaporizers and beat the Arizer Solo. 

They are virtually within the same price range that we are recommending the PuFFiT X and MFLB over the Solo if you will be carrying it in your pocket all the time. Otherwise the Arizer Solo Vaporizer remains as the top choice because of the quality no one can match. 

Get the Arizer Solo Here:

Do you have a favorite portable vaporizer? If so, please let us know on the comments below why it’s worth buying. 

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