davinci ascent vs arizer solo
(Last Updated On: April 18, 2015)

At this point, we already know a great deal about the Arizer Solo and how it has fascinated vape enthusiasts with its awesome performance. So, when makers of the original Da Vinci vaporizer came up with the Ascent, we noticed how its added features leveled up with the Arizer Solo’s. And that gave us every reason to compare the two vaporizers and see which one takes the win.

For today’s showdown, will the Arizer Solo continue to dominate the leading spot, or will the Da Vinci Ascent be the new victor? Let’s start the showdown with each essential category:

The Basics: Function 

Starting off with the Ascent, we’ve noticed major improvements from the original Da Vinci. And we can’t help but appreciate how it moved a few notches higher in terms of design and functionality. The new Ascent also offers the option to vaporize not only dry herbs, but also oils, concentrates and tinctures with an oil adapter. Now, the Arizer Solo offers the same functions, and that puts both vapes in close competition. So let’s focus more on the quality and build.

Quality and Build

At first glance, the Ascent could pass for a space-age walkie-talkie given its funky, colorful body and a clear ‘antenna-like’ glass stem. The Arizer Solo, on the other hand, could find it hard to emulate an ordinary, everyday object to make it look a tad more discreet.

When it comes to quality, true, the Ascent’s improvements get noticeable because both the stem and the pipe inside the vaporizer (where the vapor passes through) are now made of glass. Heating element is made of ceramic, so say goodbye to those plastic or unnatural smell.

As for the Arizer Solo, yes, it’s always hands down when it comes to the design — both inside and out. Its Canadian makers truly know what that ultimate design for a portable vape should be. The stem also comes in glass, and the heating element is also made of ceramic, which means the vapor you get purely comes from the botanicals you have.

But comparing both vapes from the outside, we say the Arizer Solo has the edge. We just can’t resist admiring the strong aluminum build, which makes the entire body lighter as well. The Da Vinci, on the other hand, looks and feels a tad cheaper with its plastic build.

So, when choosing between the two in terms of build and design is like compromising discreetness for good quality build material (Arizer Solo) or being a tad more discreet without minding too much of the vape’s more plastic look and feel (Ascent).

Vaping Temperature

Both portable vaporizers come with temperature settings that let you choose your desired vaporizing temperature. The maximum temp for the Arizer is at 210 degrees Celsius, while the Da Vinci, at around 220 degrees Celsius.

Here’s more, the Ascent features digital temperature adjustments with two buttons and the tiny digital screen for actual temperature reading, while the Arizer Solo offers a fixed seven-scale temperature control.

Given these features, you might easily conclude which between the two gives off better vapor quality. So, let’s read on to know.

Vapor Quality

It may seem counterintuitive, but given the Ascent’s more accurate digital temperature controls and higher maximum temperature, many of our vape users still agree that the Arizer Solo still does offer superb vapor quality as compared with the Ascent. Not to exaggerate, but the Solo also fares well when compared to other portable vaporizers as well.

Now, that being said, we just can’t place the Ascent in the backstage. With lots of improvement from the original Da Vinci — including the glass pipe and the material through which the vapor flows — vapor quality is a tad higher than before. Only that the Arizer Solo is simply the best by far. But will another portable from Da Vinci ever give the Arizer a run for its money? We’ll just have to wait.

The Verdict

We’ve placed the Ascent and the Solo in direct competition with each other. In the quality category, the Solo wins. But when it comes to vaping temperature, the digital settings of the Ascent give it an edge over the Solo. Vapor quality, however, is still remarkably good with the Solo even though it only sports more limited heat level options.

So, overall, we still pick the Arizer Solo as the clear winner, but with the Ascent coming in at a very close second spot.

Of course, we always let our readers make their choices known. So, tell us what you think about today’s vape showdown!

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