(Last Updated On: April 19, 2015)

Among all the portable vaporizers we offer, the Arizer Solo and the Atmos Raw have stood out as the two of the most sought-after vapes in Smokazon. At first glance, both vaporizers come in designs so different that putting them in direct comparison is like comparing apples and oranges. But given their portability and functionality, we can’t help but guide our readers to decide which one to choose. Although you might expect us to compare one pen vaporizer with other pen vaporizers most of the time, in reality, vape users can sometimes just jump from one vaporizer category to the next. After all, it’s how these vapes satisfy you in the end.

Now, we place them side-by-side and see which one ultimately rules in today’s vaporizer face-off.

So, let’s get the vape war started!

Category #1: Design and Build

When both vaporizers are held together, the first thing you’ll notice is their entirely different build. The Atmos Raw, which sports a pen-style design, comes in three separate components that you can screw together.

Originally, it was designed only for dry herbs, leaving those who prefer oil and concentrates a tad disappointed with its limited feature. But it didn’t take long for the Atmos Raw’s makers to device an oil attachment, which you can separately purchase if you prefer vaping liquid materials more often.

On the other hand, the Arizer Solo comes in a sturdier and bulkier aluminum body that’s purposely built to allow a wider herb chamber inside, therefore allowing you to store more herbs for longer use. Meanwhile, you can only use few pinches of your ground materials with the Atmos Raw, requiring you to carry with you a separate container for your herbs.

When it comes to simplicity of use, the Atmos raw (RX) vape wins as it sports only one switch button. Press it and it lights up without you having to adjust the temperature at all.

But then again, we all have different tastes, and sometimes, a temperature setting control can give you a wider range of vapor density and quality. Thus, the Arizer Solo can simply do that with its seven temperature settings, having a maximum temperature of 210 degrees Celsius.

In terms of heating time, it takes only about five seconds to heat up the Atmos Raw, while the Solo vape lags, taking up to 90 seconds. But later on, we’ll see how this heating time can create a difference in vapor Quality.

Category #2: Portability

Just by looking at the two vaporizers, you won’t need that much common sense to pick which vape is more portable than the other. The Atmos Raw vape pen wins in this category as well as all the other pen vapes. It is simply discreet and lightweight to carry. Yet, we understand how Arizer intentionally created a wide-bodied handheld vape to cram in more herbs inside. The trade-off, however, is the rather bulkier size. This slight drawback would have been more forgivable if only the extended mouthpiece didn’t come in glass, which required more careful handling.

Some critics say that the Solo vaporizer isn’t really a true portable vape, fit only to be used unplugged within your home. But still, you can keep the Solo handy inside a bag or purse and still enjoy vaporizing outdoors.

Category #3: Vapor Quality

What’s more interesting in this face-off is the tricky part of comparing the Atmos Raw and the Arizer Solo in terms of vapor quality.

Our vape users agree on the exceptionally high-quality and pure vapor of the Arizer Solo. The large herb chamber does a good job in producing much consistent flavors than that of the Atmos Raw. Turn up the heat to the highest level and still the vapors come in denser yet pure vapors. How much better could it get? The only drawback with the Solo is the harder resistance for every draw. So, one pull from the vape could take about ten seconds to get full amount of vapors. This is one bummer we’d gladly want the Arizer to fix.

And by the way, although it takes a little more time for the Arizer to heat up the herbs, this gradual rise in temperature allows a more even heat distribution within the ground materials inside, therefore maximizing the flavors from your botanicals.

Them comes the tricky Atmos Raw. We say so because its heating mechanism does not really put this vape into a category of vaporizers. For one, the first Atmos Raw vaporizers had heating elements that directly came in contact with the herb, therefore combusting the material instead of vaporizing it. Atmos then released a series of screens to prevent burning the materials by separating them from the heat source.

Nevertheless, we’ve found users still satisfied with the Atmos Raw; In fact, it is still the undisputed bestseller to date.

Category #4: Price

Compared with the Atmos Raw, which costs only $109.99, the Arizer Solo comes with a higher price tag of $198.99. This may seem a tad more expensive but the reason is obvious: the Solo sports multiple temperature settings, while the Atmos only has a single on-off button.

Also, in terms of quality, the Arizer vape wins with its sturdy aluminum build and high-quality glass stem that connects to the mouthpiece. And of course, you can’t beat the vapor quality of the Arizer Solo with any of the pen vapes given its wide herb chamber that allows denser flavors.

The Overall Winner

Now, we come to the final verdict. For the external design and portability categories, the Atmos Raw wins. But when it comes to the vapor quality, the Arizer is the “Solo” champion. For the budgets-conscious, surely, the Atmos does come far more affordable, at about $90 less than the Solo’s price tag.

So what vape emerges as the overall champion? Well, we always think about maximizing your money’s worth, thus leading us to conclude that the Arizer Solo is the winner in this face-off. It has an undisputed vapor quality despite its handheld size, and it vaporizes instead of combusts the materials, which means it really is a true-blooded vape in all sense. So, way to go for the Arizer Solo!

On a final note, we always welcome your viewpoints on our reviews. And because we value your opinion, share with us your thoughts on this. We’d like to hear them from you! 

Written by The Smokazon Team
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