Valentine’s Surprises for Your Man
(Last Updated On: April 24, 2015)

Nothing warms up a passionate Valentines night than giving your man a gift of pleasurable sensation wrapped in a box. Sure, you could spoil him with the coolest gadgets or perhaps a bottle of his favorite perfume, but trying something new draws much more excitement. So, surprise him with one of these gorgeous and sexy vapes and grinders instead for a more fired up romance after.

Atmos Raw Vaporizer

Going out on a date? No problem, hand him this portable and discreet Atmos Raw Vaporizer as a valentine present. He can choose to unwrap it and instantly use it anywhere you both are. Using this vape is as easy as loading it with a pinch of herbs right before lighting up.

Incredibly lightweight, the Atmos Raw’s sleek body measures only five inches long and 0.5 inches wide. Yet this tiny vaporizer prides itself as one of the most durable in the market, using only premium-grade, high-quality ceramic heating material. It heats up instantly in about 3 seconds with its powerful Lithium battery, which lasts 72 hours between charging intervals. The Atmos Raw vape also comes with a safety feature that shuts the device off after nine seconds of continuous heating. Read more about Atmos Pen vaporizer review

The Atmos Raw Vaporizer comes in many different colors, but get either the black or blue one for him, and choose pink or red for you.

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Arizer Solo 

The Arizer Solo comes in a slightly bigger design than the pen-shaped Atmos Raw. But its wider filling chamber heats up more herbs, and in turn, packs a more potent flavor with every draw. 

Weighing less than two pounds, the Arizer Solo vaporizer is as versatile and portable as the Atmos Raw. It features borosilicate glass as the heating element, which allows higher temperatures while maintaining its strength for long-term use. Most modern manufacturers now use specialized materials to guarantee a vaporizer with longer life span. Read more about Arizer solo Vaporizer. 

You can adjust the heat depending on your preferred flavor strength, with the LED lights that indicate temperature level. Heating time with the Solo vape takes only two minutes, and continuous use between charging periods lasts three hours.

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Magic Flight Launch Box Vaporizer

This box style vaporizer comes in a small and lightweight body that requires no butane or torch for heating. The wooden box’s carved compartment serves as the chamber to heat up the ground herb. Just slide the transparent lid sideways and fill the chamber with enough herbs as you wish. This vape does not sport any convenient switch, but instead has a hollow space on the side into which an AA battery inserts to power up the heating process. Use only fully charged batteries with 2000 mAH (or greater) capacity.

Each full-charged battery can last for about 30 minutes of continuous use, and each pack of herb can produce four to eight potent draws. The Magic Flight Launch Box already comes with two rechargeable AA Nickel Cadmium Batteries and a battery charger. You can read more about MFLB review

Is your boyfriend a seasoned vaper? Then the Magic Flight Launch Box might be the right one for him. 

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Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer

The unique Pinnacle Pro vaporizer is an equally portable as the Arizer Solo and Atmos Raw, measuring only six inches long and one inch wide. The vaporizer’s body, which comes in lightweight, high-impact plastic, makes it easy in the bag or pocket, and its rather elongated cubic shape allows a better grip in the hands.

The Pinnacle Pro is perhaps most versatile as it sports a five-level temperature setting, which means newbies can vape with the lowest temperature for milder effects. Set the temp to its highest and it will surely give the most intense flavors from the herb. Also, you can choose two high-heat settings. Wait between 50-70 seconds for a temperature setting of 375°F, or wait for another 20 seconds to reach 390°F.

The Pinnacle Pro is so cleverly designed that it can also instantly heat up the herbs in just 15 seconds with the use of a “bullet,” a small bowl-shaped contraption with an attached screen below it. So-called for its resemblance to an empty 9mm shell casing, the bullet helps produce only the cleanest vapors from within the chamber. Read more here about Pinnacle Pro Vaporizer.

Place the herbs into the hollow space and insert the bullet into the vaporizer. The ceramic below then heats the herbs to produce potent vapors.

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Classic Volcano Vaporizer 

Among all the vaporizers featured, the Classic Volcano is perhaps the most advanced. Its vent balloon delivery system maximizes the amount of vapor enclosed inside the device. So every draw is put to good use as no vapor is wasted.

The Storz & Bickel Volcano Classic also packs the most user-friendly features so that every step — from filling of herbs to heating to drawing — goes so smoothly. Precise electronic control also gives the desired vapor strength. With the Classic Volcano Vaporizer, you can achieve a maximum heating temperature of 446°F. Read more How to get started with Volcano Vaporizer.

This vape model is the priciest among all the vaporizers, but its quality and efficiency is indeed worth the buy.

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Space Case Grinder 

Now that we’ve rounded up some of Smokazon’s best-selling vaporizers, we’re sure you’ll find the best vape for your babe.

Now, it’s time to pair your favorite pick with the Space Case Grinder, which may come in handy every time you and your partner prepare some of your favorite herbal blends. This premium grinder comes in two parts: the grinder on top and the filter screen and storage space below. To grind and refine your herbs, just twist it repeatedly and the fine shreds will easily slip through the screen, giving you only the purest mix for a more powerful draw. You may choose a set of two or four grinders from Smokazon. 

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Getting it All Wrapped Up

Giving your guy a unique present gives him the impression that you went the extra mile for a gift this valentine, making him feel all the more special. So in this season of love, start wrapping your present to give him all the pleasure he needs: you and that vape inside the box.

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