(Last Updated On: June 29, 2015)

Smokazon Tips: Whip Vs. Balloon Vaporizing

We all know how vaporizing your favorite herbs or concentrates always comes with a blast. And for many desktop vaporizer aficionados, vaping always comes with the strongest punch coming from these powerful vapes.

Today, we look into the fine details of tabletop vaporizing as we compare which style — the whip or the balloon — is the best for you. Let’s give both a closer look:

Whip Vaporizing

This style is perhaps the most common among our vaping enthusiasts because it is the most traditional way to draw vapors from the vaporizer. Most desktop vapes come with a long tube, either made of plastic or medical grade silicon, which connects to the chamber where the vapor exits from the device.

Almost all tabletop models support the whip because there is no need for internal fans to push the vapor out. A simple draw from the user would pull the hot air from the heating element, through the materials and inside the whip toward the mouthpiece.

Pros: One big advantage of using the whip is that you can directly control the density of the vapor that flows from the vape. A quick draw would pull a more ‘diluted’ vapor because more air is present than the vaporized material. But if you wish to draw the strongest and densest aromas, just inhale slowly to give more time for the hot air to work on the botanicals.

Another advantage with whip vaporizing is that the only thing that limits your vaping time is the interval between replacing used materials. With the balloon, it all depends on the amount of vapor still present inside the bag.

Cons: One notable drawback when using the whip style is the relatively hotter vapor that reaches the mouthpiece, sometimes causing the user to cough while getting used to the temperature. Also, the material used for many whips is glass. And as we know, glass breaks when mishandled.

Now, some users take a longer time to find their perfect draw because each pull results in varying vapor density. As we mentioned earlier, taking faster pulls result in lesser potency, while with slower pulls, the densest flavors. So that means playing trial and error to find that perfect draw in between extremes.

Good choices of cheaper vaporizers that support whips are the Arizer V Tower and D Buddha.

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Balloon-Style Vaporizing

With some sheer luck, vape lovers came up with the idea of trapping vapors inside a plastic bag to make help make the vaporizer a tad handy and portable with its extended component: the balloon.

Simply put, all you need is to place the opening end of a plastic bag into the connector chamber of the vaporizer, turn the heat and fan on to force the hot vapor into the balloon, in turn inflating it to your desired size. When the balloon fills up with vapor, just detach it and begin to inhale from its opening.

Balloon-style vaporizing requires tabletop vapes that must have an internal fan to force air out from the chamber and into the balloon. And often, these types of vapes are pricier than their whip-only counterparts. However, a desktop vaporizer that supports a balloon always supports the whip as well. So you get the best of both worlds despite the higher price you pay for the vape.

Sometimes, vapors can be a tad thinner inside the balloon especially for those used to drawing the stronger punch. To solve the problem, simply control the fan to a slower setting for denser vapors.

Our bestsellers that support the balloon system are the Volcano and the Arizer Extreme Q vaporizers. Although the Extreme Q comes more affordable at just about half the price of the volcano, using the balloon with the Volcano is easy with their patented valve systems that make sure the vapors are locked inside while inflating and using the balloon. With the Extreme Q, you need to hold the mouth of the plastic bag to keep vapors from escaping.

Pros: Obviously, you can become mobile the moment you detach the balloon from the vaporizer, bringing it along with you wherever you are inside your home. So you won’t have to carry a rather heavy vaporizer anywhere while enjoying the flavors of your botanicals.

Also, you can be sure that vapors are cooler than those coming directly through the whip. So inhaling wouldn’t likely result in irritation or coughing. And because the ratio of air to vapor materials inside the balloon stays constant, a quick or slower draw yields the same density.

Cons: If you’re too impatient to get a taste of that first draw, then you might get a little too cranky while waiting for the balloon to inflate.

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So, what do you prefer? The whip or the balloon? Tell us your vaping experiences too!

Written by James Rubio